Have you always dreamed of becoming a YouTube influencer? We have all the tips you need. Learn how to start a vlog channel on your iPhone!

How to Start a Vlog Channel on Your iPhone

With more than 30 million YouTube channels, there seems to be an ever-endless stream of vlogs. These video blogs are exceptionally diverse, and there’s typically a vlog for every potential hobby, interest, or topic.

Every YouTube star or well-established vlogger started their career without having a lot of blogging or video editing knowledge. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and adopt the following tips and tricks to learn how to start a vlog channel.

Understand the Basics

It’s easy to overthink vlogging. Lighting, setting, content, and video editing are massively influential factors that YouTube stars often master before finding widespread popularity. Still, it’s nearly impossible to start-off at this professional level.

All you need to start a vlog channel is an iPhone, an internet connection, and a YouTube account. Once you’ve mastered the basics and developed a habit of uploading videos consistently, you can begin studying advanced techniques.

But in vlogging, everything begins with hitting your camera’s record button.

Record Videos With Your iPhone

Go ahead and open your camera app. Slide over to the record mode and get to work! While you can play with lighting, setting, and content in your free-time, your iPhone is perfectly-suited to starting a vlog. All you need is to start recording.

Create a YouTube Account With Your iPhone

Once you’ve got a few videos saved, you’ll want to create a YouTube account. If you already have an active account, or you’ve just finished making a new one, you can simply open your account information and enter YouTube Studio to start editing.

Make a YouTube Video on Your iPhone

Now that you have a YouTube account, you can upload your video and begin using the site’s built-in editing tools to perfect your footage. Feel free to play around with different types of filters, texts, and effects before moving on to the thumbnail.

Creating the perfect thumbnail for your video starts with finding the right thumbnail maker. A high-quality thumbnail application should be mobile-friendly and free to use. Adobe Spark’s thumbnail maker is an excellent example and worth checking out.

Repeat & Enjoy

Successful vloggers have a few common traits, but one of the most essential is consistency. Novice vloggers can benefit immensely by instilling this habit in themselves early-on.

However, consistently uploading videos doesn’t mean you have to upload a video every day. Your pace and schedule are entirely up to you. Many beginner-level vloggers find that one video per week is an excellent place to start.

But the difficulty in this tip is continuing your pace once you’ve established it. There may be times where you simply don’t feel like making a video, and you shrug it off for the week.

If you’re determined to establish yourself and reach a wider audience, you’ll need to work through that apathy and stay consistent.

How to Start a Vlog Channel Made Easy!

Now that you know how to start a vlog channel on YouTube using only your phone, there’s no excuse not to get out there and start making the videos you’ve been dreaming of. You only need to record your videos, edit and upload them, and repeat.


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