Directv now, also known as DTV Now is facing many server DirecTV now down like issues lately. It is evident that questions like Is DIRECTV NOW Down are arising in every neighborhood. With recent price surge and reduced channel, AT&T’s cloud subscription is already in hot waters. People are outraged at the recent changes the company made and facing issues like server down, and no connection is just adding fuel to the fire.


The report collected by complaints on Twitter and Local websites suggests that this DirecTV now down issue impacts significant no of cities. Places such as Phoenix, New York, Dallas, and Tampa are some of the main towns receiving discontinued and disturbing reception. A Threatening number of subscribers are facing massive inconvenience with the service.

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Is DirecTV Now Down? News, Reason, Reports & More

In this article, we will be discussing:

  • Complaints by users
  • Buffering issues
  • Help And Support.
  • Some Basic Troubleshooting.

DirecTV Now Outrage, What Reports Suggest?

Cities like Kansas, Nashville, Nampa are just the beginning of affected subscribers. As a matter of fact, approximately Thirty more cities are facing challenges with the cloud service provided by AT&T. Here’s a chart of people affected on the 12th of April 2019 by Downdetector.

is directv now down

You can see that a sharp increase in problems occurred between 06:00 and 08:00 am. Here’s a geographical view of the DirecTV now down problem. The map shows no of cities facing challenges. You can see the outrage swarm across the east coast, midwest, and other parts of the united states.

is directv now down

Frequently Asked Problems:
  • Users are unable to Swipe between channels.
  • The half screen is stuck, and the other half is Snowy.
  • The screen is frozen.
  • Screen with a message “Content can’t play”
  • Blank Screen for days.
  • No signal, irrespective of clear weather.
  • The audio keeps cutting out, and it’s not in synchronization.

Here’s how subscribers reacted to the DirecTV now down problems on twitter.


Directv NOW Buffering Issues –

A lot of users are complaining and looking to get compensated for the troubles they are going through because of this. Some of them complained that half the time of subscription, their screen stays frozen. Here’s what some users said on web forums.

Is directv now downI am stressing on other DirecTV now down issues Such as DirecTV Now Roku Problems, DirecTV Now Buffering on Roku, and DirecTV Now Not working on Roku TV.

Comparatively to other streaming devices like Firestick and Chromecast, DirecTV now streaming on Roku TV is especially food for thought. Users using Roku as their streaming device are facing problems such as.

  • Screen Not going further than Roku Home screen.
  • Buffering DirecTV Now on Roku device.
  • Video Not showing up.
Here’s What DirecTV Suggest for Troubleshooting DirecTV Streaming on Roku Devices:

To begin with, AT&T suggests plugging the Roku device directly to the TV and not into the receiver. If that doesn’t work, you should check the TV input source and receiver. The final option should be resetting the Roku device, and that should do it.

DirecTV Now Support, Solution by Customer Care –

To emphasize on a solution for some of the most common problems. AT&T provides solutions that fix most of the streaming problems. This solution involves following the following steps:

Step 1:

  1. If you can’t stream live content on apps, you can try force closing the apps.
  2. After force closing, try restarting them.

Directv now problem solveStep 2:

  1. If this doesn’t solve your DirecTV now down the problem, you should try turning your device completely off.
  2. Next, as you’re done turning it off, turn it ON again.

Step 2

Step 3:

  1. Next, if the above steps don’t help the cause, try and put your phone or tablet on airplane mode or restart the router. Sometimes the issue is with the internet connection.

Step 3

When all of these steps fail, you should contact the customer care support.

Step 4:

Finally, if the troubleshooting steps fail, you can contact customer care by visiting the AT&T customer care website. Furthermore, this website will guide you throughout your issues and resolve them for you. There are two main categories available to choose from on the page, Billing support and DirecTV support. You can select accordingly and narrow down the best solution for your problem.

Step 4


Hope you like this Is DIRECTV NOW Down guiding article. To summarize, It is facing heat for technical issues but isn’t every professional product does meet some challenges? The customer care is dedicated service, and I hope that when you get in touch with them, they will resolve your issue with utmost priority.

If you have anything to add on this Is DIRECTV NOW Down article or have any concern, please comment down below. Have a good day!