Many people want to make a backup of their iPhone data on the computer and keep them safe. iTunes or iCloud can perform functions like data transfer and backup of the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. However, their experiences of hostile users have annoyed many people. At the same time, people’s eyes are captured by easy-to-use third-party software. So, what is the best iPhone transfer software? Here, let’s talk about the famous IOTransfer 3 Review software for iPhone transfer.

IOTransfer 3 - iPhone Transfer Software Review

Features of IOTransfer 3 Review:

  • Transfer between PC and IOS: music, voice memos, videos, photos, applications, ebooks, contacts, and more
  • Download videos from over one hundred video sharing sites
  • Convert audio, video files
  • GIF maker

(Guide) IOTransfer 3 Review – iPhone Transfer Software

Easily Transfer Songs/ Videos/Photos to & from iPhone:

Easily transfer songs/ videos/photos to & from iPhone

As one of the best transfer software for iPhone, IOTransfer 3 review software can meet people’s needs for an iPhone transfer tool. Here are IOTransfer 3 Review Software music/video features:

  • Transfer all media files, including videos, music, and iPhone playlists to your iTunes library.
  • Transfer songs, playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, videos, and more from the iTunes library to the iPhone.
  • Transfer songs, videos, photos, and more between your iPhone and other devices.

Free Online Video Downloader & Converter –

Free Online Video Downloader and converter

It is a free online video downloader for IOS that has functions for downloading and sharing. You can download any video you like, rename it, and easily share it in any social network or instant message. Moreover, the design of this IOTransfer 3 Review software is excellent and allows the user to navigate with it and quickly download any video easily. There is a “save button” that you can click while continuing the download. When you are done, you’ll be able to see it offline. Besides, IOTransfer is also a video converter. It can convert videos to any format you want, such as MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, etc. What is more, IOTransfer can automatically transfer converted videos/music to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

GIF Maker:

GIF Maker

As any self-proclaimed guru can attest to social media, there is no shortage of intuitive software to share on social networks to arouse their interest these days. Between Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope, the ability to share live images and live video have become as simple as aiming and shooting. The best part is that you do not even need to be a cameraman to get professional results. With the right application, it’s now easier than ever to publish content (or post that selfie to the next level) on the fly. Among the software that can be used to accelerate or manipulate a video shot with amazing free online GIF maker to create GIFs.

Think of all your photos and videos are well-positioned in a single image! Yes, IOTransfer 3 Review Software lets you synchronize GIF images in a frame. The software has many effects to choose from. Make your GIF more personalized animated by adding exciting effects.

Besides, you have different filters to make your GIF attractive. You can also use a mixture of text alternatives to sending your message creatively. What’s more? Let your GIF creations reach the world. Share them on your social media platforms or export them to your PicsArt gallery.

Do you want to try the user-friendly iPhone transfer software? Free download and install IOTransfer now.

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