If you are also facing HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden Problem, then don’t take much tension on it because today I am going to fix and solve it by our very nature, simple methods, which you can quickly try. So read the below full article to know that how to fix Error 403 Forbidden you don’t have permission to access problem !!

This is a particular error that occurs when you were trying to access a web URL. Mainly, a lack of proper permit access to the file or resource can cause this type of error problem. It means that your file has bad permissions or .htaccess error and access to the folder or file you are trying to open has Remove. This error problem is an HTTP status code which means that accessing the page or resource you are trying to reach is forbidden for some reasons. The HTTP Error Code 403 forbidden error code problem an HTTP status code error that can be returned from a web server to a client for many reasons including like IP blocking.

This shows an error code message like,

Error Code 403

You don’t have permission to access this server

Error Code 403

Causes of HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden Issue:

  • When the Apache web server does not have the authorisation to access the website’s files
  • Removal of File permissions or restriction of access based on IP address of the User permissions
  • Accidentally misconfiguration of the web server
  • When the Website’s folder has incorrect file permissions

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Here are some simple tips and tricks for solving and fixing this type of HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden Problem from you completely.

How to Fix & Solve HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden Bypass Issue

1. Remove Windows Update Controls –

Remove Windows Update Controls

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Click on search programs and files & Search for ‘RUN.’
  • Now, Open the RUN & Search /UC:\windows\system\wuv3is.dll regsvr32
  • Now, Click on OK button
  • Click on the Start button again & scroll on the ‘search.’
  • Click on files or folders & type wuv3is.dll in the name field
  • Click the file when you find & click the Delete option
  • Go back to your desktop & click on Start button again
  • Click ‘RUN‘ & type ‘Explorer‘ in the open field
  • Click & open it
  • Click ‘Program files‘ option to open it
  • then, Click on ‘Windows Update‘ option
  • Click the ‘Wuhistv3.log‘ file from navigation panel to the right
  • then, click the Edit option
  • Click on the Invert selection
  • Click the delete button on your keyboard & click on ‘Yes‘ button
  • That’s it

Close the window & try to access the windows update page to see if this Malwarebytes Error Code 403 forbidden error fix problem has been corrected.

2. Clear the Internet Browser Cookies & Cache –

Clear the Browser Cookies & Cache

  • Go to your Browser & open it
  • Now, Click on the Setting or option button there (usually in right side)
  • Go to the History option there
  • Search for Clear browsing data & open it
  • Select the Clear Cookies and Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • Now, Clear it

That’s it, do it will clear your browser caches and your cookies and data. & it will also fix your HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden error on google chrome problem.

3. Check for Web URL Errors –

Check for Web URL Errors

Check for the correct web URL to see if it is a right URL that you are trying to see is easily fix this HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden bypass problem.

4. Remove the Third Party Softwares –

Remove the third Party Softwares

For that, first, close the Internet Explorer & the other browser after receiving the error message Error Code 403 forbidden request forbidden by administrative rules. Programs.

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Click on Control Panel & Open it
  • Go to Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel
  • Open it; there you can see a list of programs you have installed
  • Click on the third-party program to install/Uninstall it
  • Click on Remove or uninstall program to remove the Program
  • Continue removing all third-party programs

That’s it, Done it will eliminate all the third-party ad and the programs & also fix your 403 error code problem.

These are some top best easy tips and tricks to Fix and Solve this HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden Problem from your PC permanently. Hope it will help you surely for fixing this Error 403 google problem.

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