From a company termed as an underdog yet comes a beast in all its glory. To take on the world of gaming laptops with sheer looks magnetizing and integrity in its build. The Hasee Z7M KP7G1 is here to give the bold the thunders, with an appealing look and green accent all over its body to slingshot your hormones.

Hasee Z7M

Hasee Z7M Review – KP7G1 Gaming Laptop

The world is full of hatred and Hasee with the intimidating looks it never backs off to get the love what it desires. With a robust built and configuration that makes gamers to squeeze like a waitress in a dark room, it surely is tempting yet testing the young teen’s hormones like a dollar hunt stripper. To say Hasee Z7M a gaming laptop is the least it’s on the heavier side considering its practical aspects it’s on the reasonably better side and the tasks it can do or just a cake walk do I term it? With an all over surprise suite, it’s ready to take on the rivals with bolting and a price tag as compelling as it is $1422.96, sure it got some attention to it.

Hasee Z7M Review KP7G1 Gaming Laptop (Discounted “Offer” Price)

The device comes in a black matte finish and durable built body with a green accent as standard. The design is a wingman to its looks and configuration with curved edges and audio grills upfront it’s a designer dream tackled with ease, robust hinge mechanism making it handle with a single hand an easy task. Being the gaming laptop and in the segment, is provided with a variety of ports for all your needs and never stopping to amuse you. Surely Hasee Z7M a device to be tested for it is not taken for granted.

At a Glance:

Memory1 TB, 128 GB SSD
Processor & OSIntel Core i7-7700 HQ Quad Core 2.8GHz
Display15.6- inch display with resolution (1920 x 1080)
CameraPrimary Camera: 1.0 MP
PortsTF card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone jack 3 USB-A ports, HDMI, UB type-c, RJ-45 connector port.

Hasee Z7M KP7G1 Gaming Laptop Features & Specifications –

Hasee Z7M Operating System (OS):

The Z7M comes with windows 10 out of the box well its compatibility is beautiful and the configuration it possesses its

Hasee Z7M Operating System

  • With Windows 10 in its core, it also gives access to the windows apps.
  • Assured with regular updates from the company it surely is the secure device.
  • With a window it undoubtedly a productive piece of
  • A gaming device which can handle the business needs at ease.

Hasee Z7M Display:

  • The beast possesses a 6-inch screen for the perfect picture magnetizing your eyes to display its fortune.

Hasee Z7M Display

  • Hasee Z7M Screen Size: the device has a 15.6 inch LCD panel surrounded by the bezels yet soothes you with its magical colors.
  • Screen Resolution: The LCD panel has a resolution of 1920×1080, and FHD display never falls short to provide the best in its class.
  • Display Type: The IPS LCD panel it’s induced by with the colors and a decent brightness it surely is an edge to the full device.
  • Hasee Z7M Touchscreen: As a gaming device intended for gamers it’s not manufactured with touch screen yet never lets you down its core process.
  • The real beauty of the device is the sturdy built which makes name and crowd for itself surely its gaming beast boasting some hunk looks.
  • It comes with a classic HDMI port connecting to an external video output for productivity or gaming you name it the device takes you on a ride never to fade.

Hasee Z7M Processor:

The device packs the power in it from Intel’s Kaby lake architecture hailed from the kaby lake family code-named I-7700 Hsq.ft

Hasee Z7M Processor

  • Hasee Z7M Specs: The processor is the outrage of Intel’s high-end production called I7 it is one of the blazing processors ever produced by the people of Intel.
    • The processor functions at a frequency of 2.8 GHz on all the cores giving you the best of the speeds in its class.
    • The processor is a quad-core processor with all the four cores spinning this is a beast with a pack of punch to keep you at bay with its velocity untouched by far from any rivalry.
    • The chipset is configured with the 3-Level cache to a maximum of 6 MB and maxed out the temperature of 100.c with the beast it is, yet it’s the calm machine around.
    • It is customizable up to 32GB of DDR4L 1600 memory, PCI 2.0 making it the best overall piece at the price point.

Hasee Z7M Graphics:

  • The chipset is engulfed with a Nvidia chipset at its core opted with a 14nm process integrated with the Intel’s processor to give you the best performance.
  • For the hunger of gamer in you, it’s a one-stop paradise with its configuration its ready to be unleashed.
  • With the GPU Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, this thing is a beast with 4GB DDR5 VRAM the frame rates are smooth, and those AAA-titles are smooth to handle.

Hasee Z7M Graphics

  • With a beastly GPU support, this thing gets all the work done thrown at it.

Hasee Z7M Memory:

The device is loaded with 1TB HDD and also is provided with flash storage of 128 GB to keep you un hurdled in any of the tasks assigned to it.

Hasee Z7M Memory

  • Hasee Z7M Internal Memory: Along with HDD storage its is also provided with 128GB of SSD to catch up with you on your daily basis.
    • The device has an internal storage of 1 terabytes for all of the games and media you cage in it.
    • With SSD at its core along with HDD acquiring those read and write speeds is a cake walk.
    • With Flash storage and HDD, the device is at bay with enough space to all those files which you can store.
  • External Memory: the power its possess is not enough it’s also provided with SD card slot to ramp up your storage to keep floating.
    • A standard SD card slot is present for backing up all the essentials.
    • It can support up to 256 GB of storage for all the needs of you.

Hasee Z7M RAM:

The device has a DDR4L RAM for all the multi tasks you throw at it, and it also has a VRAM alongside for the proficient performance it delivers.

Hasee Z7M RAM

  • The beast comes with 8 gigs of RAM for the smooth functioning of the device.
  • The RAM provided never lets you down and produced performance being a gaming laptop it is.
  • You can upgrade it to 32GB of DDR4L 1600 memory
  • The RAM adds to the efficiency of the device.

Hasee Z7M Camera:

Hasee Z7M Camera

  • The Laptop sports a 1.0 mp front facing shooter to keep your work interactions with a medium-sized bezel is confronting with a front-facing shooter providing an ample view of the image.
  • The location of the camera has become a practical issue with manufacturers opting for beneath the screen or on keyboard locations to minimalizing bezels only to be visualized by an unscripted image providing a low video call experience.
  • It supports Skype calls for interaction over the web for business or a casual talk with friends.

Hasee Z7M Ports & Connectivity:

  • The device is on board with a number of port selections to keep you active on various media devices.

Hasee Z7M Ports & Connectivity

Hasee Z7M Ports:

  • As a gaming device, it is equipped with a wide variety of ports to keep your product on the go.
  • As the device’s design persist it’s for regular gamers, yet it comes with some ports keeping it available for all the wide variety of audience making its market a much curious.
  • For all the music junkie in you is unleashed with the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the device.
  • It sports 2 USB-A ports to connect to various devices and file sharing.
  • And an SD card slot on the device to keep you busy for those crisp movie nights.
  • It has an USB-c port which cuts the edge in its niche segment.
  • It is provided with a microphone jack for all the voice over the individual in you.
  • Its provided with HDMI port enabling it to connect across the devices and the proficiency it promised.

Hasee Z7M Connectivity: The device comes with standard WiFi attaining those high speeds is no obstacle to

Hasee Z7M Miscellaneous:

The Slither beast has some disguised side of it which are ruthlessly laid.

  • Excellent Colling Technique: Being the beast it is, the manufacturer has the slither touch of intellect to conclude it with ventilation unlike any other to keep it fresh under heavy loads.
  • Stand Holder: Being in catchy dimensions of 15.6 inch which is an adequate size to carry and as the most available measurement’s its made stand holders are just around the corner.

Hasee Z7M Miscellaneous

Hasee Z7M Pros & Cons –

The device is a beast unleashed, but the subtlety has to pay the price.

  • Hasee Z7M Pros:
    • With a fearful design it is and the power it packs undoubtedly it’s a no-brainer for gamers.
    • A powerful processor of the top of the line to keep all your work at ready.
    • With an all-around keyboard backlit and the trackpad with precision at its core all of are made for performing the best with a soul.
  • Hasee Z7M Cons:
    • The 1 MP front-facing piece is just an another one of those door entry formalities never appreciated for opting.


For the hungry gamer who is in need of statement its ready to engulf the beast in you. With the Hasee Z7M power, it possesses in its core and a configuration that slithers to the vein of the rivals keeping them awake in the nights of shadows this thing is for gamers never settling anything short of the best. The intimidation it causes with its looks is an absolute outrage in the young hearts as its being the heart-throb of the young guns, yet the question remains will the young find the right one to test its fury in those lonely nights or will be submissive to its stud. To know the unbaffled requisite of its glory, this is a beast.

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