Do you lock your phone and use a strong password but are worried someone’s up to some spy tricks? The growth of technology has made it possible to read text messages remotely, so you won’t even expect the reason for sensitive data leaks.

How Do I Know Someone Is Reading Your Messages Without Your Knowledge

In this review, we’ll tell you about the most commonly used ways people read someone’s text messages. From phone trackers to fishing, methods vary.

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Signs to Detect Your Text Messages Are Tracked

When someone hacks your device and starts reading your text messages, you may find the following symptoms:

  1. Noticeable decrease in battery life. Does your cell phone battery die quickly? Do you often charge your new cell phone when you are not actively using it? There may be an occasion when someone is spying on you. Most spy apps people use to read texts can be battery drainers, using up your phone’s power. 
  2. The phone is getting slow. Have you observed a slowdown in your phone’s performance? If your phone keeps freezing and crashing, it might be because of a malicious app to read someone’s messages. If you repeatedly reopen an app after multiple closures, it may be due to this issue. Spying apps tend to consume significant phone power, leading to slower performance.
  3. Unexpected notifications & sounds. Odd notifications and unexpected sounds could indicate the presence of a spy app on your device. Pay attention to unusual alerts, as they may be signs that someone is monitoring your activities without your knowledge.
  4. Odd files stored on your smartphone. If you check the files stored on your cell phone, you may see odd files you cannot recognize. Delete any suspicious files immediately to safeguard your device from potential privacy breaches. Stay vigilant and keep your phone secure.
  5. Text messages you did not send. If you log into your Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, or any other social media or IM app account and notice text messages you have not sent, be alert. While many spy apps allow users to see someone’s text messages online for free, they may also allow them to send text messages from your account to your contacts.

How Do I Know Someone Is Reading Your Messages Without Your Knowledge

How Can Someone Access Your Text Messages?

If you’re reading this, you likely suspect someone is reading your texts. How is it possible? Get comfortable, as the list below will explain how someone can secretly read your texts without your knowledge.

  1. Malicious links. Hackers often use malicious links to get access to other people’s phones. You can get a simple SMS/MMS or even a message sent to your social media or IM account with an announcement of a particular lottery, sale, or discount, encouraging you to click on it and open it to get more details. These deceptive links are nothing else than fishing and tricking you into providing sensitive information (billing info, account password, etc.), compromising your privacy, and potentially leading to unauthorized access to text messages.
  2. Spy applications. Those who want to know how to read someone’s text messages without them knowing often use spy tracking apps that are installed on the target cell phone to provide complete access to their cell phone data. Although many apps are available in the App Store and Play Market, most are unreliable. As a rule, free applications you find online can easily be detected by the device owner or do not work. Therefore, experienced hackers opt for robust, reliable, and hidden tools to read someone’s text messages that won’t compromise their identity.
  3. Access to iCloud or Google account. iCloud and Google accounts hold your secret information. If hackers break in, it’s terrible news. If they access your Google account, they’ll access your Gmail account, where sensitive data like business contacts and passwords can be stored. What is worse is that if Gmail is linked to social media, hackers can read all your messages from afar.
  4. Physical access to your smartphone. Your friend, spouse, or colleague can ask you to give them your smartphone to make a call, thereby secretly accessing your text messages without permission. Also, keep an eye on your phone; losing it can lead to sensitive data theft. It’s the simplest way for someone to read your texts without you knowing.


How Do I Know Someone Is Reading Your Messages Without Your Knowledge

All the methods mentioned above cover the central question of how to read someone’s text messages without their phone being free. As you may see, if someone wants to access your text messages, they will find a way to do it. Despite this, if you have become a victim of spyware text message reading, the tricks mentioned earlier will assist you in checking whether it is so. Therefore, be careful when sharing your passwords, email, or other sensitive data with others, even if these people are your close friends you can trust.