If you are a tennis player who also enjoys watching the sport on the TV, there is plenty that you can learn from watching the best players in the world. However, there are certain elements of the match that you need to focus on more than others. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the most from the experience. With this in mind, here are some of the areas of interest that can help you to learn better tennis techniques by watching TV.

How to Learn Better Tennis Techniques on TV


While there tends to be a great deal of focus on the way that the racquet is swung, it is a good idea to check out the footwork of the players as this has such a significant impact on the way that the match ends up. Watch how the players move their feet to get into the positions to play the shots effectively. You should be able to determine specific patterns of movement that you may be able to replicate yourself when you are playing the sport.

Tactical Techniques

Every tennis player goes in with a game plan of how they are going to take on and defeat their opponent. Most of the time, the stronger player is able to execute their game plan effectively, but there are times when the weaker player is able to come out on top. When you are watching a game like this, try to determine how this is done. Pay attention to the serve and watch how the rallies develop. This way, you can see how a point is built successfully and won. By learning each player’s techniques and seeing how this is possible, and then comparing your findings against tennis odds, you can then also put any bets down with more confidence.

Down-Time Routines

Not everything that you can learn about tennis comes within the rallies themselves. You can also find out a lot with the down-time routines that the best players engage in. Each player has a different way of recovering, as well as food and drink that they consume between games. You may be able to gain some useful insights on what you should be putting into your own body. Also, pay attention to what goes on between the changeover periods, as well as the routine that each player goes through before they make a serve.

Psychological Recovery

The game of tennis is as much of a mental battle as it is a physical one. Each player is out there on their own with nobody else to rely on, which is totally different from team sports in which you often see players going missing for entire matches. The players who are able to keep it together best are often the ones that come out on top. So, if you can work out how to improve your own psychological conditioning, this can certainly help you out on the court.

So, after reading this article, you may find that you have always been focusing on the wrong things when you have been watching tennis. Next time you put on a game, try refocusing to see how this could benefit your own game.