It’s no secret that viewing Instagram stories is not anonymous by default. When you open a story of a certain user, your nickname will appear in the list of those who viewed it. However, this concept is not always true, and anyone who even doesn’t have an Instagram profile can view stories. However, the most important condition for browsing in this way is that the account of the person you are interested in must be public.

Instagram Story Anonymous Service

With the help of special services like Inflact, you can simply enter the username of any user and view Instagram stories as media files that the user shared on the social network. Each story is a digital file that was shared in the story format. However, due to special algorithms for engaging the audience (in order for users to spend more time in the Instagram application), it allows you to view a list of those who watch stories.

To defeat this system, you just need to find the right service. By the way, they will be absolutely free. You can be sure of its anonymity because you will not be asked to log into your Instagram to register.

Let’s figure out how to behave when you don’t want your name to be displayed among users who viewed the story.

Instagram Story – Anonymous Method to Explore Them

The good news is that you will not need to install any additional application to view Instagram stories. It’s also convenient because the app won’t take up your device memory, and you can watch it as quickly as possible before it disappears from the app after 24 hours.

Spoiler: We will share a unique and secret way how you can view stories even if they are no longer visible in the application. There are special paid features on such anonymous services that allow users to track those stories that other users posted in the application – but they are not visible to everyone due to the social network rule.

This rule can be easily defeated!

How to anonymously watch stories:

  • Open the service like Inflact in the browser of your mobile device or on your computer. This is a verified service that will also let you use advanced anonymous downloading, saving any Instagram content, as well as visuals from other social networks.
  • When you choose the service, insert a link or username interesting to you. Be careful not to make typos because, in this case, the service may show an error. Try several times if the first time you couldn’t find the story. In a couple of seconds, all media files that are currently on the user’s account in the story format will be available for viewing.
  • If you want to download these media files, you can tap the Download button. This service doesn’t limit you, and a limited number of views during the day can be made for free. However, if you want to constantly monitor the user’s stories and scrape them into the service’s memory, then you will need to subscribe to a paid tariff. This may be relevant for content managers and those people for whom the content is a source of income on Instagram.

So, by mentioning several bloggers and people who are potentially vital to your target audience, you can collect interesting content from their stories. At the same time, I won’t need to spend hours in the application to view stories manually and then go to the downloader. You can see the entire story library for the last week and download the archive in bulk. It’s an incredibly handy tool that every content manager should have in their arsenal.

What is more, you can be sure that users will not guess that you were viewing disappeared content. To perform even paid functions, users never specify their Instagram login. Also, this service is a third-party application that is in no way associated with Instagram and in no case gives the data of its customers to the Instagram social network.

In any case, if you want to view stories and not attract too much attention quietly, then this person will never guess that you watched and extracted them. How, in this case, will your nickname appear in the list of users who viewed the stories?

You don’t appear at all. Your name just won’t show up on the Viewed list and won’t be counted in the analytics. Even the service itself will not ask to indicate your name on Instagram, so the chances that a person will find out about it are zero. This is an absolutely safe way to keep track of those people who, for some reason, blocklisted you because their content is all publicly available on the internet. This way, you can bypass the system and view content even if you don’t have an Instagram account; you just don’t want anyone to know that you stay tuned for content updates.