If you are struggling with Error 100 Windows PC Code problem and facing this error code, again and again, times then today this post is going to be very helpful to you because of today in this post I will show you in brief how to fix and solve the error problem completely. We are here to give the short, simple and the top best natural methods to you, So read this Error 100 below post thoroughly.

This shows an error code message like,

Error 100

This dialogue has been passed the wrong parameter.

Error 100 Code

Error 100 problem is a system error code problem. The Error problem occurs if the request body is large, sending it to a server when a request has already been rejected based upon inappropriate headers is inefficient.

Causes of Error 100 Windows PC Issue:

Here are some top best methods for efficiently fixing and solving this type of Error 100 Windows PC Code problem from your Windows PC permanently.

How to Fix Error 100 Windows Code Problem Issue

1. Fix by Network Resolve in your Windows PC –

Network Resolve

  • Click on the start menu
  • Search or Type ‘RUN‘ in the search section
  • Go to the RUN & opens it
  • Type “dcomcnfg” there
  • Press Ok or press Enter
  • Find the default security option & click on it
  • Search for the “default access permissions” there
  • Click on Edit default there
  • System & interactive should be listed with the allow access
  • If you find that this is not true, you can add them by clicking on Add
  • Make sure that the local PC name is in the list of names from the box
  • Choose Allow access from the set type of access selection
  • Find the account that is missing
  • Click on it & then click Add
  • Click OK three times
  • Log off the PC
  • Log in back
  • That’s it, done

Fixing by Network resolve will solve this bonjour service Error 100 problem.

2. Turn OFF the Firewall Configuration on your Windows PC –

Firewall Configuration

  • Launch System Preference
  • Go to the Security & Privacy
  • Go to the Firewall option there
  • Click on the “Turn off your Firewall” option there
  • That’s it, done

Turning off the firewall from the Firewall configuration will quickly fix this esea Error 100 problem.

3. By Windows Installer Clean Up Utility –

By Windows installer Cleanup Utility

  • Download the “Windows Installer Clean Up Utility.”
  • Select save & grab it onto your desktop
  • Now, right-click on “msicuu2.exe” there
  • Then, select ‘Run as Administrator‘ there
  • Install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility wizard
  • Now click on the start menu
  • Go to All programs there
  • Go to the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
  • Now, remove the .NET framework software
  • After that, restart your PC
  • Now, download & install the .NET framework & update it
  • That’s it, done

By Windows installer, Cleanup Utility will surely fix this navient Error 100 problem.

4. Starting SQL Server Service –

Starting SQL Server Service

  • Go to the start menu
  • Click on all programs there
  • Go to Administrator Tools & Click on services
  • Find SQL/MSSQL server service
  • Right-click on it there
  • Click the start button to activate the service
  • That’s it, done

By doing this, you can quickly fix and solve this error code 100 navient problem.


These are some top best tips and tricks to solve this Error 100 Windows PC Code problem from you altogether. Hope it will help you to solve this Error Code 100 problem.

If you are facing any problem while solving or fixing the Error 100 Windows PC Code problems, then comment down the problem below so that we can improve the error problem here or reply to you in our comment section.