After all the necessary things are ready for the school year, there is quite a modern question, what phone to buy a child to communicate with his parents? And the question applies not only to first-graders but also to children of preschool age. Choosing a quality smartphone for a child is not very difficult. It is essential to pay attention to some nuances.

How to Choose a Smartphone for a School Child

Whether to Buy a Smartphone for the Child to School?

Do I need a phone for my child? Of course, he does. First of all, for the sake of constant communication. Of course, it is not allowed to talk on the phone at school, but today’s reality is that a child should be able to call relatives anytime. In addition, a cell phone for a child is an opportunity at any time to know where he is – telecom operators provide service for locating the gadget.

Students of all ages need cell phones. First graders need to be in touch with their parents at all times. –°hildren need special supervision. For older students, a smartphone is a great help even with schoolwork. They can find the information they need at any time. For example, when they are preparing for important subjects. If necessary, they can turn to dissertation writing services to connect with a professional writer. It is possible to ask for help with any writing assignment on this service.

What Phone to Buy for a Preschool Child?

It is desirable to buy an inexpensive phone model for preschoolers. But the smartphone should be with sufficient functionality. In the hardware store, you can find a suitable option. There are phone models designed exclusively for children aged 5-6 years. These phones are pretty handy, primarily because of the synchronization with another gadget that one of the parents has. Parents control such devices, shutting off access to unnecessary resources.

These phones are popular among preschool children. Of the alternatives, you can pay attention to smartwatches. The most suitable are waterproof devices with location tracking and the ability to talk. It will not have the functionality of a smartphone, but it is a more convenient option.

What Smartphone to Buy for the First Grader?

In this case, the choice of smartphone is difficult. Because in addition to convenience and functionality, it is necessary to observe the degree of prestige the children need. Of course, choosing what phone to buy as a first-grader, you do not have to buy the flagship model of the most famous brands. But even the simple model will not work.

Any child of 6-7 years is already easy to navigate in the software smartphone, so the first grader’s phone should have a set of features. Of course, playing games and watching videos in school is not appropriate. But this feature should be a must so that the little man feels no worse than others (and others will have it, believe me).

Does a Schoolchild Need a Smartphone?

The smartphone model features enough to communicate with your child via the Internet or for phone calls. Choose a smartphone with good battery charging. It is important that the smartphone can easily withstand two days without recharging. During this period, you can see the gadget location, that is, your child. The functionality should also be all right. The child should be able to play games and watch videos. So no one will feel disadvantaged compared to their peers.

How to Choose a Smartphone for a Child

If you choose a phone for a child, the push-button model has long been irrelevant. Smartphones are the leaders in children’s interests, thanks to their functional features. Don’t judge a child’s interest – buy him a good model, but explain the rules of using the gadget at school.

Before choosing a smartphone for a child, pay attention to the following:

  • Convenient form factor;
  • Screen diagonal for convenience;

  • Functionality to use the features;

  • The amount of RAM for processing programs.

Of course, the main criterion of choice will be the cost of the device. It makes no sense to buy a smartphone for a child at a high price. So you can stop at inexpensive models. By the way, the low-cost gadgets models are most common in the children’s segment.

What Inexpensive Smartphone to Buy a Child

Let’s go straight to examples. In this category, we can advise a compact but functional ZTE Blade A510 or TP-Link Neffos C5S. Both models have outdated functionality, but these smartphones are inexpensive. So it is not a shame to lose such a model. You can also pay attention to Huawei Y3 with low power consumption or Prestigio Muze X5, which has several camera modes.

Overall, an inexpensive phone for a first grader should be functional. Look out for models with more than 1GB of RAM and a new operating system. You can sacrifice screen resolution, but preferably get as much functionality as possible.

Remember that the phone for children is a kind of “expendable material.” Kids can lose or break the gadget. Of course, it is not on purpose, but when choosing which smartphone to buy for a child, you should not focus on long-term use.

Do not forget that the smartphone is an essential device for communication. Be sure to consider the presence of the device and the function of Internet communication and geolocation via GPS. This way, it is possible to control your child’s location. It applies to any models you can choose for children of school or preschool age.

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