Gone are the days when you had to put effort into printing and to fax a pdf file manually. It is the era of technology now, and the techs have advanced ever since.

How to Fax a PDF Easily, Quickly, Securely through Email, Online & Phone

Faxing a pdf file was nothing but a hassle in the past days. You had to have a fax machine as well as many other hardware necessities like printers, paper, toner, and ink, etc. And using all these things needed much effort as well as money. However, things have changed as of now. The technology progressed and eradicated the need for such impractical and absurd requirements.

Pdf documents can now be faxed using the internet. Moreover, any device can be used for this purpose. Computers, laptops, and even mobile phones have become fax capable devices with the new advancements in the faxing universe. Not just this, you can also use your email account for the purpose of faxing pdf files.

This all was made possible due to online fax services that are a new invention of the faxing world. You cannot directly send a pdf file over the internet, or through email. Your mobile phone also does not allow faxing at first. All of this is done through the use of online fax services, which allow pdf files to be faxes over the internet.

When it comes to online fax service providers, you will find all sorts of them out there. Most of them are usually scams intended to steal your data. Hence, it is really hard to find one that works effectively and, at the same time, is the best one. But you’re lucky, as we have just the perfect one for you.

(Guide) CocoFax – Online Pdf Faxing Through Cell Phones

CocoFax is an online fax service that allows you to fax your pdf files easily on the internet through your smartphone or any other device. CocoFax has exceptional pdf faxing features that make it not only possible but also an easy and enjoyable task. No wonder, it is the best fax service the faxing world has ever had.

The best blog site, Google Fax Free, has also covered the pdf to fax features of CocoFax. Google Fax Free is a reliable and trusted online blog site that covers each and everything about the best tech from all over the world. You can find the best fax services here on this site, as it reviews many online fax services. And Google Fax Free has got you covered on this free Google fax service too, CocoFax.

CocoFax – Online Pdf Faxing Through Cell Phones

Well, CocoFax’s services are so excellent that over a million people love to use CocoFax. If you didn’t know, masses of people all around the world would transfer their documents through fax. And for faxing, they use CocoFax, the best and superior fax service of all. In fact, CocoFax and its works have also been highly praised by big international media brands like Forbes, Tom’s Guide, and the New York Times. Well, it’s big praise, and no other fax service has been praised like this.

Why is CocoFax Needed?

You might as well be wondering why is CocoFax even needed, and why can’t online pdf faxing be done directly through your smartphone? Don’t you worry at all, you will be provided all the answers in this guide.

Well, basically, the reason behind the use of CocoFax is that pdf files are stored in a digital format; they are transported using only digital signals. While on the other hand, faxing is done through the use of analog signals. This incompatibility gives rise to the need for online fax service, and CocoFax is the ultimate best in this case.

Moreover, CocoFax provides Google faxing too; you can fax through various Google products like Gmail and Google Drive. You can find every detail on Google Fax Free about the features, including email to fax features, usage, and pricing as well.

Why is CocoFax Needed

What is needed for Pdf Faxing?

Well, not much is needed to fax your pdf file through CocoFax. And most of these requirements, you will have with you already. So without any further redo, let us start.

A Device having an Internet Connection

When online faxing is concerned, it is obvious that an internet connection is required for it. Just make sure that the device you wish to use for faxing your pdf is effectively connected to a steady internet connection.

CocoFax Account

No matter which online fax service you want to use for faxing, sign-up is required with each one of it. Where many other fax services make it a complicated process, signing-up with CocoFax is really easy as well as convenient. Moreover, it is free as well. Hence you don’t need to worry about payment at all.

You can sign-up free using the 30-day free trial option provided by CocoFax. It is available on their website, and you can avail it there.

Fax Number

Whatever faxing technique you may use, a fax number is always associated with every faxing method there is in the world. Fax number is an absolute necessity as, without it, the fax won’t know where it has to go. So you must have a fax number in your hand before starting with faxing.

CocoFax knows all of this. Hence, it has effective features that provide you a fax number that is free of cost. Additionally, this fax number is custom-made, you can choose one for yourself.

Fax Number

How To Fax Pdf Online Through Email On Your Smartphone?

Once you know all the steps and guide about how to use it, it will just be a child’s play for you. Even a person having a little basic knowledge can understand and use it. Yeah, I know you are getting curious. So let’s end your curiosity and start with the simple steps.

Step 1: The first step will be to sign-up, as we mentioned above. The official website can be visited through any web browser on your cellphone. When on the site, click on the option of a 30-day free trial. Choose your fax number here.

Step 2: Through sign-up, you will also have to provide the email id you wish to use for faxing purposes. Provide an active email address.

Provide an active email address

Step 3: When you are done with choosing your fax number and giving the email id, you can now log in to the email id you have provided before using the web browser or Gmail app (in case of Gmail). Click on the option saying ‘New Mail.’

When you are done with choosing your fax number and giving the email id

The To field will contain the fax address instead of the email address of the recipient. This fax address is actually a combo of the fax number followed by the CocoFax site extension ‘@cocofax.com’.

The subject field is for the top note of the fax if there is any. The email body is for the content of the introductory page.

Through the paper clip icon, you will attach the pdf file that you wish to fax. Then, after checking everything, you can hit the send button. Now, it is up to CocoFax to do the rest of the work. It will get your email, convert it into a fax and then send it to the receiver’s fax address you have written.


Faxing a pdf file was never this easy before CocoFax came into the scene. Neither was it possible to fax through cellphone before CocoFax. If you are also a fax lover, then you are certainly going to enjoy using CocoFax.