I don’t think many people enjoy cleaning their homes, but you can save yourself some work and make sure your home gets cleaned well if you’re using some of the best gadgets on the market specifically designed for house cleaning. Many tools speed up the cleaning process and do the kind of work you might not be able to do. We want to share some of the best ones with you, and maybe you will try some of these and see how much easier they make life for you.

Gadgets That Make Cleaning Your Home Easier


Cleaning your windows is one of the most tedious tasks you can do in the home. It’s especially strenuous and frustrating when you have very large windows that may require a stool or a ladder to reach the upper areas. You can have a cleaning robot known as a Hobot-388 wash the windows for you.

You place this device on your windowpane and activate it. It can handle everything from there, cleaning around the entire window to make it look spotless. This device works best when the window is not terribly dirty, as it’s a better maintenance tool than a deep cleaning device. 

The device sprays water using an ultrasonic delivery system that spreads the water across the glass’s surface. It can be used on any glass surface, including windows and doors.

Roborock S7

If you want to upgrade your automatic floor-cleaning robot, you should try the Roborock. It will be a huge step up if you’re doing everything by hand at the moment. This powerful device can clean your floors on its own, detecting messes and taking care of them without you having to do anything.

It’s more than just an automated vacuum to clean up dust and dirt. This robot also mops your floors, keeping them super clean and handling just about any mess you can think of. It also functions as a communication device between rooms, letting you talk to people throughout your home without having to call them on the phone.

The intelligent onboard systems can detect different types of floor textures and clean them accordingly. The device can raise and lower as needed to work at your floor’s level and ensure it provides deep and effective cleaning.

Roborock Dyad

If you want to clean your floors yourself and don’t trust a robot to do all the cleaning, you may also want some assistance with that. It’s not always a job you’ll be able to call a professional maid service for apartments, though that’s definitely an option. However, one of the best upright manual vacuums is the Roborock Dyad. This powerful tool doesn’t just vacuum dirt better than automated floor cleaners but also offers a wet floor cleaning function to get rid of tough stains and encrusted substances.

All this has helped by the boosted power of the device, making it really easy to run across the floor since you don’t have to push and pull it as much as you would a traditional vacuum cleaner. The Dyad does a lot of work for you, so you won’t feel exhausted afterward, and it will not take as much effort to keep your floors tidy.

Molekule Air Pro

Are you keeping your air clean from bacteria or just trying to tidy up floors and countertops as you clean? For a clean home that’s safe and sanitary home, you’ll want to consider some air-cleaning mechanism, and the Molekule Air Pro is a great option.

This is a mobile air filtration system that you can place into any room of the house and expect it 

to keep the air very clean. The Air Pro filters out particles from the air and also kills bacteria and germs so that your air is cleaner on every level. The Air Pro doesn’t just improve how clean the air feels and how much more easily you’ll sleep at night, but it also reduces infections and diseases in your home. If you are looking for a way to fight against the kinds of illnesses that keep you from going to work or your kids from going to school and living a healthy life, the Air Pro is a great option.

Phillips UV Light Sanitizer Box

Do you wonder about the number of germs hiding on your phone, car keys, or your children’s toys? You might be concerned about all the bacteria you’re carrying around or allowing your kids to put into their mouths. UV light is a very effective method of killing germs that is sanitary and also safe when used correctly.

Phillips makes a UV light sanitizer box you can use as a cleaning station. You can place cell phones, toys, stuffed animals, stationery, tablets, and other small items into the box for cleaning. These can be items that are used every day and maybe collect germs.

Once they’re placed into the box, you close the lid and let the UV light do its work, killing germs effectively and completely. The light doesn’t activate while the lid is open, so there’s no risk of damage to you or your loved ones. Using the box and getting rid of germs is as simple as placing your item into the box, letting the UV light activated, and then taking the item out. There’s no cleanup or any maintenance to handling this device, keeping things simple for you.

We looked at five gadgets that can change how you clean your home and make you feel better about how sanitary your living space is. If you want peace of mind and you want to clean faster and more efficiently, these are some of the best high-tech options out there. Consider these highly advanced cleaning tools when you’re ready to move beyond a scrub pad and a broom.