There is no competition between human power and technological machines. The modern technology is the reward of our imagination and hard work. It solves numerous problems of our daily life. The birth of a problem has given rise to various solution created by technology. Also, we are so busy that there is a high need for doing tasks quickly. One such technique is ILife V7s Plus Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that cleans every corner of your home along with saving your precious time. It is high out of box idea to work smartly rather than hard.

Ilife V7s Plus

ILife V7s Plus Review Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

As we know, technology is going through a significant change. The present time is of AI, IOT, nanotechnology and a lot more. It is a big challenge for companies to manufacture today’s products based on modern technology. If something is constant about technology, then it’s the change. Companies are working hard to adapt themselves to the switch and create an innovative product to be on the market. Chuwi took account of this and created an impressive product Ilife V7s plus. Chuwi’s Ilife brand is well-known worldwide. After V7, V7s and V7s pro, it came with a new model V7s Plus. You will find a lot more in detail by go through this article. You can also read this below to know more about this product.

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ILife V7s Plus Features and Specifications –

V7s plus comes with some unique features. It is a mixture of AI, technological innovation, and workforce. It’s difficult to find such a fantastic product available at a price of $209.99. Some of the features of ILife V7s Plus are listed below. There is such much to talk about this device.

ILife V7s Plus Design:

Ilife V7s Plus Cleaning Importance

Beginning from its inveigled design, the glossy rose gold finish will leave you speechless; it looks too graceful. You can’t resist your eye to keep staring at it. With the dimensions of 34.00 X 34.00 X 8.40 cm, it reaches to the dirt of the corner. In the lid, there is a small LED indicator that shows the battery level by changing its color.

ILife V7s Plus Power:

Ilife V7s Plus Cleaning Power

The device is powered by a reliable 2600 mAh Li-ion battery for smoother functioning. It gives an average working time of 110-120 minutes. I get discharged, you can place it on charging dock and then connect charging cable with dock. It doesn’t take a lot of time to load, only needs 200-350 minutes. The device costs itself with five automatic recharge sensor fitted in the device.

ILife V7s Plus Remote Control:

ILife V7s Plus

With the help of a remote, you can control this device. It is offered with it; you have to set the area to be cleaned and leave rest to it. It has 11-set sensors to plan and reach to the areas allocated by you.

ILife V7s Plus Intelligent Location & Route Planning:

Ilife V7s Plus Cleaning Technology

This smart device comes with downward facing 4 proximity sensor or cliff detection sensor that helps it to sense a cliff in front of it. Apart from that, it also has laser distance sensor or LDS to reach the adjusted destination. With the help of LDS, V7s plus scans its surrounding at 360°.  The best part is you can also do z shaped cleaning.

ILife V7s Plus Extra Features

This robot contains two extra useful brushes located at sides for easy cleaning and a dunk tank with a highly efficient HEPA filter. One of the unique features of this device is it’s still working. It produces a noise of less than 68 DB. You get a peaceful environment while it is working. You can choose various working mode out of automatic, fixed-point and edged. The dusk box attached to the device has a capacity of 0.3/ PC.

Ilife V7s Plus Cleaning Modes

Ilife V7s uses an eye dropping technology allowing control of water drops smartly. Water drips down during the movement of cleaner and stops when is at rest. Thus it saves water too. Besides that, it has a durable suction power of 400 pa.

ILife V7s Plus Accessories:

Ilife V7s Plus Accessories

With V7s plus, you also get few accessories even. You will get a remote control, a HEPA filter, 1 x 1.5m power adapter (100-240 V), a charging base, a cleaning brush, a side brush, a mop, a top bracket. You get a water tank with the capacity of 0.3 L. Well how to forget about the user manual?  You will also get a multi-language user manual. Lastly, you get 2 x AAA for remote control.

ILife V7s Plus Pros –

Ilife V7s Plus Cleaning Prevents

Ilife V7s is a perfect home appliance for you. It has some pros and cons that must be taken care of. You can go through this to know more.

ILife V7s Plus Pros:

  • OBS all terrain detection system
  • Anti-collision and anti-drop
  • It has durable suction power
  • Different working modes
  • Intelligent route planning

How to Use ILife V7s Plus

Ilife V7s Plus Cleaning Features

Because it may sound new to you, then you are wondering how to use it right? It is straightforward to use. Firstly take out the remote and device which from the box, set the device up, add the mopping pad and the water tank filled with water. Switch on the device, and you are done. The device is ready to work ensure it has power, if not then charge it. Once you are doing all, control its way with the remote, choose language and set the location if you want to get the particular area cleaned. For making it hands-free, you can set the charging dock on the floor, connect it to power and leave it turned on. Once it does the work, it will automatically power down.

Why Buy ILife V7s Plus?

Ilife V7s Plus Features

Haven’t you felt frustrated before doing the cleaning? Wouldn’t it consume a lot of your time? If your answer is yes, then Ilife V7s Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is for you. It cleans only the selected area rather than cleaning everything. Overall it’s a great product to buy for your home.


Cleaning your house or home is a daily routine job and requires a lot of manual labor even after inventions like general automatic vacuum cleaners, etc. Cleaning and maintenance require a lot of manual work. But with the ILife V7s Plus smart robotic vacuum cleaner you can say goodbye to all those hard works and welcome your easy to use and effortless vacuum cleaner. All you gotta do is enroll for its pre-sale and grab it as soon as you can. Don’t be late. So, if you find yourself irritated while cleaning your home and you want a budget-friendly and effective solution, then this product is just for you. V7s Plus comes with endless feature and is available only at the price of $209.99 for pre-order.

Ilife V7s Plus Design 2

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