The one thing that makes people lose their cool is constant hearing of the wrong repetition of their names right! Well, who likes to call by a name that isn’t even yours, people change the pronunciation of the name as they like and don’t even stress upon the fact that how it affects the people. Tech Company Huawei has been around us for decades, but still, people find it difficult How to pronounce Huawei. Well, at first, it can be a little tricky for tech professionals as well. Well, here we are trying to make that right, at least for the sake of giant tech Huawei.

Huawei logo

We all are aware of the brand Huawei; most of us have used the fine smartphones made by Huawei. Huawei is the world’s second-largest leading smartphone brand followed by Samsung and comes first in the Chinese smartphone market. Huawei has made its place by providing better user experience and services to its users and has always won the trust of customers all over the world. In the 3rd quarter of 2019, Huawei has captured almost 19% of the entire market share.

Most of us are only known to its smartphone market of Huawei. Still, apart from the smartphone category, Huawei excels in other categories also which includes making smart televisions, laptops and smartphone parts including Processors, Cameras and Displays and various other networking equipment which provides for Servers, Routers, Switch, Network management & analysis software, WLAN, eLTE Trunking, eLTE Integrated access and GSM-R. Apart from these, it deals in online services, which include Cloud Computing, Intelligent Video Surveillance, Enterprise Storage, Cloud Storage, Datacenter solution. Also, Artificial Intelligence, which includes Intelligent Automotive and AI humanoid, is also where Huawei has shown its interest.

However, Huawei has been a hot topic these days, as it has been banned by the US government and got blacklisted for carrying out unethical doings. An executive order was released in which it was mentioned that any digital equipment or gadget by Huawei was a threat to privacy and accusation are made that Huawei has close relations with the Chinese Government and devices, including smartphones, are stealing your personal data and transferring it to the Chinese government.

google huawei ban

With this ban, various big tech giants like Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Amazon, and most important¬† Google has withdrawn the use of their services by Huawei. As Huawei’s, almost all smartphones run on Google’s Android operating system, and almost all the application requires google play services to run successfully consumers are in a situation of dilemma whether they should buy Huawei smartphones or not, Those who are currently using Huawei smartphones are worried that they will get future updates onto their smartphones or not and are concerned about their privacy.

Gadgets from Huawei can be a threat to the nation’s cybersecurity and military privacy. However, Huawei claims that they are innocent, and they are neither gathering nor sending private data to the Chinese Government.

(Guide) How to Pronounce Huawei: The Right Way

Anyway, let’s come to the main point,

So how to pronounce Huawei, is it HU-WA-WE is it HU-WA-WAY or maybe HU-AWW-WI, that was kind of funny, I guess!. But let me tell you all of these aren’t the correct pronunciation.

Huawei Pronunciation –

Firstly I think we should understand the meaning of the name Huawei right! At least we should know what does it mean and how does it symbolize the company we will surely come to the pronunciation part. And trust me, it is exciting.

SO, in the name Huawei, ‘Hua’¬† refers to the big and beautiful country ‘China,’ the ‘Wei’ refers to a collection of different meanings like an Achievement, Making, Building, Acting.

OK, so for the most exciting part how to pronounce Huawei, it is simpler than you think its “WAH-WAY.” I told you it is simpler now, and now you can tell all those people who pronounce Huawei incorrectly.


I hope now your confusion must have cleared, and now you know How to Pronounce Huawei correctly, and now you can help your friends and family pronouncing Huawei correctly.

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