Are you bored with your old webcam and look for some exciting upgrades? Besides the basic, yet essential webcam’s features, it’s time to place these products to another level.

Features That an Updated Webcam Should Have

Considering that the COVID situation gave video calls a totally new meaning, people working from home began using it as a primary source of communication. If you’re searching for the most modern and the best budget webcams, let us give you a hand. Below you can find some essential features an updated webcam should have.

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Let’s start with the Basics

There are some basic but essential features your webcam should have on high standards, such as frame rate, sensor resolution, or lenses.


Old webcams are very likely to make the video grainy or even freeze the screen for a while. To avoid disrupted video calls, you should look for a new webcam with at least 720p – that’s the basic high definition, and you shouldn’t go for lower quality.

Frame Rate

Most of the updated webcams have a high frame rate. However, it doesn’t hurt to double-check it. We highly recommend starting from 60 frames per second, especially if you spend a lot of time streaming. Having such a quality webcam will surely provide you with smooth transmissions.


Another element that matters is the webcam’s lenses. There is a significant difference between a glass one and a plastic one. Most of the upgraded webcams have inbuilt glass lenses, which is vital for better and faster picture adjustments – colors, brightness, etc.


It’s an automatic feature of a webcam to focus on the subject quickly. Some of the webcams have it in a very undeveloped version, which can even slow things up while trying to focus. Make sure your future webcam has it updated and works quickly.

Low Light Quality

If you enjoy using the webcam after dark, the low light feature can profoundly impact the video’s quality. Updated webcams are able to adjust the light quickly, and if not, you can temper it yourself by changing the brightness or contrast manually.

Some brands upgraded webcams with the red light, enabling the quality of the video to be optimized in case of poor light conditions.

Another advantage is the possibility of buying the so-called ring light webcam. The lamp built into the webcam illuminates the room, with you in the spotlight, improving the video quality and general visibility.

High-Quality Microphone

It may often happen that despite a stable connection, the speakers’ voice is indistinct and interrupts continuously. Well, not if you have an excellent device! Before buying a webcam, check the built-in microphone. A good quality mic will surely improve your video streaming. What’s more, you should also check for features such as dual or omnidirectional microphones that record audio from every direction.

If you’re about to start a professional vlog or make a high-tech video, it’s always recommended to invest in an external microphone as well.

Visual Effects

If you’re looking for ideas to distinguish your recordings from others, there is much software empowering you with millions of visual effects! For instance, it’s widespread among Twitch streamers to make silly avatars and use funny filters while playing. prepared the list of the best webcam software and explained its popularity. “Paired with the right software, you can use the humble webcam to take wide-angle selfies with your friends and family, or even use it for surveillance purposes. Different users utilize their webcams in different ways, some want fancy effects to spice up their video feed, while others want something that can just get the work done.”

Remember About Essential Preparations

Since you know about all the best, up-to-date webcam features, it’s time to learn a bit about how to present yourself well in front of such a camera. Placing the webcam properly is important to make a good impression. The best solution is to put it at the top of your laptop or PC monitor.

Next, you should focus on the eye level and the eye line to give you the right view angle and make yourself look natural on the camera. What specialists from say is:

“The camera in your laptop lid, phone or tablet is perfectly placed — to look up your nose. Put something under your laptop or find a way to set your phone or tablet, so the camera is at the same height as your eyes.”

The Bottom Line:

Hopefully, the updated features we listed below can help you choose the best and the most satisfying webcam. We are sure that if you buy a high-quality device, you will really appreciate the new quality of video calls and streams!

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