If you are facing a message as Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT, then there is an issue with the connection that gets fails. The article will highlight some of the things through which you will be able to rectify the problems. In order to fix the error code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT error, there has been needing to check the connectivity issues. After reviewing the article, you will be able to find the most possible methods in a detailed manner.


In the event that you will require help, it’s better to make a confirmation from each customer. It is a matter of concern that makes the system respond slowly to the input, and thus the processing speed will go down. You should simply include the following lines in a virtual host arrangement record:

  • SSLVerifyClient require
  • SSLVerifyDepth 10
  • SSLCACertificateFile/and so forth/apache2/SSL/ca.cer

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Causes of Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT Issue –

The “SSLVerifyClient require” order guarantees that customers who don’t give a substantial declaration from a portion of the confided Certificate experts would not have the capacity to speak with the SSL server. Some CA depends on another CA, which may depend yet on another et cetera. Order “SSLVerifyDepth 10” determines how far down in the chain of CA dependence, the server will acknowledge CA marked endorsement as legitimate.

In the event that, for example, the SSLVerifyDepth mandate will hold esteem 1 then the customer’s authentication must be marked specifically by your confided in CA. In this Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT article, the customer’s testament is marked straightforwardly by CA, and hence the main sensible incentive for an SSLVerifyDepth order is 1.

  • Last mandate “SSLCACertificateFile” indicates a full way to a Certificate Authority testament by which a customer’s authentication was agreed upon.
  • Bear in mind to restart your apache web server after any change made to its arrangement documents:

#Apachectl agile

  • In the event that you attempt to interface with the SSL server without a customer endorsement a blunder message will fly up:

SSL peer was not able to arrange a satisfactory arrangement of security parameters.

All that should be done is to import already made customer authentication in PKCS#12 frames into to Firefox’s declaration director under the “Your Certificates” area. This errand should be possible by exploring to menu then “Inclinations > Advanced > Encryption > View authentications > your endorsements”. Amid the import, you will be requested to enter a secret key which had been set amid the production of the declaration. Contingent upon the program variant you utilize, you may likewise need to set the principal secret word for the programming token, which is utilized by the program to store authentications securely.

  • Firefox SSL declaration supervisor
    • In the event that you make another endeavour to associate with the SSL server, the program will naturally fly up a fitting endorsement for SSL server confirmation.
    • Select SSL authentication to be utilized with SSL association
    • After the determination of a legitimate authentication, the association with the SSL server will be allowed.

How to Fix Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT Issue

On the off-chance that each one of those worked at that point, it may be an issue with your system or switch. Here is the list of steps that have to be considered while you are looking to fix the Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT.


  • Check your firewall and ensure it doesn’t square Team Speak by any means. The firewall is something that helps to check the entry of the virus and restrict them to enter the computer system.
  • Check your security programming to ensure it doesn’t hinder any ports or conventions (some get a kick out of the chance to square UDP activity which is fundamental for Team Speak).
  • Check your switch and look for any firewall, SPI Firewall, DDoS Protection, Flood Protection or comparative and incapacitate that alternative. This has been done to maintain a great level of security and also help to fix the Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT error that has been displayed in the form of the message.

You can choose the measure of plate space the spare can use here. You can in addition quickly clear the substance of the hold.


After you incapacitated them endeavour and partner yet again if in any case, it doesn’t work then maybe your ISP is blocking UDP development, get some data about it. Group Speak needs UDP and if it by some method gets blocked it just won’t relate. This is something that causes you to help the client to dispense with the Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT issue.

Other Focal Points of SSL Confirmation –

Qualities from customer authentication can be utilized by the web application for exact distinguishing proof of the client. It is simple as utilizing an order “SSLOptions +StdEnvVars” and mode_ssl will give data taken from a customer declaration and additionally an authentication itself to the given web application.

Best Recommendation:

In the event that I comprehend you effectively got a marked authentication, and you need to utilize it to sign another testament. Since I’m almost certain that you just got a typical testament, you may have the capacity to sign another authentication, yet this new endorsement won’t be acknowledged by anyone. Just CA testaments can be utilized to sign different endorsements effectively.

How to fix SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT Recommendations

On the off-chance that this limitation would not be there then anyone could get an endorsement for its own site (example.com) and after that utilise it to sign a declaration for some other site like paypal.com. This would be without a doubt terrible if this would work. This is the most favourable option as per the concern and will assist the user to eliminate the Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT issue with ease. All that has been required is to understand the complexity of the Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT problem and take the steps in a systematic order to eliminate the Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT issue.


So, these are some of the methods through which you will able to fix the Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT error that has been represented as SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT. Hope! The above detail will assist you to make the right choice and attain the best value for your time. We have tried to list some of the great advice for the concerned Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT problem. And Hoping you get the benefit of such if you are facing such an Error Code SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT issue. In case, if you are still having any sort of issue or recommendation, then let us know by dropping a comment in the box given below.