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From this error problem, the feature on NTFS cannot be supported by Program. This error code problem includes the system PC freezes, crashes & the possible virus infection too. This error is also a type of PC virus problem. This Error Code 220 occurs when accessing the storage units section of the NetBackup console. It will also happen when you were trying to upload any file or video.

This shows an error code message like,

Error 220

Network Error

Please check your internet connection & try again Database System Error 220

Causes of Database System Error 220 Code Issue:

  • Regular show skips vs technology
  • Failed at power status check
  • Epson fax error issue
  • Database System error

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So, here are some quick tips and the tricks for easily fixing and solving this type of Database System Error 220 Code problem from you permanently.

How to Fix & Solve Database System Error 220 Code Problem Issue


Change the NTFS to 0x07 NTFS (If the Partition Type ID isn’t 0x07 NTFS) –

  • Right click on the Partition
  • In the Advanced tab, choose the “Change Partition Type ID” option
    In the Advanced tab, choose the "Change Partition Type ID" option
  • In the New Partition Type ID, select the “0x07 NTFS” there
    In the New Partition Type ID, select the "0x07 NTFS" there
  • & click on the OK option there
  • After completing, close all the tab there
  • That’s it, done

If the partition type ID is not 0x07 NTFS then by changing the NTFS to 0x07 NTFS can fix and solve this sort of FTP Error code 220 problems.

” OR “

Create New Partition & Reinstall the Windows –

Create New Partition & Reinstall Windows

  • Insert a Windows CD/DVD & start installation
  • Select a language preference to install
  • Click on “ I accept ” option there
  • Click on NEXT option there
  • Choose custom advance option & select Disk O partition 1
  • After selecting, click on delete option
  • Click on OK option to continue
  • Now, repeat the same, but now select Disk O partition 2
  • Now delete it too
  • After deleting, click on create a new partition
  • Define the disk size & click on Apply option
  • After, select Disk 0 partition 2 &
  • Then, click on Formatting option
  • After formatting, click on NEXT to continue
  • That’s it, done

By creating new partition & reinstalling windows will fix this Database System Error 220 problem.

” OR “

Create a new NTFS Partition of proper size & duplicate the files from the partition to be moved or resized to new partition can also fix and solve this FTP Error Code 220 problem.

These are the quick and the best way methods to get quickly rid out of this Database System Error 220 Code problem from you entirely. Hope these solutions will surely help you to get back from this Error Code 220 problem.

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