Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your weekend enjoying a nice bbq feast in your backyard instead of mowing it? Lawn mowing is one of those time-consuming, irksome chores that you can’t dodge. Fortunately, you can keep your lawn in tip-top shape without lifting a finger with robotic mowers. These machines are now more affordable and an excellent addition to your smart home arsenal.

The Future Of Lawn Mowing: Worx WR140 Robotic Mower Review

Is Worx WR140 Landroid Robotic Mower The Future Of Lawn Mowing?

When it comes to outdoor and gardening tools, Worx is a brand you can always trust. The Worx WR140 Landroid is a representation of the evolution of the company’s range of electric lawn care equipment. It’s a high-tech robotic mower packed with an all-weather design and every innovative feature you’d desire in an automatic lawn care system. As a bonus, it comes with a 20V battery that you can also use on other 20V battery-operated machines in the Landroid lineup.

But is the Worx WR140 the right lawn mower for your needs? Will it have enough power to handle your lawn? Keep on reading to find out!

WORX WR140 Landroid Overview

Worx WR140 was launched in 2019. Since then, it has become one of the best-selling robotic lawn mowers for many reasons. This smart device is built to work autonomously. That means it doesn’t require your presence to do its job as it automates both the process of mowing lawn and maintenance. The WR140 Landroid is ideal for fairly small yards that are quarter-acre in size.

If you have a larger backyard check out the list of the best robotic mowers at https://cleanup.expert/robot-lawn-mowers/. Also, you can find some models suitable to the size of your garden in the brand’s collection.

Coming in at 21 pounds, this robot mower comes with three wheels that can manage flat areas, difficult terrains, and slopes for up to 20 degrees. Along with that, it features a floating deck design that enables the unit to traverse across hilly yards and slopes without tearing the surfaces off.


The robot has a spinning disc that holds the three razor-sharp cutting blades for cutting and mulching the grass on your lawn. Meanwhile, the hatch on its top houses a red stop button, a 2.5-inch LCD, and a control panel with 9 buttons. You will find its battery compartment at the unit’s rear, which contains its 20V battery.

To navigate your lawn smoothly, the WR140 utilizes boundary wire that you need to install. Over time, the robot lawn mower will adapt to your yard’s complexities and shape. Furthermore, the manufacturer equips the device with an Anti-Collision System. This additional feature is quite handy since it enhances the robot’s navigation and obstacle detection with the help of ultrasonic sensors. Plus, this weather-proof Worx Landroid mower has GPS tracking and you can control it via its user-friendly mobile app.

You can get all of these at a reasonable price. Hence, the Worx WR140 is a robotic lawn mower that should be on top of your list.

Quiet motorIt doesn’t come with a remote control
Programming it is easySetting it up is not overly complicated but if you need assistance with installation from a professional, it is not immediately available
Guide-wire navigationYou have to pay extra to enjoy handy add-on features, such as Landroid garage, digital fence & the Anti-Collision System
Obstacle detection and rain sensors
GPS tracking
Smart AIA technology that enables the robot to navigate through narrow spaces
Its cut to edge system can help lessen your manual yard upkeep
Weekly edge maintenance option
It has safety features
LCD screen

Performance and Ease of Use

On a single charge of the Worx WR140 Landroid’s 20V battery, it will have enough power to take care of up to 1/4 acre of lawn. Its onboard AIA software means that it can easily adjust to narrow areas. Additionally, the wheels on the device provide sufficient torque and traction for it to work its way up an incline with a 20-degree angle while its 7-inch sharp blades cut grass with precision.


Similar to most robotic mowers on the market, this one from Worx requires some setting up that you may find a bit advanced. First, you have to layout and plan where you’ll install the perimeter wire and dial in other vital parameters through the smartphone app. After you’re done with this, you won’t have any difficulties setting the MR140 to work.

With the wireless app, you will be able to monitor your robot. Likewise, it allows you to make any changes whenever necessary. There’s no need to worry about your machine crashing into trees or your beautiful plants. It has a bump sensor that will help it navigate around obstacles. Plus, this lawn mower has a rain sensor onboard. That means once it detects rain, it will return to its charging dock for safety.

How Does The Worx WR140 Work?

After installing it in your garden, getting the robot to work is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated. You have a choice to use its control panel or app to operate it. Using the control panel is easy since it is quite intuitive. However, if you want an even easier way to operate the mower, the Landroid app is the way to go.

When it’s time to do some mowing, the WR140 will leave its charging station and follow the direction of the perimeter wire you installed. It will cut and mulch the grass along its way while it scatters the grass clippings on your lawn, providing it with nourishment.

Battery and Charging

The lithium-ion battery included in the machine allows it to run smoothly for longer periods. It can run for approximately 90 minutes, keeping the robot powered during this time. Also, the 20V battery can last for about 3 to 5 years depending on your usage. Since this battery is replaceable, there’s no need for you to purchase another robotic lawn mower once it quits on you. All you have to do is to contact a licensed repair technician to replace it for you.

To charge the Landroid WR140, simply connect it to its charging base. The unit will also take around 90 minutes to fully charge. Furthermore, it has an automatic charging function that will signal the mower to return to its base once it recognizes that it is low on power. You can modify this function via the mobile app to make it suitable for your requirements.

Special Features

Patented AIA Technology


Another good reason that makes the WR140 a great investment is the patented AIA technology of Worx. With this technology, it is not only efficient but can navigate around obstacles and narrow passages with ease in comparison to other robots at its price point. This makes the smart mower perfect if your lawn has complex landscaping features and plenty of trees.

Off-Limit Zones

You have an option for a digital fence that you can apply if you want to cordon off the flower beds and trees in your backyard. Doing so will create little islands that the mower will avoid. Simply set up boundaries, and your robot will make sure to stay within the defined area while taking care of yard work for you.

Safety Features


This robotic lawn mower boasts several safety features to help avert accidents. For example, once it detects it is lifted from the ground, its rotating blade disc will stop rotating instantly, preventing a disastrous accident. There’s also the Find My Landroid GPS feature on its app which ensures that you will be able to find your robotic mower wherever it is in your yard.

Security Features

Worx WR140 gives you an option to set it with a pin code to protect it from thieves. You can set this up easily via the Worx Landroid app. Aside from monitoring your robot, you can also use the app to lock the device.


Once you’ve set up the WR140 Landroid properly, the maintenance it requires is very minimal. Yes, you indeed need to replace its cutting blades occasionally. The manufacturer recommends replacing them every 4 months.

However, you have to do this with all robot lawn mowers out there. On top of that, this robot comes with additional 9 replacement blades, and replacing them will not take you hours to do using the tools readily available in your toolbox. If you do run out of replacement blades, they are inexpensive and will not cut a hole in your pocket.



If you’re looking for a budget-friendly robotic lawn mower with quality to match, Worx is a brand you can rely on. Its WR140 Landroid offers great value if the size of your lawn is a quarter of an acre or less. The robot mower’s safety features can help protect you, as well as the people, pets, and things around your lawn. Its security features and rain sensor are also great additions since this help protect your investment

But what makes the Worx WR140 truly stand out is how it can get to all the nooks and crannies of your lawn without causing creases and lines in your grass. In fact, it will provide you with smooth results every time along with an even height throughout your lawn. You can even program it to cut your yard’s border near the guidewire.