The world is evolving, and so are we, and so is the trends of fashion accessories and talking about watches, there has always been a sense of fashion regarding the change of its wearing style and look. Currently, we are living in the most advanced generation, and everything that we use has been transformed into something which was impossible few years back. Well, with everything taking turns the watches that we use to wear have also transformed into something much more than just an observation. And in this article, we will be talking about the FINOW Q1 PRO which a complete Android smartwatch that comes along with every bit of features that a regular Android handset offers it.

Finow Q1 Pro Display

FINOW Q1 PRO Review 4G Smartwatch Phone

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FINOW Q1 Pro Features and Specifications –

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Finow Q1 Pro Calling Design 2

Within the Box?

The FINOW Q1 PRO derives in a simple dark gray box which displays quite sophisticated, so from the start we can Intuit that the product inside it has similar features regarding style we mention to and inside this, we will find the following accessories:

Finow Q1 Pro In the Box

  • 1x Q1 Pro
  • 1x User manual in English
  • 1x Charger

FINOW Q1 PRO Design:

Finow Q1 Pro Calling Design 1

FINOW Q1 Smartwatch comes with a square screen. There is more to catch on the precise side and nothing further. While many can whine this look for a private catch, the individuals who are intrigued why it complements it should endure perusing on. The FINOW Q1 completes just a distinct see since all remains of actions are precise from the screen as you will do it on your button fewer cell phones. The silicone watch bands create the smartwatch to look sportive, though, numerous clients consider this device offers more present-day look as opposed to a sportive. Anyhow, gives additional appeal to the smartwatch, and the belt fastener isn’t as jazzy as other smartwatches, you can rest assured as it will not slide off your wrist.

On the back, it has a tiny place that is prepared to help users eliminate the back cover. The last has slight connectors that connect straight to the phone. There is moreover a magnetic connector intended for charging and data transfer. So you would not find any ports and slots on the FINOW Q1. The battery is situated under the back cover, and the Nano SIM card slot is positioned under it. There is no micro SD TF card slot for memory extension, unfortunately, so you have to please with the ROM approaching out from the box.

FINOW Q1 PRO Screen:

Finow Q1 Pro Display

The Q1 Pro has a 1.54-inch TFT touch screen by a resolution of 240 × 240; we must also highlight that because of the TFT technology we will have shriller and vivid colors, separately from the fact that it is much thinner, attaining lighten the weight of the device in which they are included.

FINOW Q1 PRO Hardware:

Finow Q1 Pro Hardware

The Q1 Pro could be positioned in the low-end range, though it does not lose its charm since it is not pure power, it accomplishes to offer us a superb performance with whatever counts. First of all, we have its processor, which is a MediaTek, precisely the MTK6737 that works through 4 A53 cores, being these trivial in size so that they will fit flawlessly in this device. In the meantime, we have the ARM Mali T720 GPU that will be the key to support images and video in HD quality. And to finish things up, RAM and ROM memory is 1GB and 8GB separately,

FINOW Q1 PRO Operating System:

Finow Q1 Pro OS

The Q1 Pro derives with Android 6.0 operating system (Marshmallow) out of the box. It offers small touches of customization for enhanced adaptation in this device, and we must say that it is outlined with an actual light and fluid performance, being a complete success. Now to finish, we have to enhance that the favorite Google Play store is accessible to meet all tastes and colors as we mention to applications.

FINOW Q1 PRO Battery:

Finow Q1 Pro Calling Battery

The Q1 Pro is furnished with a 720 mAh battery, which confirms long hours of severe use, attainment up to 8 hours by the Wi-Fi on, simultaneously that we obtain notifications and listen to music.

FINOW Q1 PRO Connectivity:

Finow Q1 Pro Calling Connectivity

The Q1 Pro can be attuned with a nano-SIM card, has the similar network options as any regular Smartphone, permitting us to synchronize through both the network as well as other devices in a steady manner.

FINOW Q1 PRO Camera:

Finow Q1 Pro Camera

The Q1 Pro has a distinct camera that is situated in the front, which claims a resolution of 2 megapixels, being perfect for taking selfies and decent photographs as long as we have adequate lighting, so it is an outstanding addition taking ponder the kind of device it is.

FINOW Q1 PRO Water Resistance:

Finow Q1 Pro Calling IP67

The Q1 Pro Smartwatch has a critical feature which is the IP67 credential. Which indicates its resistance to dust and water. So we can guarantee that it is entirely resistant when it comes in contact with water it supports powerful jets of water depending on its angles.

FINOW Q1 PRO Extra Features:-

  • Pedometer

Finow Q1 Pro Calling Pedometer

The Q1 Pro has numerous functions that are amazing, as these are intended at offering a healthy lifestyle, amongst which we can remark the heart rate screen, and perfect application to keep a thorough record of the heart beats. It also has a pedometer, a utility that is accountable for following the precise record of the number of steps. In addition to the total distance toured on foot and lastly, we can add the tune player that exceptionally accompaniments its user’s workout routines. Below are some of the exceptional features offered by Q1 Pro.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

Finow Q1 Pro Calling Heartrate Monitor

FINOW Q1 PRO Gestures & Controls:

  • 4G Real-Time Video Call

Finow Q1 Pro Calling Features

In any other smartwatch wherever we click it takes us to the home screen. But the FINOW Q1 does not act similarly, and a simple tap will not do much. And swiping from right to left will take you to the music player. One more swipe in this course will take to the main apps similar Heart-rate and Pedometer; additional swipe would show a weather info

FINOW Q1 PRO Voice Recorder:

  • Radium Carvings Telephone Signal Stability

Finow Q1 Pro Calling Design

The FINOW Q1 derives with a sound recorder constructed in so, you could record anything you want correct with your smartwatch. You could even interview somebody using it.


  • Magnetic Charging
  • Numerous Useful Apps
  • Smooth Functioning

Finow Q1 Pro


The first thing approaching in our minds while we handle this FINOW Q1 PRO smartwatch is we are dealing with an Apple Watch clone. However, if you look at its features and functions, it converts this in an entirely different smartwatch. And the only similarity by the Apple’s product is its design. Furthermore, you can also put your own SIM card into it, and it will act a smartphone similarly. Distinct other Chinese smartwatches the FINOW Q1 has won hearts of numerous users due to a proper specs list and aptitudes.

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