Facebook is not only a great way to connect with friends and family, but it’s considered to be an entertainment platform as well. Users across generations often share, watch, and make entertaining videos they come across from their newsfeeds and groups. Videos are addictive. They give users a sense of satisfaction and a way to disconnect. In addition to those easily shareable public videos, private videos have also become increasingly popular on the platform. Now, there’s an innovative tool that will allow you to download private Facebook videos to your desktop, allowing you to easily save and watch these videos outside of the Facebook app or website.

How to Download Private Facebook Videos

Easily Download Private Facebook Videos

Have you found yourself wanting to download a private Facebook video to share or watch later? You’re in luck; there’s an easy solution to do just that. Typically, downloading private Facebook videos requires navigating to the Facebook video in another tab and finding a way to download the private video using its unique URL. Now, there’s an easier way to download private Facebook videos right from the video itself without having to open additional tabs or hunt down URLs.

Download High-Quality Facebook Videos in One Click

To download private Facebook videos, first, install the Rapid Video Downloader app on your Windows PC. Once installed, navigate to Facebook and find a video. All videos, including private videos, will now display a download icon on the top-right corner of the player. Once clicked, the video will instantly begin downloading in a high-quality resolution.

Steps to Install the App

To Install the Rapid Video Downloader App, Follow the Below Steps:

  1. Navigate to the Rapid Video Downloader website at https://rapidvideodownloader.com/how-to-download-facebook-videos.
  2. Click on the “DOWNLOAD FOR FREE” button.
  3. After downloading the .exe file to your PC, please open it and complete the installation process.
  4. Once fully installed, you will begin to see the download icon in the top-right corner of every video inside Facebook.

And that’s it—you are good to go! You can now download private videos from Facebook in just one click and rewatch them over and over without an internet connection whenever you like.

Before downloading private Facebook videos, first, consider that such videos may be personal to the individual who posted them. You should never intend to make them public without the permission of the video’s owner. You may also face legal repercussions for sharing such private videos without proper consent or attribution. Always abide by the rules of personal videos enforced by Facebook.

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