If you are an online business that is just starting out then you must know the power of email marketing & marketing automation tools. That is where Getresponse comes into the picture as it claims to be the easiest and reliable newsletter tool in the market. If you want to grow your audience, boost online sales and engage with customers then Getresponse can make that happen. As it is not just limited to a newsletter tool it features custom landing pages, reporting features, advanced automation, and over 30 built-in tools. We have tested all the important tools and features and Getresponse reviews to be excellent. The aim of this Getresponse review guide is to share all our findings and opinion. We will talk about each and every piece of important information so that you can decide whether this service is good for you or not.


An Overview Of Getresponse

Getresponse is not a new entry into the market; its origin dates back to 1997 and since then it has been in service and trusted by the customers. GetResponse is one of those services that has been constantly putting its focus on growing better. It has been constantly improving and adding the best possible features for its customers. 

Talking of Getresponse reviews from people, well it has always been praised and recommended by whoever used it. That is why it has been awarded as one of the best email marketing providers as well. As of now, Getrespone is providing its services to more than 350,000 customers across 182 countries all over the world in addition to that it also reports over 1 billion subscribers each month.

Evolution Of Getresponse

Getresponse started out as an autoresponder and over the years of developments, it has been evolved into a complete online marketing software.

  • Creation of mailing list
  • Capture data onto it
  • Sending of emails to the subscribers on your mailing list
  • Use of Autoresponders for Automation of your email marketing

These above-mentioned features are very common and you will find the majority of similar programs. What makes Getresposne unique is that it is a complete all-in-one package of online marketing solutions and e-commerce.

  • View and analyze statistics of  your email campaigns
  • A website builder
  • Include chat features
  • E-commerce features
  • Webinar Hosting
  • Landing Pages
  • Automated Sales funnels

Getresponse Reviews: All the Features, Pricing & Plans Details

Now let’s take this getresponse review through all the core features and perks that it comes with. Later on, we will see details regarding the plans and pricing of Getresponse. If you compare Getresponse to other email marketing tools it unusually packs a large feature set. All the features that you expect from a professional email marketing platform will be fulfilled. From list hosting to autoresponders, from templates to analytics, and more. As we have already said that it is expanding to become a universal marketing and e-commerce solution. The only question now left is how far these positive Getresponse Reviews are true and how does it really performs firsthand, Let’s find out.

The Autoresponder

Let’s begin with getresponse autoresponder review. Autoresponders or e-newsletters play a very important role when it comes to keeping your subscribers connected to your blog or business. With a personalized newsletter you connect with the subscribers in addition to that you get one of the most comprehensive autoresponder functionality in the market. You can configure it in several ways for new and existing subscribers. You can configure these newsletters in a time-based manner that is the newsletter will automatically send on your scheduled day and time. Below are some of the very common newsletter

  • A welcome Newsletter
  • Special Discount Newsletter
  • Upcoming Projects, Articles, or Product

getresponse autoresponder review

Customized Email 

An email campaign requires a welcoming, attractive, understandable design. With Getresponse on your side, you do not have to spend hours just to design that perfect email from scratch. You can choose any design from the vast selection of templates in multiple categories. Simply select the one from a category your focus is, preview it, and if you find it fit then you can further modify it to give a look that you want.

Getresponse reviews

The template is divided into blocks which makes the editing very easy. You can modify the existing design in a particular block for example change the color, resize the font, drag and drop blocks and sections so that you get the exact result that you want. Once you are done you can preview it like any of your subscribers will see in their email. In the email editor, you will also find the Ecommerce section. This is very helpful if you have a product and you want to promote it. In the recommended product blocks you can add your latest or best products. 

  • 120 Custome templates across multiple categories
  • Fully Responsive 
  • Fully Customizable with drag n drop feature
  • Built-in eCommerce section to add Promotola Products

Once you are done with all the changes and addition then you can save your custom template for future use as well. Now you can schedule the email for your subscribers.

Email Analytics

In this getresponse email marketing review we will talk about figures, analytics, and the overall response of your subscribers. Designing and customizing email is surely very important but it is not enough as you have to keep tabs about the reaction of your subscribers to the email. If your email campaign did not receive the expected response then email analytics and metrics can help you effectively to figure out the improvements you need to do. This will show that you care for subscribers and understand them.

  • Easily check how many emails  were actually delivered 
  • Check campaign’s open and click-through rates
  • Detailed metrics of the bounce and unsubscribe rates
  • The number of complaints it got
  • Easily check Per-user information
  • Compare multiple newsletter performance side by side

Once you have all the figures, analytics, and thorough information you can perform much better in future campaigns. 

Getresponse reviews

List Management and Split Testing

To make your subscribers more engaged with your brand you can segment them depending upon the forms they filled during sign up. Once you segment them you can then send them a specific or personalized newsletter that is in their interest. All this can be done using the List Management feature in Getresponse. They not only make you more dynamic but also result in an improved conversion.

  • Track their latest activity based on the emails
  • Add notes and details about each user for more improvement

Split Testing

In addition to the list management, you can also try the split testing functionality. This feature allows you to send a different version of the newsletter to your subscribers. The one that receives the best response can be then your main newsletter. You can choose any one variable for example the subject header or the content version.

  • Run split test on up to five subject headers/ content variants

Landing Page Customization

Now let’s go through getresponse landing page creator review, we all know that a perfectly designed landing page is very effective in lead generation. Almost all companies, be it big or small uses the landing page for converting internet wanderers into consumers.

With the Getrespsone Landing page customization engine, you can design a clear, clean, and well-designed landing page that points to all the attractive points of your service or the product. Following are some of the highlights of this feature.

  • Easily Connect your Landing page to analytics (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Kissmetrics, and Facebook pixel)
  • Choose from more than 200 landing page templates
  • easy to use drag and drop builder
  • Easily design separate versions of landing pages for desktop and mobile

Getresponse reviews

Host Webinars

If newsletter, landing pages are not enough then Getresponse also provides you the functionality of hosting a dedicated webinar. In our experience getresponse webinar review to be the most powerful feature of Getresponse. Webinars are great to connect with your customer at a more personal level. You can express yourself much better you can explain your services or the product better. And if people are joining your webinar this certainly means that they are interested in your product and service and want to understand more.

  • People do not need to install any third-party software to access webinars
  • One-click record and screen sharing functionality
  • Built-in Video sharing functionality like youtube
  • Store up to 20 hours of recordings
  • Live polls, tests with attendees

Getresponse reviews

Marketing Automation

Managing and designing emails, landing pages, webinars, subscribers, leads, everything can not be managed manually. This is why you need the Getresponse marketing automation feature. You can create a work flowchart or choose from any of the pre-made templates and under that, you can manually add elements that are suitable. All this can not be accomplished without a landing page. In our getresponse landing page review we have already talked about the importance of a landing page; and how can you use the built-in customizer to make it more effective. Depending on the designed landing page user action and automation will begin. For example, if a user clicks on a certain link, an offer an email will be sent regarding that specific offer or link.

Getresponse reviews

Sales Funnels

If you are a small business, e-commerce then the sales funnel is something you really try. With Sales functionality create your own online store. With the Sales Funnel tool, you can customize each stage of your customer buying journey.

  • Create a sign-up page
  • An email newsletter
  • A sales page
  • A confirmation page
  • Facebook, Google Advertising Campaigns
  • Live Web Chat

The conversion funnel is a recently introduced feature from Getresponse, calling it just a feature will not justify the power of the conversion funnel. Because it combines all the features to target a particular goal.

getresponse reviews

Website Builder

The website builder is the most latest feature that is added to Getresponse. Now you can create your own website. To create a website there are built-in templates to choose from. However, the website builder is not a fully matured feature yet as it only allows you to create a static one-page website. With the drag and drop functionality, the entire process becomes very easy. Once the website is created you can either buy domain from Getresponse or connect the domain if you have already purchased it.

getresponse reviews

GetResponse Pricing and Plans

Now let’s talk about the Plans and Pricing of the Getresponse. As of now, Getresponse offers five plans.

Plans Pricing And Offering
Free Costing is $0 for 500 subscribers
Basic Starts at $15 for 1,000 subscribers
Plus StartS at $49 for 1,000 subscribers
Professional StartS at $99 for 1,000 subscribers
Max  Custom

Getresponse reviews

Differences Between Plans

  • Automation builder: Plus plan or higher
  • Live webinars: Plus at 100 webinar attendees, Professional at 300, and Max at 1000 webinar attendees
  • Team management:  Basic at 1 user account, Plus at 3 at user accounts, Professional at 5 user accounts, Max at 500 user accounts
  • E-commerce: Plus plan or higher
  • Conversion funnels: all, better access depending on the plan

Final Words:

Email marketing and automation tools are a great way to quickly deliver your services to maximum consumers. The main problem here is not about money or the subscription but finding that one service which suits your requirements. Getresponse is one of those services that can transform your online marketing and presence. In this Getresponse Reviews guide, we have tried to give all the valuable details that you need to know.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a detailed view of the Getresponse software and its features. Thank you!

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