There are many ways to hone your photography skills. Of course, the best way is to get out there and shoot. But there’s only so much you can learn by yourself. If you’re truly passionate about photography, it’s important to read up on the subject and learn new things from professionals and peers through articles and videos. Luckily, we live in the age of online, and we can avail of tools like Flipboard to aggregate all the photography content we need effortlessly!

Flipboard For Photographers

What’s the Big News All About?

For people who have never heard of Flipboard, it’s a content aggregator. This means it collects the best content from all over the internet based on your interests and preferences. Flipboard recently fitted its #Photography topic with 6 new areas that make it a one-stop-shop for photographers:

  • The Shot – a proper magazine with articles and videos about camera basics, photography tips, and basics.
  • Community – A listing of photographers, publications, and magazines to follow so that you can read their articles as well
  • Video – A curation of the most popular photography videos from top YouTubers like Jared Polin and channels like B+H
  • Gear – An aggregation of gear reviews, kit breakdowns, new product announcements, and more
  • Events – Listing online classes, conferences, photo walks, and other events for photography enthusiasts around the world
  • Photo of the Day – Discover and study the work of your peers

Flipboard’s #Photography topic currently enjoys a whopping 9.1M followers, which says a lot about its usefulness and quality.

How can Flipboard Benefit Photographers?

Flipboard is a great learning tool for amateur photographers. Instead of searching the net for quality content, Flipboard aggregates it for them so they can immediately get to the good stuff and spend more time out there actually practicing what they learned in the articles and videos. The trick is to properly personalize the “For You” page and the #Photography topic page to your interests. Then, as you read and engage with the content, Flipboard will better understand your needs and interests and feed you the best content. The big advantage is that readers will get content from sources they know but also not-to-miss content from websites they might not have heard about.

For professional photographers and people looking to make some money with their art, it’s getting increasingly difficult to make a buck online. The sheer quality and quantity available on stock photography marketplaces like mean photographers need to constantly push the envelope and put out attention-grabbing and pixel-perfect shots. Keeping in the loop of the latest gear and refining their art with expert tips and ideas might give pro photographers that edge. And that’s where Flipboard comes in. You get the best content for you without wasting time looking for it, so you can spend more time shooting.