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Gaming With AT&T Internet

You’re disconnected.

I am pretty sure every gamer out there, no matter the platform, can relate to how rage-inducing the experience of losing the internet while in-game can be. You get the urge to punch your monitor and slam your keyboard, all while simultaneously cursing the generations of your Internet Service Provider.

With lots of choices for ISPs, can one of the most “promising” among them, AT&T, be up to par with the golden standards of gamers? Let’s know more about it with a fellow gamer’s review.

AT&T: Rolling Out the Future of the Internet Today

This catchy tagline was the mantra of AT&T when they rolled out their Fiber Internet Deal. The pitch is that you’ll dominate the game by taking it to the next level with 1 Gigabyte internet.

Promises include: winning like a pro while getting nothing of the lag, ultra-low-latency with a ping of 11ms, and the super-fast speed of 1000mbps –for only 60$ per month.

If that didn’t convince you, they also included a 100$ worth of AT&T Visa Reward Card and HBO Max in the subscription plan. They even boast their partnership with ESL, a well-known worldwide eSports organizer for tournaments among major games in the market.

The future may seem bright for every gamer subscribed to AT&T if we leave it at that, but unfortunately, we can’t. Let’s look closer to if they deliver on their promises.

AT&T Performance

Amazing Speeds

Truly, fiber Internet is finer Internet.

Fiber optics is synonymous with faster internet, everybody would agree. It utilizes light waves instead of electronic signals to transfer data faster than the traditional copper lines. AT&T has it; they have fiber internet bundles fit for casual and pro gamers alike. The price ranges from 49$ – 90$ a month, but the best takeaway is that they have a fiber plan with no data caps.

Streaming to your Heart’s Content

You can absolutely stream and play to your heart’s content without the worry of exceeding your data limit. And you can do that with a speed of 1 GBPS.

With that rate, you can stream 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos on multiple devices; download large gigabytes of files within seconds, and upload high definition photos and videos in a single second.

No lags

Putting it into a gaming perspective, you will have: no lag, no packet loss, and no rage quit.

You can play, grind, rank, rise, and dominate without the fear of having the red ping, an absolute bliss for the modern warriors of competitive electronic gaming.

(Which is the Best) AT&T vs. Other ISPs

It is good to note that AT&T ranks among the top ISPs in DSL and Fiber connections. Yet if we match them via overall performance, will it ensure that you’re getting the better end of the deal with AT&T on your lag-free internet gaming experience?

Let me first introduce the trophies of AT&T in the ISP arena.

According to the Federal Communications Department (FCC), AT&T peaks at 99% reliability during peak hours. It means that even during the 7:00 PM-9:00 PM internet crunch time, AT&T still provides reliable internet to its subscribers.

Not just that, if we add the testimony of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) of AT&T scoring second best for customer satisfaction, they already have the higher ground in terms of dependability and trust.

What then of other ISPs?


The first contender in the pit is Spectrum. Previously, Spectrum edges over AT&T because it offers no data cap. But with the current Internet 1000 ATN&T Fiber with unlimited data, they went back to the coattails. Also, their service focuses on cable internet, a much older model when compared to DSL and Fiber. I don’t need to explain much about who won among the two.


The second, and last contender, is Xfinity. Both are almost equal in terms of speed and reliability. The most significant difference, however, is the efficiency of their customer service. The only selling point Xfinity can boast about is its budget-friendly plan. So in this brawl, AT&T slightly wins but only on a small margin.


The Internet is important for every gamer, especially those who are frequently online. It is the fuel for every rig and console to perform their best, the lifeline of the perfect gaming experience.

Wrapping up in terms of speed and performance, AT&T is definitely good for gaming. Try it out as you game on – good luck!

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