Apple ID is not anything more than a username, but when users unable to Delete Apple ID Account then they get frustrated because they fail to remove them. So for them, we are here to help by our tips and tricky methods. There are also many various numbers of reasons that why users need to Delete Apple ID Account. Apple policy prevents users from permanently deleting their Account. You cannot change an iCloud email address without deleting the Apple ID account because the email address is the Apple ID.

If you have an App Store, iTunes or the iCloud account, then you surely have an Apple ID. But did you know that unfortunately Apple’s does not allow the users to delete their Apple ID? But here we are giving the solutions for how to delete Apple ID account permanently. So, just check the methods from here and apply them one by one. Happily, it’s very easy to set up an Apple ID account (It’s just like creating an Email account with adding some extra pieces of information), but then it’s very tough to delete it. Users are asking us that is it possible to remove an Apple ID so today we are writing this article for helping them to get rid of this problem. However deleting an Apple ID is not an easy task. Apple ID is a personal account that you can use to access the Apple’s products and the services like the Apple Online Store, iMessage, iCloud, iTunes Store, App Store and much more.

NOTE*: It is a general assumption that you can’t delete Apple id account.

Delete Apple ID Account

Delete Apple ID Account

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So here is the guide for How to Delete Apple ID Account. So, check just out them all…

[TIPS] How to Delete Apple ID Account Page (GUIDE)

1. Delete your Apple ID Account through Apple Support –

Delete your Apple ID Account through Apple Support

There is not any automated process for closing an Apple ID; therefore, you must have to contact the Apple’s Support Panel.

  • Go to this below Website Link
  • Select the I have a question aboutPrivacy issues” option
  • Now, you will get a form like this above Picture
  • Fill all the Details there
  • Click on Submit button there to submit it
  • After completing, close all tabs
  • Wait for some days for getting the reply from there
  • That’s it, done

From this above method, you can know that how to delete Apple ID without password.

2. Permanently Delete your Apple ID Account –

Permanently Delete your Apple ID Account

  • Remove any associated email addresses
    Visit this link:
    Sign in with your Apple ID
    Under Account section, click on the Edit option
    Click on “X” to each of the Email addresses you want to remove
  • Generate a security PIN
    Go to the Security section
    Click on Generate PIN option there to generate a PIN
    (You will need the PIN to delete your account)
  • Backup any emails or files you want to save
  • Find the Apple ID Account Security no. For your region
    You can locate the number for your area from here: Contact Apple
  • Call the appropriate Support no. &
  • Tell them why you want to delete your Apple ID
  • After completing, cut the call
  • That’s it, done

From this above method, you can know that how to Delete Apple ID Account on computer online.

3. Delete Apple ID from your PC –

Delete Apple ID from your PC

  • Open iTunes on your PC
  • Sign in with your Apple ID
  • Select the Store option
  • Click on View My Account
  • Click on Deauthorize All to remove all PC authorizations associated with Apple ID
    (Under the Account Information)
  • Click on Deauthorize All button
  • Click on the Manage Devices option
  • Click on Remove which you want to remove it
  • After completing, click on Done button there
  • That’s it, done

From this solution, you can know about that how to Delete an Apple ID Account on Computer & delete iTunes Account from your PC permanently.

4. Delete Apple ID from iPhone/IOS Device –

Delete Apple ID from your IOS Device

  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Scroll down & click on ‘iTunes & App Store‘ option
  • Click on the Apple ID button there
  • Click on Sign Out option there
  • After finishing, close all tabs
  • That’s it

By trying this above steps, you can Delete an Apple ID Account from iPhone/IOS devices and delete iTunes account.

So here are some very easy solutions and methods for getting rid for how to Delete Apple ID Account on Computer altogether. And from these above helpful guides, you can Delete Apple ID Account and How to delete an Apple ID Account on Computer & Delete Apple ID without Password and Delete Apple ID Account Online from your any devices, PC everything.

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