Oftentimes, we forget to tell those who follow our company that we are a bunch of cool people doing awesome stuff for them. If that strikes a chord with you, it is time for you to prepare a fun enterprise newsletter. Capture the amazing stuff that’s occurring in your organization and share it. We will look at ways on how to make your newsletters creative and original.

If there is one thing people love about a business, it is the creativity and seeing employees having fun doing it. It can be your company culture that you want to showcase in today’s newsletter or a remote working retreat that you and your workers just came from. Just have fun and choose newsletter templates PoweredTemplate to create the magic.

Capture Their Imagination

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Capture Their Imagination

What are you waiting for when all that you ever wanted to share was some fun pictures? You don’t need to have a photo shoot in your office. You can be sure that your employees take photos all the time. Even you might be doing it yourself, or you have an in-house photographer who’s appointed to capture what’s happening. Photos are a great way to tell a lot about your company to your audience. Collect all the photos taken by different people during a month’s time and make a collage or share pictures with a theme in your newsletter. Do not forget to add a comment below each photo to describe what’s happening.

Create a Video

If you think that was cool, how about taking it a step further and creating a video. Adding a video will add more flavors to your newsletter. Obviously, creating a video will take more time, effort, and resources but it will not only add something nice to watch for the audience, but it will also add a new element of storytelling about your business.


Another way to engage your audience is by running a competition. A prize from your products and services line will make people participate. All you need to do is keep the rules simple and easy to understand and select a suitable prize.

Create an Ebook

Almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet which makes digital books the new craze for bookworms. First, prepare an e-book with a value that will catch the attention of the audience. Next, market the e-book on your email, and you can even provide a download link for them to receive the ebook.

Create an Ebook


Nothing feels better than having someone talk to you on a personal note. This can be done in a lot of different ways. Your emails can have a personal note from the CEO if he wants to thank all the customers for their continuous support that has helped the company to grow or it can be the CTO informing customers about a new technology feature. Personal notes are cool, and it makes people feel that they are special.

Now that you have some cool new ways on how to make your newsletters fun, it is time for you to get creative. Keep it simple and talk to your audience as if you are a friend.

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