iPhones are a minefield of options and choices when it comes to personalizing the inside of a smartphone. You could go through an extreme abundance of app options, settings, sounds, and widgets to make the phone as customized as you need it to be.

Here's How You Can Personalize Your iPhone From The Inside Out

However, there are not many different models of iPhones regarding the looks. You get some color options and few larger sizes by splurging your money, and that is it. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways you can customize the phone to your needs and taste from the inside out.

Here is how:-

Plan Screens and Folders

Even if you let go of a few apps that can be better accessed from other devices, there might still be innumerable apps on your iPhone, given the Apple platform’s high functionality. Luckily, all your iPhone apps need not be scattered on several screens throughout the home page. Now that iPhones can create folders on the screen, you can limit the cluster.

You can begin with grouping apps together based on how you will use them. You can group apps that you commonly use together or apps related to your work or hobby or similar group apps like shopping apps together. There is no limit to how you put them in folders. Hence, they are virtually open to all levels of customization that you want to bring in. Hence, you can reduce the number of screens you previously had and declutter the phone so that you can easily access several apps from the same folder.

Get a Quality Case

Get a Quality Case

Apple’s one aspect where there are not many options to choose from is the exterior look of their smartphones. Fortunately enough, there is no limit to the extent of cases you can get in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. From thousands of physical stores and countless online shops, you can choose from a myriad of options and get cases of your choice. And, if none of the options resonate with you, you can always begin with a blank case and customize it to your wish.

You can always come across something different and unique as you search for the best iPhone 11 cases or best new iPhone cases, as these are on the rise now, and you could also buy more than a few and see which one suits you more. Besides, be sure to choose a strong and sturdy case that will help protect your treasured phone against all odds.

Customize Inner Looks

Now that the outside of the phone looks how you want it to, it is time to change how it looks from the inside. You can begin with a standing wallpaper or use a live photo wallpaper. If you are bored with the Apple default wallpaper, just go to the wallpaper setting and choose one from the countless options available in stock. If that is not your choice, find one from your camera roll and choose how you want to display it. You can always opt for different wallpapers on the lock and home screen.

Next, add your photo to the Apple ID account and make the phone truly yours. Another way to customize the inner look of your phone is to choose and display widgets as you need them to. You can customize the control box, which not only accentuates how everything looks but also make the phone much easier to navigate. Customizing the controls allows you to choose which tools you always want on hand and which others are dispersible.

Customize Inner Looks

Personalize Storage

As your phone is looking extremely good right now, it is time to dive a bit deeper and customize the insides for a better function iPhone. As said earlier, iPhones have countless options when it comes to apps. You will find that many of the apps that make the iPhone different from other smartphone platforms are already downloaded on your phone. But that does not mean that all of them are useful to you, and they may hoard over much-needed storage.

Yet, if you carefully go through the application on your phone, you can mark out apps that you can use better if they are on a different device such as your iPad. For example, you need not have editing and photoshop apps on your phone when you can do the same thing more precisely on the larger screen of your iPad. Hence, all drawing and editing apps can go there.

Similarly, high-performance games can be shifted to larger screen devices, too. As you free this space, you can use it for other functions such as clicking tons of pictures from your easily portable phone camera, social media accounts, or apps that help monitor your health, etc.

Set Custom Tones Everywhere

You listen to several sounds as you use your phone. Whether it is locking or unlocking your phone, typing, notifications, system sounds, or caller and ringtone, you are open to change and customize each of these.

You can begin by changing the sound of how your phone locks and unlocks and then choose a different sound for when you hit the keyboard while typing. You can also pair this with different vibration sounds if you want to. Next, you can change how the notifications sound and also other systems sound as you want them to, such as returning to the home page and more.

You can, of course, customize your caller tune and ringtone so that it suits you more!

Get App Launchers

Although there is no option of having different system launchers in iPhones as android phones do, you can rely on a third-party app to launch the apps as you wish them to. The launcher apps help bring all your most-used apps together so that there is a seamless change in them as you use your phone.

The launchers can help you play music, text, tweet, create drafts, memos, notes, or even posts to your various social media accounts. Hence, you can customize the launcher app to know where each tap will take you to, and hence you can do everything with a few simple taps.

Now that you know how to get the best out of iPhone customization begin right away and make your phone resonate with your personality!