Google Maps is the web mapping service that has been introduced by Google Company. This application provides imagery clicked from satellite, street maps to find the location, 360° panoramic views of lands and path, real-time traffic conditions, along with the route planning for traveling by vehicle as well as by foot. For example, if you are going out of the station, you will not be aware of the location and tired of asking people to follow the right direction, you can quickly take out the phone and start Google map and enable location on the phone to follow the path that takes you to the appropriate destination. So just check out this How Often Does Google Maps Update Street View article now,

About Google Maps

About Google Maps:

At the time of browsing Google Maps under the Satellite view. Here, you might see that the details of the location don’t seem to always up-to-date. The Google Maps make use of the identical satellite data that has been acquired by Google Earth. Instead of regular pupation of the image, you will not be able to see the live changes, and there might be a lag up to some years amid satellite images that have been viewed on the screen and the manner a location represented in real life.

As we all know that web services of Google Maps seem to be the collection of HTTP interfaces toward the other Google Services that offer geographical data of Earth. This means that the data used by other such google related co-applications is almost the same and identical. The individual documentation regarding each of the services is as mentioned below.

  • Google Maps Elevation API
  • Google Maps Directions API
  • Google Maps Geolocation API
  • Google Maps Distance Matrix API
  • Google Maps Geocoding API
  • Google Maps Time Zone API
  • Google Maps Roads API
  • Google Places API Web Service

How to Find the Required API

  • At initial make use of the API finder to locate the correct
  • Other additional details regarding web services.

The How Often Does Google Maps Update Street View guide remainder would be imparting knowledge and thus discusses the techniques for setting up the web service request and therefore passes the response. For the specific documentation regarding each of the service, there is a need to consider the accurate documentation through which you can get detailed information.

What is a Web Service

What is a Web Service?

The API of the Google Map offers web services that act as an interface regarding the request of Maps API through the external services and make use of them within the application of Maps. The service has been created and design in such a way that it possibly will be used in conjunction with the Map according to the License agreement that has defined under the Google Map Terms of Service for better results. These are the web service that makes use of HTTP request to the particular URLs, passing the parameter of URL as an argument toward the services. In general, these services have been returning the data in HTTP Request either in the form of XML or JSON for parsing and processing through the application.

The complicated web service request consists of the following terms in which the services depicts the specific requested service and output determines the format of the response. The full document concerning each service been available within the particular guides of developer regarding such services. However, these How Often Does Google Maps Update Street View guides have contained some common practice that seems to be beneficial regarding the web services setup request and thus process the responses of the web services.

SSL Access

HTTP request is needed for the entire API of Google MAP service request comprising the relevant data of the user or developer identifier. The request has been created all over through HTTP that make use of the sensitive data tends to be abolished or restricted.

Building a Valid URL

We might consider that the valid URL is self-evident, but it is not so. The URL that has been entered into the address bar that has been located in the web browser. For illustration it also supposed to contain the distinctive character, browser requires to internally translate such character into the various encoding in before transmission. With the help of the same token, any code that generates or accepts UTF-8 input might treat URLs with UTF-8 characters as “valid.” However, there rise the requirement to translate such character in prior to sending them out to the web server, and that is being referred to as the URL-encoding. The Google map also use the identical satellite data as of Earth attains the excellent available imagery, the majority of which seems to be around 1 to 3 years old.

If, you are not able to predict when the map will alter. However, you attain the feasibility to take assistance from Earth to discover the date regarding the google maps last update. With the tools that have been referred to Google Follow your World, you can sign up regarding the email notification at the instance when there would be image changes of the location.

Google Maps Update Schedules

The data has been available on the Google map is typically updated between 1 to 3 years. As per the Google Earth blogs, the updates take place approximately once in the month. However, they are not displaying the real-time images. The Google Earth collects the information using different satellite along with the source of aerial photography, and thus took a month to carry out the function and set up the data in prior it seems to be available on the map.

There are instances when the Google Map updates in the real-time in order to mark-up events and offer help in emergency situations. It can be easily understood with the example, it updates the imagery regarding the 2012 games in prior of Opening ceremony and also offered the update crisis map to assist aid team to know about the target location and damage so that it would be contributed to help immediately after the Earthquake that took place in April 2005.

Find the Date of a Google Map Update

Find the Date of a Google Map Update

You are not able to discover when the map has been lastly updated on Google. However, you will able to discover such data by downloading the Google Earth and further looking regarding the location available in the scheme. If you reach the bottom of the satellite map, you will encounter the date stamp that would be marked as the last update. The Google map seems to update the urban areas more frequently in comparison to the rural location.

(Guide) Use Follow Your World to Get Google Map Updates

If you are willing to discover the fact when the Google Map updates the particular location, you need to create an alert on the tool for receiving the update. You will attain an email at each time when Google updates the location which you have set up as the Point.

There is a need to have the Google account through which you can log in to the tool. The instance when you have logged in successfully, you have to follow some steps that have been listed below:-

  • Go to the Home screen and cross the threshold a location in the Find a Location box. This will help to find the desired location and shows the geographical representation.
  • Choose investigate Location and pull the map until the + is on the mark you desire to track.
  • Tick the Select Point button. The implement enters leeway and longitude. You can know information regarding the latitude as well as the longitude of the location.
  • If you wish to provide a different name, modify it in the Location Name box.
  • Check that your electronic message address is truthful and choose Submit.

You will be able to set up the 500 alerts in the tools that have been named as the following your world.

As such, you will be attaining an email notification that confirms that you have created the alert along with the warning alerts that updates and acquires weeks, months and sometimes even years. As soon as the Google map updates the location, you will be receiving an email regarding such things. This is something that helps you to track the changes that have been made by the Google map, and you will be prepared to follow the new direction path for reaching the desired destination.


This How Often Does Google Maps Update Street View is the detailed description of Google map need, usage and updating feature. This How Often Does Google Maps Update Street View article shows how beneficial Google maps is for everyone and how often does it get its updates. Hope you receive the best value for your time. In case, if you still come across any issue while choosing the Google map or attaining information regarding it, please drop the comment, your query will be answered as soon as possible. Have a beautiful and great day ahead!