Fitbit is an American company having headquarter in San Francisco, California, renowned for its merchandises in the same name, which are motion trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology appliances that calculate data, such as the number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed, and other individual metrics encompassed in fitness. Fitbit has been creating fitness-trackers for over a decade; however, it simply started diving into the planet of smartwatches over a previous couple of months with the discharge of the Ionic and Versa. Each of the watches run Fitbit’s custom smartwatch platform – Fitbit OS – however, everyone is targeted at terribly which different demographics & today we are here going to show you about on Fitbit Versa vs Ionic Review & Which is the Best one?

Fitbit Versa vs Ionic

So before starting showing you the comparison & everything about on this Fitbit Versa vs Ionic, first we are showing you about each of them. So you can get to know more about on them both.

Fitbit Versa –

Fitbit Versa

  1. The Fitbit Versa, publicized in April 2018, is actually the replacement to the Fitbit Blaze. It carries a squirrel like a shape quite related to the Apple Watch. It does not include inbuilt GPS as in the Ionic but retains connected GPS as in the Blaze.
  2. It keeps most of the features of There are two variants of the Versa, a regular edition, and a Special Edition. The Special Edition comes with lace wristbands as well as the typical wristbands. In global markets, all versions of the Versa have NFC for Fitbit Pay like the Ionic, but in the United States, only the Special Edition contains NFC.
  3. The typical Versa comes in three color variations: Black, Rose Gold, and Silver. The Specific Edition comes in two variants: Rose Gold with Lavender bands, and Graphite with Charcoal bands.

Fitbit Ionic –

Fitbit Ionic

  1. The Fitbit Ionic came into limelight in late September 2017. It had created to contend with the Apple Watch 3, and it is the descendant of the Blaze and the Surge. As like the Surge, the Ionic uses inbuilt GPS. The Ionic also contains SmartTrack, that auto-recognizes user action and notes it in the Fitbit app.
  2. The Ionic provides switchable bands, like classic Fitbit bands, leather bands, and pricked bands for a sport-like look, It is also water-resistant, so it’s safe to wear during swimming. Ionic has the ability to load apps onto the watch itself.
  3. It also has an NFC chip that permits the device to be utilized for credit card shopping at points that permits contactless payment.
  4. The Ionic comes in three color arrangements of the wristband and watches case: Charcoal & Smoke Gray, Slate Blue & Burnt Orange, and Blue Gray & Silver Gray. In 2018, the Ionic was brought up-to-date to Fitbit OS 2.0 along with the release of the Versa.
  5. The most prominent modification of OS 1.0 is the inclusion of a new app named Fitbit Today.
  6. It has the spontaneity and helpful dashboard which shows the user’s healthiness and health data. It is reachable by swiping up from the clock face, while the notification tray is now accessed by swiping down from the clock face.
  7. As well as, a long press on the back button gives you the accessibility to the music controls, payments, and the shortcuts screen, instead of just Fitbit Pay.

(Which is Best?) Fitbit Versa vs Ionic Review: Bands Specs, Price, Release Date, Features & Specifications

Fitbit Versa vs Ionic: Design

  1. The Fitbit Ionic, which was Fitbit’s first official smartwatch, has a rather divisive design. It was particularly box and squared shaped, similar to a retro CRT TV fastened to your wrist.
  2. The Versa, which has a more unisex design. It looks very much like a smart watch from Pebble. The edges and corners of this model are rounded, and it’s smaller and easier in general.
  3. The Versa won’t be worthy and stand out on your wrist as much as the Ionic. Both Fitbit Versa vs Ionic devices offers excellent displays that can reach up to 1000 nits of brightness. You’ll have no problem viewing either device outdoors, with both Fitbit Versa vs Ionic smartwatches displaying crisp and colorful screens.

Both Fitbit Versa vs Ionic watches uses three hardware buttons on the sides alongside the touchscreen for navigating the menus.

The Ionic holds a blockish, rectangular form that whereas separating it from archaic circular timepieces, provides it a lot of a masculine look. Whereas several like the design, some women find it to be rather massive on their wrists, complimented by a wristband that seems too massive to wear with further jewelry. Fitbit countered this with the planning of the Versa, that includes a form it dubs the “squircle” with curved edges and a lot of aggressive corners — designed specifically to seem higher on those with slimmer wrists, as well as a smaller wristband.

Fitbit Versa vs Ionic

The Versa is additionally slimmer than the Ionic, with Fitbit touting it because of the lightest smartwatch within the United States. This conjointly makes it implausibly comfy to wear. The Versa offers band decisions of black, pink, or Grey and special edition choices that embrace a lavender woven band or a charcoal woven band. There are lots of accent bands to decide on from, likewise as well as silicon, metal, Horween animal skin, and design choices.

Although it’s a detailed decision, it’s clear Fitbit created the best stylistic enhancements with the Versa.

It’s been a detailed race in each class to this point, and battery life isn’t an exception. The corporation claims that each the Fitbit Versa vs Ionic provide four-plus days of battery life that could be an immense step on top of competitors — watching you, Apple Watch Series three. The first distinction is after you utilize the GPS operate on the Ionic, it cuts the battery life right down to simply ten hours.

Our review of the Versa showed it to last 3, and 0.5 days, however, this was whereas we tend to systematically utilize all its functions. Though the 145 mAh battery is smaller than the Ionic’s, early reviews show that each watches provide roughly identical battery life and that they solely take one or two hours to charge.

Fitbit Versa vs Ionic: Price

Fitbit Versa Vs Fitbit Ionic

Versa offers slightly less in the features section. It looks to influence as many people as possible, and it’s comprehensible that it comes in inexpensive than its stylish sibling.

Standard versions of the latest smartwatch will be presented in $199.99. While its special editions, which comprise a woven strap instead of a silicon one, will be available at $219.99. Taking into consideration the shortage of smartwatches at present accessible at the same price, the strong point of Fitbit’s ecosystem and the ability for enhancements in software down the line. This is a quite realistic starting price for the Versa. Expect that to slowly come down as the year goes on, too – maybe even reaching $150 around vacation sales.

As for the Fitbit Ionic, you’ll have to shell out $299.99 with the Adidas Edition also coming in at the same price. That’s slightly cheaper than the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3, and right in line with Samsung Gear Sport. On the other hand, we should take a note of that the Ionic is every time sold low-priced to other sellers.

Both of these Fitbit Versa vs Ionic devices signify a clear-cut value for money when compared to competitors in the area. The Versa will almost surely influence more people when it launches in mid-April. With its smaller look also likely to contend with the Apple Watch better than the Ionic currently does. However, the deficiency of GPS, really, is an annoying one. It makes sense that Fitbit isn’t launching a device directly in competition with its own, and would, in turn, omit the feature, but built-in GPS does feel like it should be a normal characteristic in the category at this point even in the moderately economical space the Versa meets.

Comparison Table (Fitbit Versa vs Ionic) –

Fitbit Versa vs Ionic

Let’s check out quick information and the differences between the Fitbit Versa vs Ionic smart devices,

Features (Fitbit Versa vs Ionic) Fitbit Versa Fitbit Ionic
Price $200 $300
Touchscreen Yes & button also Yes & button also
Waterproofing 50m 50m
Battery Life Upto 4 days Upto 4 days in smartphone mode
Storage Capacity for Music 300 songs 300 songs
Music Services Personal, Pandora, Deezer Personal, Pandora, Deezer
Cost of Music Service Starts from $5 per month Starts from $5 per month
Mobile Payments Fitbit pay on the special edition Fitbit pay
Connected GPS Yes No
Supports Swimming Indoor only Indoor only
Golf App No No
Wrist Heart Rate Monitor Yes Yes
Pairing with External HRMs & Sensors No No
Smartphone Notification Yes Yes
3rd Party App Store Fitbit app gallery Fitbit app gallery
Mobile Platform IOS, Android IOS, Android
Interchangeable Bands Yes proprietory to Fitbit Yes proprietory to Fitbit


The bottom line for Fitbit Versa vs Ionic is that if you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of smartwatches, and want a stylish option to boot, it’s very tough to find a worthier selection at the similar price point as the Versa. For those wanting a slightly more advanced tracking experience, and can tolerate the design and potential $100 markup, the Ionic is still providing a slightly better experience.

Fitbit persists in competing Apple with its latest addition to the smartwatch ranks, but you have to know, which is better Fitbit Versa vs Ionic? The Versa’s pattern has been noticeably upgraded, accrediting to identical appeal by both sexes. Still, it doesn’t have the inbuilt GPS given by the Ionic, which might be a deal breaker for health fanatics who do wish for precise distance tracking.

Fitbit Versa vs Ionic

Due to the design improvements and its exceedingly lower price point, it’s hard not to crown the Versa as an overall winner. It will likely appeal more to the average smartwatch wearer, fitness enthusiast, and women in general, while the Ionic is best for hardcore athletes requiring distance tracking capacity. Fitbit Pay is accessible on both wearable, but you have to check if your bank supports the features. So this is all about the Fitbit Versa vs Ionic article. Hope you like this Guiding Article and get to more on it from here.

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Fitbit Versa vs Ionic Overview
  • Design
  • Display
  • Sensors
  • Activity
  • Exercise Tracking
  • Functionality
  • Battery life


Due to the Design improvements & its exceedingly Lower Price point, it’s hard not to crown the Versa as an overall Winner. It will likely appeal more to the average Smartwatch Wearer, Fitness Enthusiast, & Women in General, while the Ionic is best for Hardcore Athletes requiring Distance Tracking Capacity.

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