How many of you actually Calibrate iPhone Battery approximately monthly as Apple recommends? Apple recommends its users to drain & calibrate their iPhone periodically. In the IOS 8 if you do iPhone battery calibration from the lock screen, then your iPhone device will just go blank. If your iPhone device battery life doesn’t last longer enough, then by Calibrating the battery helps your device battery condition lasts longer. Many device manufacturers still suggest that users have to calibrate their iPhone device within every 15 days. This will calibrate the internal battery controller. If you have upgraded your device, iPod touch or the iPad device to IOS 10 or IOS 10.2.1 and facing this issues, then check out and read this below how to Calibrate iPhone Battery article once,

Calibrate iPhone Battery

A very effective way to extend life is to do this. Here you have learned why Calibration is needed & how often it is required.

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What is Battery Life?

Battery life is the amount of the time your device runs before it needs to be recharged.
Apple also recommends that calibrating your iPhone device battery every month so that the battery level on your iPhone/IOS device is accurate. Calibration is the best to keep it in good condition. iPhone device has an excellent battery life, but not everyone enjoys the peak performance. So, for that today we are here going to show you how to Calibrate iPhone Battery and optimize & maximize its performance. This process ensures that you get the max. Battery life. Because of a bug in Apple’s IOS software, some devices battery life indicators seem to be getting stuck.

*NOTE: It is very essential to calibrate the lithium-ion battery periodically.

(Guide) How to Calibrate iPhone Battery Easily

Here you will understand that How to Calibrate iPhone Battery in a favorable manner & leverage their peak performance.

1. Charge it beyond 100% –

Swipe to 'Slide to Power OFF.'

  • Thoroughly drain the battery
  • Leave the drained battery for sometimes
  • Plug your iPhone into your charger
  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button
  • Swipe to ‘Slide to Power OFF.’
  • Now let your iPhone charge well beyond 100%
  • Press the Sleep/Wake button for about a sec. To startup
  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake & Home button for some seconds
  • Remove the Charging Cable
  • That’s it, done

By trying this above method can help you for how to Calibrate iPhone Battery IOS 11.

2. Calibrate the Motion Sensors on your Device –

Calibrate the Motion Sensors on your Device

  • Click on the Compass App. on your device
  • Tilt your device screen
  • Roll the red dot all around the circle
  • Continue tilting your device until Compass appear
  • Now, all Motion sensors are calibrated
  • That’s it, done

By calibrating the motion sensors on your device can help you to know how to do that.

So, here these are some quick guides and some suitable methods for How to Calibrate iPhone Battery. Hope these above tips will undoubtedly helpful for you.

If you are facing any issue while trying these above How to Calibrate iPhone Battery methods, then Comment down that problem here below.

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