Changing home is a very challenging task for anyone. While choosing a new home, you do not need to check the house and the people who live nearby. Finding info about your neighborhood is important for you and your family because people mostly rely on neighbors for help in times of urgencies. And who knows if someone living in your neighborhood is a criminal, drug dealer, sex offender, pedophile, etc. Hence, one should always get info about the new neighbors to check if they are reliable and won’t harm you and your family.

How to Get Info About Your New Neighbors

Finding information about people living in your neighborhood is relatively easy. Today in this article, we will talk about 4 different ways to know more about your new neighbors.

Table of Contents

1. Run a Background Check using People Search Engine

One of the easiest and fastest methods to know about neighbors is doing a background check on them using free People Search Engines like Radaris. One of the best things about People Search Engines is that you can find the people for free even if you don’t know their name. You have to enter the house address, and People Search Engine will fetch all the details about that person.

With a people search engine, you get to know the name of the person and their phone number, email address, and relatives. It also provides advanced info like criminal records, sex offender reports, drunk driving reports, and any other legal case. Hence you can do a background check on all of your neighbors and then decide to interact with clean and don’t have any bad record.

2. Check their Social Media Accounts

People don’t realize how much information they are giving out about themselves on social media that anyone can access publicly. Hence once you get to know the name of the neighbor whose data you want to find, go to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and look at their timeline.

By their social media accounts, you can know about the check-ins they make, friends they have online, things they have an interest in, posts they share, ideologies they follow(if you have any interest in it by closely following their posts, tweets, etc).

3. Use Private Social Neighborhood Network

You can even join a popular private social neighborhood network know as NextDoor. This is a fast-growing website for neighborhoods where each neighborhood is password protected. Each person has to verify their address before joining their community, which makes it very private and secure.

On NextDoor, if you are new, you can connect with your neighbors and keep up with things in your society. You can also ask for recommendations if you need help as a babysitter, tutor, etc. NextDoor is also used to look out for each other. You can share something if you find some suspicious info about someone and keep the neighborhood safe. You can even ask about someone if they seem to be suspicious.

4. Explore the Neighbourhood

One of the best methods to know about your neighborhood is to explore it. If you want to know about the person living next door, going out and interacting with them is also a way to find information about them. You can even start going to public gatherings/parties in your neighborhood and start asking for different opinions of people about the same person whose information you want to find out.

Based on people’s opinions and your deductions, you can choose whether to interact with them or not. One of the reasons to investigate people next door is because they are the ones you and children will interact with every day, and they are the first ones you will look to for any help.

5. Check Sex Offender Registries

There are many sex offenders on whom the case is ongoing. One should keep themselves and children away from them. But you can not judge people just by looking at their faces. Hence you can check online sex offender registries. You can search by name or location on these registries and check if there is someone from your locality you need to be away from.