Dorm rooms are already small, so you must be extra cautious about the things you buy and stock there. For example, you don’t need gadgets that occupy lots of space, especially when it’s a dorm room.

Gadgets You Can Share With Your Dorm Roommate

You are likely to live with a roommate, and it makes sense to split some stuff. So, in addition to a shared bathroom, tiny living space, and other things, you can also share some commonly used gadgets.

This idea is not only reasonable in terms of space but also finances. By splitting things and expenses, you can save some money for essay writing with cheap essay services, essayhub, or any other activity you choose. If it relates to you, read ahead to find a list of gadgets you can easily share with your roommate.


You do not need to have an individual printer. Imagine how crowded your room would be if everyone had a printer? Instead, you can buy one and use it together. Or you can even share it with a few other friends. Today, you only need a printer when you need to submit your work on paper. It happens, but not so often. Thus, you can easily split the expenses and buy one printer for two or more people.

Music Player/Voice Assistant

If you love Siri or Alexa, you can share one device with your roommate. It mustn’t be tough to share a music player, too. It’s almost impossible that you both must use a speaker simultaneously.

But even if you do, all you need to do is plan the time when each of you uses the device and respect the boundaries of the people around you.


This kitchen device has saved lots of students from the trouble of getting their meals heated. Moreover, a microwave remains the number one device found in every room or apartment students rent. And, of course, it can be easily shared by two or more people. So you can place it in your kitchen or the hall kitchen, which will be just enough.


Coffee Maker

There is no need to have two coffee pots in one dorm room. You can easily share this device with your roommate. At the same time, you can choose different tastes and flavors and buy coffee pods of various brands. The machine remains the same, but the coffee taste becomes personalized.

Compact Vacuum

You can’t skip cleaning wherever you are, and a compact vacuum cleaner is the best way of making it easier and faster. You can split the expenses with your roommate and buy a proper device that will serve you for many years. It’s much more reasonable than buying several cheaper cleaning devices of lower quality.


Having a fridge is essential for every room or apartment. You need to be able to store your groceries and half-cooked products. Yet, this is one of the most popular dorm room items that students share. So, you can check with your friend if they are willing to split the costs. High chances are that they will agree to this deal.


Suppose you are concerned about your initial expenses when you move to campus; no worries. Many things can be split up; you need to suggest this to your roommate. Be sure that most people will agree to this deal as it promises large savings and higher quality of the device.

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