The technology industry is going to grow without end in sight. The right software can allow a company to become a mainstay in a particular niche of business or across multiple niches. The goal of a software company is to generate revenue and solve a problem and provide a solution to customers. Simply having a quality software is not going to be enough as there are plenty of software niches that are saturated, to say the least. Being able to maximize download or increase the number of paid subscriptions annually can impact revenue. The best thing that can be done is to create a quality product and market it in the most organic ways possible. The following are tips that will help software that a company releases maximize downloads or subscriptions.

How You Can Ensure Software Your Company Develops Maximizes Downloads/Subscriptions

(Guide) How You Can Ensure Software Your Company Develops Maximizes Downloads/Subscriptions

Content Marketing is Essential –

Content marketing is going to be immensely important, especially for a newer company that is releasing software. Brand awareness might not be an issue for an established company that has had software released in the past. Taking the time to reach out to websites to include the software in roundups is a great way to earn backlinks.

Backlinks are going to drive SEO which directly impacts where a website ranks in search results. The higher the ranking for keywords the higher the organic traffic from the search engines. A website on the 10th page for a competitive keyword is rarely going to get as much traffic as one on the 3rd. Backlinks can be generated through the creation of content that can be used as a resource on the company blog.

The content should always be top of the line regardless of what form it comes in. Podcasting is increasingly popular with plenty of podcasts generating enough traffic to even sell ad space. Evergreen content that can be periodically updated is an easy way to attract even more backlinks to a piece of content.

Social media should be used to promote all types of content and to engage with others in the company’s target demographic. Commenting on software trends in the industry can spark an interesting conversation. This has the potential to lead to multiple people following the account. Do not forget the importance of hashtagging as the posts can become even more targeted.

Continually Update the Software –

The software might be a work in progress as although it is functional, it can still be improved. A container registry by JFrog can be a safe platform to store docker images. The ability to implement updates regularly that will improve the software is going to be important. A customer that sees extra features without an additional cost is only going to find more value in the product.

Utilize Feedback & Look at What Competitors are Doing –

Feedback can be invaluable when trying to improve an already quality product. Users having consistent feedback about a feature they would love to see created can be essential. The ability to add features that might be paid will further increase potential revenue. Discounts for current customers on the feature for a referral of another customer could be a profitable program. If the software is truly useful, then it should be no problem to refer a person that could have their job or life made easier by this technological tool.

Attend Software-Based Conventions/Events that Target Your Demographic –

For a company that has released software that assists with SEO strategy, then attending a digital marketing conference is essential. Building up an email list to allow attendees to try a beta version or be notified once the software launches are important. A booth at one of these events should be memorable with the activities that are present and make an impact with a cool piece of swag. Getting the product in front of the target demographic can allow for a few tweaks before the official launch. Outside eyes looking at software can allow a company to change something to make it more intuitive or even to change the color scheme.

Offer Trial Periods to Demonstrate the Value of the Software –

A free trial period is a staple of the software industry in order to prove the value and usefulness of the product. For reasonable fees, most people that use the software daily or it automates a part of their job will almost always opt for the software. The trial period could be for 30 or 90 days and should have some features limited to intrigue the user. Walking a trial user through these features on a screen share or via videos on the website will allow them to see the full potential of the software.

Releasing software that gains traction can be an exciting time but this will take hard work marketing the product. Do not underestimate the power of a few large publications having writers review the software. This could result in huge numbers of downloads/subscribers.


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