Today, almost everyone has a smartphone. Modern phones perform much more functions than regular calls or SMS. We cannot imagine a day without familiar applications, and social networks occupy an important part of mobile software. When Instagram appeared, it was originally created for mobile users so that they could take photos on their phone’s camera and immediately share it on their page. However, there are many useful options that can be used on a computer while working on this social network.

How to Download Photos from Instagram to Computer

Way to Save any Pictures for Free

If you want to save an image from your Instagram account that was accidentally deleted or a photo that a friend or stranger posted on a public account, there’s a great way to do it. Just recently, I discovered an Instagram photo downloader for PC. This is a convenient and free web resource that was developed by Inflact. The beauty of this service is that it is very simple and intuitive. Any person without any special skills will cope with it.

To download pictures from Instagram, you first ought to open the post you are interested in and copy the URL link in the address bar of your browser. After that, go to the site and paste the link into the line on the main page. Next to it, there is one big pink download button. You won’t miss it! Just click on this push button and wait 30 seconds. In less than a minute, the finished file will already be available on your computer.

In this way, you can download any pictures from public profiles for free. Please note that if the account is closed for public viewing, you will not be able to save publications. As mentioned earlier, using the service, you can also conveniently restore some photos that you accidentally deleted from your phone. Another advantage of the service is that you can get the original image in its original quality when downloading; the resolution and size of the image do not deteriorate. You do not need to take screenshots and remove the arrows on the sides.

How to Work on Instagram from a Computer

Instagram has always been a headache for social media professionals. Firstly, this is a mobile application, so working with this network professionally is extremely inconvenient. Secondly, Instagram requires a special approach: the same content that flaunts on other sites is useless to upload here. Thirdly, even for elementary post planning, specialists have to install third-party tools. But in the summer of 2019, everything changed. There has been a real revolution in social web management. Facebook has introduced new tools for working with Instagram through a PC.

To get new features, an Instagram account (of a business or an author) needs to be connected to a Facebook business page. The feature is available on both social networks. In the Instagram app, go to your account page and select Edit Profile. You can select an existing or create a new Facebook page. Anyway, you must log in, so an account is required. If you already have a Facebook page, connecting your Instagram profile to it is not difficult. Go to settings, and in the Instagram section, link your accounts.

Ready to manage your Instagram presence in a new way? Then go from the Facebook page to the Publishing Tools section to reach Creator Studio. Thanks to this feature, you can conveniently and free of charge publish and schedule posts on the Instagram feed and IGTV, as well as track statistics and monitor the performance of each post.

Another innovation from Facebook, which many Instagram users will appreciate, is the ability to communicate in DMs and reply to comments from a computer. Previously, business page owners received messages from Instagram but could not respond to them. The format was more like notifications, which were often just annoying. Now incoming messages on a business page are a full-fledged tool for communicating and working with comments.

In addition, a content library is now available in which all publications are collected, detailed statistics, and the ability to connect multiple Instagram accounts. Instagram after is convenient for professionals who run the page of several brands at once.

In 2022, Instagram is no longer just an entertainment platform. Now the social network is a full-fledged tool for business development. Therefore, you can download photos, post, and use other tools from your work computer. The capabilities of the platform are constantly expanding. It is likely that this year we will also have impressive updates.

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