DasCoin, the recent entrant into the digital currency industry, is a different breed, and it’s evident the team has done its homework extensively. The brains behind this innovation know exactly what to offer the market, considering the difficulties facing older cryptocurrencies.

DasCoin is built on a platform that combines cutting-edge technology with corporate best practices:


The team behind DasNet, DasCoin’s ecosystem, has a lot of experience in corporate governance, which is critical to success. Having worked for multiple multinational corporations, they offer a wealth of information and experience for the daily running of the organization. They have built an ecosystem that is backed by revolutionary technology to give users a good reason to choose it over its competitors.

The leadership team has managed to create a hybrid model from the most attractive features of centralized currencies and their decentralized counterparts. When such a system is paired with a great network, a professional management team, and strong governance, you get confident followers in the solution. This can be ascertained by the high turnouts in the recent events held by the management team.

Embracing Trust to Create More Value –

If you’ve been following the changes happening on the internet, you’ve probably noticed that the tide is shifting from information to value. The digital verification protocol supported by DasCoin will ensure that a strong digital value system is created. DasNet, which is populated by users who have complied with a strict KYC and hardware-based authentication procedure, makes each person representation of true value.

Based on the previous performance of the directors helping guide and manage this innovation, it’s evident that big things are yet to happen. Compliance with industry regulations, as well as adherence to corporate best practices, will ensure value is passed on to users.

The team is quick to point out their genuine leaning toward a strict compliance procedure which makes it possible to adhere to various regulatory measures looming on the horizon. At the moment, they have already enacted a functional identity verification protocol, which is effective in observing regulations regarding criminal activities such as money laundering and terrorism funding.

The permissioned blockchain supporting this coin is carefully designed to embody security and efficiency. In the long run, this will ensure healthy liquidity and scalability.

Taking Advantage of the inherent Benefits of Speed –

If a digitalcurrency is to be adopted widely as a means of exchange, it has to address the community’s challenges. At the moment, most cryptocurrencies lack the necessary utility value to be a good choice for business. Besides, everyone wants to use a solution that offers tangible utility and practical application in everyday life.

With DasCoin, you can complete your transaction in a record six seconds. Moreover, DasNet has the capacity to support 100,000 transactions in a second seamlessly. When you compare this to the performance of older coins, like Bitcoin, which stands at three transactions per second, no further practical illustration is necessary.