Yeah! We know that it is tough to get access to the latest movies and TV shows quickly after their release. It takes a lot of time for the latest movies to premiere on TV and frankly, no one can wait for that.

How to Download TV Shows & Movies on any Android Device

So, guess what! We are here to help you out with your problem. If you are looking for those apps which can get you access to the latest movies on your Android Device, then you are just at the right place. 

But the problem with these apps is that most of the apps are not trustworthy. It implies that while downloading these apps, there are chances that you may download some unwanted programs, that we call ‘malware.’ And trust me, they’re not good at all! 

These apps are trusted, and you can download any of these without any worries! 

Let’s start the list then-

(Top 8) Apps that Allow Downloading of TV Shows & Movies on any Android Device

Following is the list of the apps that you can use for downloading TV shows and movies on your android device whenever you want –

  • Popcorn Time –

Popcorn Time is the best free app for downloading movies and TV series. The app is rich in content, has an extremely easy-to-use interface and a massive basket of movies to choose from. This is a complete package for all the cinema lovers. 

Popcorn Time

You can easily download any movie or TV series of your choice and watch them in the in-built media player of the app. The content is sorted pretty well and comes with different play quality along with subtitles.

  • Telegram –

Wait! I know you must be thinking about how Telegram is an app where you can download movies, right? But hey, don’t forget that Telegram has a fantastic feature called “Channels.” These channels are dedicated to different categories. Just search for the movie and boom you get it!


Today, Telegram is full of movie and TV series channels that offer you a great deal of content to watch. No worries at all, just download the content and start watching. All the channels contain the best quality movies at high quality. Trust me! It is the best app where you can download movies and other content for free.

  • Netflix –

If you can afford to pay a little amount for the entertainment, then there’s nothing better than Netflix. It is the revolutionary app that brought a complete makeover in the online content market. They also produce movies and web shows, so you have lots of content to watch.


Get the best movies and TV shows in one place. The ease of using the app makes it more enjoyable to use. Download the content you want to see and enjoy. All this at nominal fees of $8 per month!!

  • Amazon Prime Video –

Prime is Amazon’s video platform to browse and watch movies and TV shows. This is a paid service, and you need to pay a small amount every month to get all the content. Prime also produces movies and shows, so you get access to all such high quality of movies and other content.

Amazon Prime Video

Download whatever you want and watch it later. It is one of the best apps to download movies on any android device.

  • Vudu –


Vudu is Walmart’s streaming app. This is also a paid app rich in the catalog. It has all the latest movies to download or watch online. Most of the movies are labeled HDX, implying as HD quality. 

The mind-blowing thing about Vudu is its library. According to one estimate, Vudu has over 3000 TV series at the moment! Whoa!! So, no worries if you are choosy regarding what to see as Vudu has got you covered.

  • JustWatch –

Here’s another free application for all you movie and TV buffs out there. If you are looking for an app with a lot of content in its catalog, then JustWatch is for you. It offers you tonnes of high-quality content to watch, and you never get enough of it.


It takes you to the appropriate place where you can watch what you want. For example, if you’re going to watch a movie, tap on it, and JustWatch will take you to a suitable platform like Netflix or Prime Video, where you can watch it.

  • Stremio –

Here is another cool free app on the list. It comes with an extensive collection of movies and TV content. HD movies, quality services, and the download facility make it all the more reliable and marvelous to use.


Watch movies, TV Series, and even YouTube channels for free with custom subtitles in high quality. It is hard to have such a list without Stremio.

  • Hd Streamz –

If you are using an android device, then this app could be your first and last app to enjoy all the latest TV shows and movies for free. The Hd streamz app has all the latest movies and tv shows, and the best part is you don’t have to pay for that. You can download them and watch them offline; also, you request any new movies and tv shows if it is not available on this app.

Hd Streamz

The content of this app always updated on time to time. So every time you will get the new and fresh content for your enjoyment. Sad news for iOS users is not available for them. If you want to enjoy the movies and tv shows in free on your android device, then go ahead and download the HD streamz apk.

Final Thought:

So, these were 7 best apps through which you can download movies and TV series on any Android device. If you can afford the paid ones, then go for them; otherwise, the free ones are always appreciated. Download and enjoy the fun and excitement of online content today!