TikTok might seem like just another social media application, but it has become popular because of its unique, entertaining content. Regardless of the entertainment, the app can be very harmful to young minds who spend a lot of time scrolling on it. Parents can use Wondershare FamiSafe, a parental control app that is available on Android, iOS, Windows, MacBook, Chromebook, and Kindle.

How to Keep Your Child from Harmful Content in TikTok

FamiSafe allows you to view your child’s TikTok history, check web activity, set safe search, track a cell phone location for free, and much more. Let’s learn more about this parental control application and see how it protects your child from the harmful bounds of TikTok.

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Part 1: Why Should You Keep Your Child Away from Harmful Content in Tiktok?

TikTok has many evident disadvantages for your children that can affect their healthy lifestyle and lead to mental health problems. Here are some reasons why you should prevent your child from using the application:

  1. Addiction

There is an endless stream of material available on TikTok, and users can keep on scrolling for hours. Children can easily become addicted to the app if parents do not set healthy limits. An addiction would increase your child’s screen time, and they won’t be able to focus on a life outside the screen.

  1. Toxic Content

TikTok is well known amongst kids for covering viral songs or choreographies. Lyrics of these music videos contain inappropriate slurs, and your child might be speaking to them in real-life more frequently. The app has no barrier to dangerous trends such as skull breaking or eating corn on a drill challenge. Your child can try to replicate one of these videos to make viral content and end up harming themselves.

  1. Cyberbullying

TikTok makes it easier to bully kids online, directly or indirectly. Directly, your child may be exposed to hate messages and comments on his videos that can lead to anxiety. Indirectly, children view videos on TikTok about personal appearances so they can be body shamed into thinking that they are inferior to others. The app has more negative words than on any other social network, so it is important for parents to keep their children safe.

  1. Data Collection

Your child’s privacy is at considerable risk because TikTok collects a wide range of information, including users’ shared and most-viewed content. The app has gone to the extent of gathering information that your child has only created and not posted yet.

  1. Threat from Hackers

A kid’s privacy is also at risk by hackers and sexual predators who can build a connection with a naïve child. They can easily persuade children to provide personal details and even exchange pictures. Your child can get blackmailed later by these predators.

Part 2: Introduction to Wondershare FamiSafe – A Safety Measure For Controlling Kids

Wondershare FamiSafe can help you monitor your child’s TikTok usage without completely banning them from using the app. You can prevent your child from using the app all the time by setting up screen-time limits. It is possible to block the app in one click if you fear any inappropriate content at any time. FamiSafe also allows parents to check their browsing and viewing history on TikTok.

The app has detailed features; you can even look for videos and channels your child viewed on a specific date. But this is not all for FamiSafe because it offers location tracking, safe search, direct content detection, web filter, and more. The geofence and driving report features are even more interesting. So, along with TikTok, you can use these options to monitor your children’s activities to keep them safe from harm.

Part 3: How to Prevent Your Kid From Using TikTok With FamiSafe?

Now let’s see how you can start managing your kid’s TikTok usage with FamiSafe. Here are easy steps to guide you through the process:

3.1 Set up Parent’s Device

Step 1: To start the process, you must download Wondershare FamiSafe. If you use an Android device, visit the Play Store to download the application. iOS users can download FamiSafe from the App Store. Next, launch the application and click on the “Start” button.

Step 2: To use FamiSafe, you can either log in or use the “Continue as Guest” option. To log in, use your Facebook or Google account or Apple ID. You may register a new Wondershare ID that is used across the platform.

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Step 3: It is time to connect your child’s device, so choose the “Connect a Device” option. This will direct you to a screen with a QR and pairing code, which will be used in the following steps.

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3.2 Set up Child’s Device

Method 1: Manually download and launch Wondershare FamiSafe on your child’s device as you did on your device. Click the “Start” button. You will see an option to enter a pairing code. Use the code provided on your device and enter it here.

Method 2: The second method is easier because you have to scan the QR code on your device from your child’s device. Once FamiSafe Jr is installed automatically, both devices will be connected.

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3.3 Grant Permissions on Child’s Android Device

Step 1: You must grant access to FamiSafe so it can properly monitor your child’s TikTok usage. Let’s start activating “Accessibility” and “Run in Background.”

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Step 2: Turn on notification access to keep a check on all notifications that your child receives. Then activate the “Display over other apps” option and “App Supervision” on your kid’s device. Next, activate the feature of “Device Administrator.”

Step 3: Following this, set the restrictions of “Battery Saver” to “No Restrictions” and activate the “Autostart” option on the app. You can also explore other permissions on FamiSafe that will allow you to monitor your child’s activities efficiently. Turning on location access allows parents to track their child’s real-time location.

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3.4 Grant Permissions on Child’s iOS Device

Step 1: The process to grant permissions on the iOS device is slightly different, so open “Settings.” Search for “FamiSafe” in settings and activate the location for the application.

Step 2: Next, install a FamiSafe Profile on your kid’s iOS device to control their activity. It is quite easy to grant permissions on the iOS device, as the on-screen instructions are simple and easy to follow.

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Step 3: Ensure your child is not exposed to explicit content on Safari. Open “Settings” and search for “Safari.” Look for the “Content Blockers” option and enable “FamiSafe” in it.

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3.5 Manage your Child’s TikTok Usage

Launch Wondershare FamiSafe on your device and tap the “All Features” button. From there, select “TikTok History” from the available options. Now, you can follow the instructions to view your child’s history and get daily reports.

Check the Daily Data Report

Final Words

Wondershare FamiSafe is a reliable tool for all parents who want to set up healthy boundaries for their children on TikTok and other social networking apps. The professional and user-friendly interface also enables non-tech-savvy parents to use the app. So, fulfill your responsibility of taking care of your child and use FamiSafe today.