A 400×514 pixel photo is a digital format of an image used for ID applications in Singapore. The most common IDs that require such measurements are passports and visas. If you choose to apply for these documents online, make sure your photo is precisely 400×514 pixels to avoid rejection.

How to Take and Where to Use a 400x514 Pixel Photo

How to Take a 400×514 Pixel Photo

There are several ways to get a digital image of that size:


  • Photo Studio Services


Find the one closest to you and ask a professional photographer to get everything done. You won’t have any problems if you’re in Singapore, where studios take such pictures regularly and know the drill. While if you’re outside the country, you may come across some complications.

Therefore you should carefully explain what you need the image for, as well as what format you need to comply with the specifications. Don’t forget to take a USB stick along to download the image digitally.


  • Online Services


Online Singapore photo tool will help you comply with the specifications. After uploading a photo, choose the desired format and the country. The latter matters as there are countries that have different color requirements: white, blue, and even red. Thankfully, Singapore has a standard white. The software makes the necessary changes without quality deterioration. In the end, you get a processed picture that will be accepted for electronic applications for the Singapore visa or passport.

You do not have to visit a photo studio to get your photo taken. All you need to do is take a selfie with a smartphone or ask a friend for a better quality image. Please don’t make any changes yourself before submitting it to the online service. It may negatively affect the result. Make sure there are 1.5-2 meters between your face and the smartphone.

Keep in Mind When Taking Your Photo

  1. Wear contrasting monochrome clothes with your shoulders covered. Make sure it flatters your complexion. Wearing headpieces is forbidden. Rare exceptions are religious or medical reasons.
  2. Wearing sunglasses is also prohibited. As for prescription glasses, they are not strictly forbidden. But it’s still better to take them off because they can reflect light and cause glare in the frame.
  3. Pay attention to your facial expression. Keep it neutral and relaxed.
  4. Make sure there are no shadows visible in the frame. 
  5. Don’t submit an over-exposed or under-exposed image. Even online software cannot fix the lighting in your photo.

As for the background, you don’t have to look for a perfectly white wall. The online editing tool can cut out and substitute it for the right color.

How to Take a 400×514 Pixel Photo: the Third Alternative

Learn to work with photoshop yourself. It’s useful knowledge which can be handy in the future. With thousands of programs to choose from, pick the one that is perfect for a beginner. Watch tutorials on YouTube and meddle with the picture’s sizes yourself.

However, even if you spend several days studying the subject, you can still miss something important. You risk your application being rejected. With the stakes so high, it’s better to leave it to the online professionals.

Advantages of the Online Software

  • Take the photo from the comfort of your home
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • 100% compatible

About the Singapore Passport

If you’ve lost, damaged, need to renew, or don’t have a passport, you can apply for it online. Along with a list of documents, prepare a 400×514 pixel photo.

From October 2021, you’ll have to renew the passport once every 10 years. Previously, it was 5 years. Your application will be processed in a week. The service fee is $70 SGD.

Info on Singapore Visa

Most countries have agreements with Singapore, which allows their citizens to enter Singapore borders visa-free. Although it’s usually 30 to 90 days only, depending on the country. Check if you need to obtain a visa. If you do need it, the fastest way is to apply for an e-visa. It’s processed within 1-5 working days and costs $30 SGD.

It’s easy to take a 400×514 pixel photo for a Singapore visa or passport. Follow the guide and choose one of the ways listed above. If you want to speed up the process, use online editing services. You will get the photo adjusted to the necessary parameters in no time.

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