When you want to play a strong character with strong and consistent damage, but at the same time have a high value of defence and regeneration and the ability to control your enemies, and not just hit and not die from strong counterattacks even against players with good equipment.

How to play and develop the strengths of the Windwalker Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

In this vein, the monk class in any of its specializations will be effective, especially with the Windwalker specialization, aimed at attacks and control, and if you invest time in its equipment, or resources that you buy from the Skycoach service.

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Key information about the class

The monk is a melee warrior who uses two types of energy – normal and chi power.

It is ideal in melee combat, for dealing fast and heavy damage and being able to cast limiting skills that prevent hitting and take full damage from the monk’s allies.

You can use the hero for stable AoE damage in addition to the main and single damage, in the patches for Dragonflight, the rotations of many skills have changed due to the free ability to combine skills and talents as you see fit, even with strange experiments.

Strengths of the Windwalker Monk

  • It is considered a unique class that can be a tank, a control character, an attacking hero, and a specialist in AoE damage and levelling.
  • High mobility, which is accelerated by passive and active skills.
  • AoE skills with high offensive potential and stable burst damage with a short cooldown.

Weaknesses of the Windwalker Monk

  • Performs all types of tasks in the World of Warcraft, but does not have an explicit profile, which can be inferior in potential to other representatives of the same path.
  • There is no serious invulnerability for blocking damage while approaching the target and just holding your defence.
  • Weak damage on single targets, which is compensated only by a large number of control skills.

Monk Class Application Profile

Since the release of the Shadowlands update and up to the current Dragonflight, the general specialization and abilities of the monk have not changed much. This is still a class that deals the strongest AoE damage for its levelling and helping the group, but at the same time, it has one of the weakest single attacks and skills in World of Warcraft.

This means that you can perfectly level up alone, even in the quest system, even with the help of grinding and clearing locations, but in raids, you will bring a reduced benefit and be used as a semi-tank and a controlling character for most minor monsters that will interfere with the group to farm the raid and kill the boss.

How to play and develop the strengths of the Windwalker Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Stats to Consider When Buffing a Windwalker Monk

Each class has its special path and priority of characteristics – parameters that will positively affect the strength of the character and allow you to comfortably farm, go to raids, participate in PVP and provide yourself with resources.

Windwalker has the following stat priorities

Weapon strength

Weapon strength – this criterion should be understood in such a way that the better your hero holds a weapon, the more your strength and damage inflicted doubles, and even minimal numbers can reach high final values due to coefficients and built-in game formulas. It is worth striving for the top legendary specialized weapons and unique raid equipment.


Dexterity – refers to three fundamental attributes, and often it is dexterity that directly affects the power potential of all melee fighters and has a positive effect on the skills used.

By pumping dexterity, you get a comprehensive strengthening of the character, which is realized through a large amount of legendary equipment, which, in addition to key indicators, also adds an attribute that is considered profile for a playable class.


Since Wind Dancer actively uses skills to attack and control his enemies, it is the versatility that can give a significant increase in efficiency for their use.

Mastery allows you to increase the chance of passing negative effects, strengthen positive skills and give you more damage when using skills, which will serve you well when using AoE skills. Weaker solo skills will also become more relevant due to increased damage.

Critical hit

Given the high rate of hitting and fast cooldown of skills, the Monk actively adds normal hits with weapons during skill cooldowns, which unlocks the potential of critical hits.

This is a stat that allows you to get a chance to deal double damage with normal attacks and skills without additional conditions.

The potential to double all attack combos is too valuable to ignore or take seriously.


One of the most interesting and at the same time not profile characteristics for many classes, but monks are not among them.

Versatility is a combination of pure attack and defence development relative to game levels and secondary stats that allow players to gain additional damage points and defensive potential.

Since monks are treated as semi-dps and have a defensive potential, increasing any characteristics related to defence and attack in the form of a bonus will be a great addition to the class, after the implementation of other more important and noticeable characteristics.


The Windwalker Monk has excellent movement speed, which is accelerated by profile skills and a high attack speed, but due to the attribute criterion, these bonuses can be increased even more.

This will be of particular benefit, especially if your character is facing a hero that will impose a lot of negative effects that restrict movement and your base speed boosted by parameters can help you still reach the goal and deal your damage and control skills.

Attack speed is no less important, and even if there is a lot of it, the increase will help you deal even more blows per minute and increase the strength of your damage, especially in raids and when attacking single opponents.

How to play and develop the strengths of the Windwalker Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Windwalker Monk Class Conclusions

This is a great character for fast and high-quality self-levelling, which will also find its use in PVP due to control, knockback and stunning skills with a swing of the legs.

The hero can be used as a tank, or a mixture of a tank and an attack class to temporarily hold the boss during raids, since the character does not have taunt skills.

High attack speed and fast cooldown of skills make him one of the best heroes for leveling AoE even with minimal sets of power-ups and buffs from other characters.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of single skills and their rotation for participation in arena battles and during PVP, so as not to get into a mess and not be able to destroy simple opponents.

A monk’s skills are closely related to control and a quick series of moves that can result in a dense set of damage that the enemy simply won’t get out of until he dies, even if each of the blows is of medium strength.