In the world full of Digital screens and motion capture technology, there lies a subtle line which makes everything that captured either a million dollar click or blurred trash. Some say it’s the person who clicks it some say it’s the Optical image stabilization. Well, no one knows the truth. Yet there came in an intervention from scribbles of chaos like a sign of miracle to all the living organisms to exuberate us. It was an addiction unavoidable for the enthusiast shooters like a breath of fresh air yet a necessary evil the world named it stabilizers handheld. Yet the name was meager to what it does and the results of it. & for that FY FEIYUTECH G6, Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is in use.

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Use

FY FEIYUTECH G6 Review Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Want to use a stabilizer to level out camera footage? It’s obvious to get camera footage hampered due to shakiness. But to deal with that problem, you can use the FY FEIYUTECH G6 gimbal stabilizer. Gimbals are something that provides smooth footage when you are running at full speed. A 3 axis gimbal uses electric brushless motors for stabilization, and a motor is placed on three different axes: pitch, roll, and yaw.

(Buying Guide) FY FEIYUTECH G6 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Deal Price

Recently launched by the Chinese brand FeiyuTech G6 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is an excellent photography tool. The success of gimbal Feiyu G5 has pushed the brand to innovate and come up with something new, improved and an impressive product for users. It would give better results than the predecessor and also more efficient battery consumption. The amalgamation of a knob and sliding arm assist you to balance the gimbals easily. Visit gear best sure to know more and have a glance at this FY FEIYUTECH G6 product. Read our review below to see that whether it matches with your need or not.

FY FEIYUTECH G6 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Features & Specifications –

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Look


The FeiyuTech G6 is a 3-axis handheld electronic gimbal that is compatible with GoPro HERO6 / 5/4/3 + / 3, the Sony DSC-RX0 and action cameras of equal size. It used redesigned counterweight to fix the gravity center for GoPro Hero 6 /5 /4 /3/ Session, Yi Cam 4K, AEE and more. It has replaceable holder making it compatible with RX0 camera. This high-end product has various recording modes naming panning, panning and tilting, lock, selfie mode. You can move the recording modes with a central 4-way joystick in the pivot axis (Panning Axis) and also in the tilt axis (Tilting Axis) by 360 °. In the role axis, you get a motion range of 320°. The FY FEIYUTECH G6 product size is 27.10 x 11.90 x 3.80 cm / 10.67 x 4.69 x 1.5 inches, and with a weight of 0.3600, you can easily carry it with yourself.

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Design

This product is only available in black color which is loved by a lot of people. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that there is a negligible chance of entering water into it. With the waterproof facility delivered by FY FEIYUTECH G6, you can enjoy every joyous moment of our lives freely without caring for water infiltration. Use it even in the rain or when you are on the beach.


FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Charge Camera

FY FEIYUTECH G6 is equipped with large capacity and replaceable Li-Ion 22650 battery that runs up to 12 hours along with supporting charge to a camera and lasting for a long time.


FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Uses

As you open the packet, you get a 1 x FY FEIYUTECH G6 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer, 1 x USB Data Cable, 1 x Type-C Cable and 1 x 26650 Battery.

FY FEIYUTECH G6 Features –

  • The built-in innovative OELD screen above the central control unit gives you quick access to battery status including and showing the specifications of gimbal and camera, working modes, battery life, Bluetooth connection, etc. controlling everything.

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Screen

  • G6 even works in bad conditions as it is made of high quality milled aluminum outer shell that protects it from a splash. Furthermore, an innovative elevation angle of axis makes no more blocks in visual to show a complete screen creation composition without influencing anti-shake performance.

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Waterproof

  • It provides a parallel Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection allowing you to control your camera over Wi-Fi. In addition, you can do other things like modifying the camera settings including start and stop the video recording.

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Visual

  • To gain access to all the setting of G6, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Make sure you have installed the app App Feiyu ON your smartphone. The app helps you to access settings with getting the option to upgrade the firmware or start trail time-lapse photography or recording.

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Performance

  • The anti-slippery rubber grip allows you to hold the G6 firmly and securely. At the back of it, you will see a trigger button for switching to lock mode with your index finger while filming a video. Apart from that, two 1/4 holes in the bottom of the gimbal can be compatible with more accessories.
  • This serves as a threaded connection for using accessories like installation of your smartphone or an external microphone/light, and at the lower end, you can add among other things, a tripod stand, etc.

FY FEIYUTECH G6 Extra Features:-

The features have been summarized below, go through them and see how well the product fits your needs.

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Connectivity

  • Control your camera, set working modes, take photos and record video with dual working modes, i.e., Wi-Fi + Bluetooth.

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Angles

  • Low power consumption and anti-shake performance make G6 a perfect masterpiece. Its more significant motor torque keeps it working more smoothly and also reduce redundant power.

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer Time lapse

  • Set shooting modes randomly creating a unique trail time-lapse photography.
  • With the long battery life, record videos from morning to evening, i.e., from sunrise to sunset.
  • Feiyu On app provided by FeiyuTech gives you the smarter way to shoot, and you can reach access to remote control, automatic calibration firmware upgrade, and the setting of the multi-motion parameter.
  • It is featured with industry-inspiring unibody motor arm by deduction of conjunction parts.

FY FEIYUTECH G6 Pros & Cons –


  • Helps in Capturing better Shots
  • Lets you move between different Angles easily
  • Sturdy & Durable


  • A bit pricey for being a Gimbal Stabilizer

FY Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer


The world is full of options and choices to choose from. And there are some which are necessary yet dark and this accessory with the fantasy of darkness. It is embedded to elevate the best of the results with your shooting capabilities. It never lags behind in assisting the very best for you. For an outdoor enthusiast in you, it scrubs in with you among the harshest conditions treasuring the valued experience.

The FY FEIYUTECH G6 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer device never backs down in culturing the best of you. It crafts the accurate results you needed by an accessory. It’s a fantasy recreated into practicality for all the shooters existence. And for all those who are in need of more than an accessory. You’re to step with all the evil inside you. To crush the sizes of atoms with all its might and seduced to the curves of it to never leave. An evil is never born it’s created. And yes they made it leaving no stones un-turned and created a darkness that every shooter fantasies.

FY FEIYUTECH G6 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is one of the best and must pick the product for your camera. If you want to record video or capture beautiful moments without any shake effect, then you must buy this product. If you find this article helpful and get to know everything about G6. Then kindly share this with your friends and family. In order to tell them that there is something special for their camera. The pre-sale price of Feiyu G6 is $229, and the delivery will reach your doorstep within few days.