Choosing the best growth tool is what all rising Instagram stars want. A second-best option may not be efficient or can even get your account banned. Unfortunately, finding the best tool for growing Instagram’s followers is hard.

Is This The Best Tool For Your Instagram Follower's Growth

Many products and services compete for the title of the best, each with differently framed features and pricing plans. We will present a single candidate for the title – Mr Insta and argue that it is worth your time the most.

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What is Instagram’s Growth Service?

Social media growth services aim to help you grow your following and popularity. In contrast to other parts of social media marketing, they don’t achieve this organically but allow you to buy user engagement.

You simply pay them, provide your social media account, in this case, Instagram, and the service does the rest. It can be likes, followers, views, comments, and anything else users can use to engage with on the platform.

The idea behind growth services is simple once you understand that Instagram’s algorithms prefer users that are already popular. If you are liked by a certain user base, the algorithm will show you more to that group. Eventually, you will kickstart your presence and will be able to gather authentic popularity.

How these services actually work under the hood is a business secret of theirs. It might be a network of genuine people that get paid to engage with content, and it might be hacked or bot-generated accounts.

One thing is clear – these methods are against Instagram’s Terms of Use, which means you risk getting your account banned. Therefore, when looking for the best tools for Instagram growth, we need also to consider other options.

Growth Services & Automation Tools

Automation tools allow you to manage multiple Instagram accounts easier and automate various tasks, such as liking, following, viewing, and others. Additionally, these tools can give you means of analysis for account metrics and keyword trends.

It is common to think that these tools are a bit safer than growth services as metrics increase organically from the real users you attract. However, automation tools also breach Instagram’s Terms and Conditions because they use bots.

Bots are software programs designed to automate these tasks with minimal human intervention. The problem is that bots can be used for spam, the spread of disinformation, and other misdeeds. Instagram fights bots actively while trying to minimize their damage, and, unfortunately, bots with good intentions get banned too.

Therefore, you still risk a ban while using automation tools, even if the chances are lower than with growth services. The best tool for growing Instagram’s followers has to account for the risk of bans and be the best of both options.

Mr Insta

Mr Insta is a growth service that works with most of the popular social media platforms. From Instagram and Twitter to Twitch and even Spotify. Mr Insta does what all growth services can – allows you to purchase likes, followers, views, comments, and other users’ engagement metrics.

A few features distinguish it from the rest allowing Mr Insta to balance efficiency and safety from bans. They offer a safe way to gain free followers while engaging in “trading.” You need to register on their platform and follow a couple of accounts they ask for. After 48 hours, you get followers yourself and can repeat the same process again.

It is a safe way to gain some followers since it is only users following other users, and nothing suspicious is involved. However, this will only give you a limited amount of user engagement, so you won’t grow without purchasing a combination of likes, followers, and comments.

Mr Insta takes an innovative approach, helping you to avoid bans. They provide Daily Followers for a set period of subscription time, in addition to traditional growth methods. For example, for 20 USD a month, you can receive 15 real followers a day which will be randomized within a period of 24 hours.

Mr Insta cannot guarantee that your followers, likes, and other engagement will increase or that you will keep the same numbers for a long time. But such a policy is present in all of the growth services these days. Mr Insta makes up for it with a one-year guarantee of refilling the numbers if they drop.


There is a lot more to say about this tool, so check out a full Mr Insta review for more details. Our aim here is to answer whether it is the best service for Instagram’s growth, so we need to compare it to the primary competitors.

Stormlikes is a growth service directly competing with Mr Insta. They claim that all their likes and followers are completely genuine. However, the price of Stormlikes is lower than anywhere else, especially if you compare it with features such as Daily Followers of Mr Insta.

The low price of the service and the possibility of trading make us doubt Stormlikes legitimacy. Most probably, their user engagement comes from bots which can put you at risk of bans.

Gramdominator is an automation tool that aims to achieve the same results as growth services. It works as a separate program on your Windows device, automating tasks and increasing efficiency. While it is a safer and cheaper option, you will need to invest a lot more time than using Mr Insta.

Kicksta is in the middle of automation and growth tools. Their AI finds optimal growth strategies and applies them to your account. The risk is minimal since, on the surface, you only send likes and follow others. The drawback is a requirement for very engaging content, and even then, the progress will be slower than with Mr Insta.


Mr Insta is the best growth tool in its risk range, with superior capabilities for likes, followers, and views. It will help you by spreading metrics evenly, so the chances of bans are comparable to automation tools. All in all, Mr Insta is definitely worth a try!

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