Human trafficking is one of the major problems that exist on this planet. This is because many people are forced to work and not paid enough. At the same time, while there are also males who fall victims to human traffickers, most of the victims are usually women and children. They are then forced to prostitute, strip, and are sexually exploited. The human trafficking industry is one that grows tremendously, but not in front of our eyes. There are complex human trafficking networks that manage to hide their steps from the eyes of the population.

The Evident Role of Technology in the Human Trafficking Industry

And while they do this, the human trafficking industry is growing, and more and more people fall victim to the beautiful and unrealistic promises of a better life. Of course, technology and its development have an evident role in this industry. Let’s see how.

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Victims Can Be Traced

Usually, victims are children or women who are forced to work in different settings, such as in restaurants or farm labor. However, most of them fall victims to sexual exploitation, and they are forced to prostitute, practice striptease in bars or in private, and do pornography.

Few women choose to do this willingly. Most of them are convinced by the lure of human traffickers that promise better life conditions, a better job, and money to survive this harsh world. Because many victims come from disadvantaged families, the promises they get seem to be real and what they were looking for.

Instead, they end up being sexually exploited in an industry that is so difficult to get out of. This is because the latest technological advancements help human traffickers trace their victims. They usually do this with the use of smartphones that also have GPS integrated systems.

This means that human traffickers can know every time where the victims are. Because you are where your phone is. Victims have a difficult time exiting this lifestyle because human traffickers do everything possible to prevent them from doing this. And technology helps them.

This prevents victims from contacting the local authorities and getting help because the human trafficker is putting a lot of pressure and stress on the victim by monitoring her.

Victims Can Be Traced

Communication within the Human Trafficking Network – Essay Example?

Human traffickers could fall into two categories: those who are poorly educated, so are using technology at a basic but adequate level, and those who are educated and respected members of the society, while also being involved in human trafficking networks in secret. Usually, the latter ones also have access to better apps or technology programs and also know how to use them to cover their traces.

How is technology supporting the human trafficking industry? By creating the means necessary to communicate without being traced. Even though some popular communication platforms such as WhatsApp have announced that they have an AI reading all your messages, new apps are invented. There is Telegram or Signal that does not trace any discussion and does not allow governments or authorities to have access to your conversations. Moreover, they can also use Voice over IP to leave no traces. This has allowed many human trafficking networks to build group chats and exchange photos and messages with other network members. In some cases, some of the victims are sold as sexual slaves to anyone willing to pay for it. And as these things are illegal, they can easily organize and cover their traces using communication apps that are untraceable.

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One of the most important advantages the evolution of technology has given to human trafficking networks is the possibility of untraceable payment. This was born along with cryptocurrency, which is now widely used around the globe.

Even though at the beginning cash payments were made, this came with dangers. Victims who received the money could be attacked, and money was stolen if they have too much cash. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are supporting the work of human traffickers because they are electronic and untraceable.


Final Words

Human trafficking is a real industry that lies before our eyes. Technology has accelerated the development of this industry, which can now function without being traced. Victims can easily be traced, and communication and payment between human traffickers are encrypted, electronic, and untraceable, which makes it one of the most dangerous and difficult to discover networks in the world.

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