Several technological devices have been invented in this century of technology. Among the beneficiaries of technology are students; several devices have transformed the old boring studying system to have fun. Some small and portable devices allow students to carry and use them even in public transport systems. Below is a list of gadgets for college students that makes education simpler and enjoyable:

Gadgets to Ease your College Years

Top 7 Best Gadgets to Ease your College Years

  1. Laptop


They are the most used educational gadgets. A laptop is a battery-powered personal computer, usually smaller than a briefcase. Their small size and ability to use a rechargeable battery make them convenient in temporary spaces such as an airplane, libraries, meetings, classrooms, and temporary offices. Laptops have made the life of college students easy. A student can use a laptop to create and store notes instead of writing everything, learning online, and interacting with teachers and other students worldwide via social media, research, and entertainment. Unlike desktops which aren’t portable, students carry their laptops in their bags; hence laptops are more convenient as they are available when needed.

  1. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder

Technology has moved students from the era of writing dictated notes. With voice recorders, students can record everything the teacher says and concentrate on listening instead of hurrying to write. After recording, you can come back and listen to the teachings as many times as you want. Voice recorders are small and portable; students can have notes in their pockets every time. When preparing for exams, it refreshes all lectures in your memory, unlike reading books where some information may not have been written.

  1. Kindle


This is an electronic device for downloading, storing, and reading e-books. Kindle helps students in several ways: no need to carry textbooks to and fro college or university. It has WiFi technology that allows for the download of ebooks and also web surfing. The device can also store several books, which can be deleted to create space for more books after reading them. Unlike textbooks, kindle can be freely used in many places, like in an airplane and other public transport systems.

  1. A Powerful Portable Battery (Powerbank)

Portable Battery

Nothing disappoints, like a low battery notification when you are outdoors where you can’t access means to recharge your laptop or smartphone. A powerful portable battery helps solve this problem, and the battery is capable of charging your laptop and your smartphone. When having outdoor fun with fellow students, don’t let the low-battery notifications spoil the fun. Even when you are indoors, students use portable batteries on blackouts to complete what they were doing with the laptop.

  1. USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

This is a small portable storage device. It can be used to store files as a means of backup. Sometimes you may want to share files with friends whose computers don’t have an internet connection; with this drive, you can quickly transfer files from one computer to another. Students use this drive to store important documents that may be required at any time.

  1. iPad


iPad is an entertainment tool that can also be used as an educational tool. Students can watch educational videos and read eBooks using an iPad. It is small and light, making it portable. With this device, you can listen to music while going home in the evening. While on public transport, you can read eBooks, watch educational videos, or listen to music instead of being idle.

  1. Smartphone


This seems too obvious, but several amazing apps make students’ life simple. In college, this is a must-have gadget. Some smartphone apps have been specifically developed for students, and tutorial apps are advanced apps that help a student study anytime and anywhere. Using this gadgets, students can access reliable help with a personal statement from a professional. Apps like WhatsApp offer real-time messaging that enables you to keep connected with friends who are home or with attachments. WhatsApp also allows sharing of files and can be used to share notes, audio, and images with fellow classmates. Regarding refreshments, the smartphone has many game apps for students to play. Fitness apps can also help you keep fit. Look for apps that will make your life in college easier and install them on your smartphone.


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