In 2019’s, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) may have introduced us to iOS 13, macOS Catalina, and watchOS 6. But if we talk about the most significant announcements coming out of Apple’s annual developer conference, then it wasn’t about the launch of something new. Still, the iTunes shutting down, or we can say the death of something old and familiar. Today in this iTunes Shutting Down article, we are going to tell you everything related to this iTunes Shutting Down and what will happen after the iTunes Shut Down.

iTunes Shutting Down

(Revealed) All Questions Answered on iTunes Shutting Down

After 18 years, the company is doing away with iTunes on macOS, the app that helped make Apple and the iPod synonymous with music in the early 2000s and eventually took on too many other roles. The transition will take place when the macOS Catalina, the latest version of Apple’s Mac operating system, debuts in the fall.

At its annual Developers Conference, Apple announced that iTunes would no longer exist as a digital jukebox. Still, it will be reformed into three separate apps for music, television, and podcasts. But what about all of the music which the user has accumulated, and playlists you’ve artfully devised. What about people who still want to buy digital songs, rather than pay a monthly subscription fee?

iTunes Shutting Down

What does Will happen to Your iTunes Purchases?

As per the reports, Apple will be phasing out iTunes with Apple Music, meaning that songs and albums you’ve previously purchased, ripped, uploaded, or imported will automatically transfer to Apple Music when you update your software to Catalina. Other than all this, the music playlists and smart playlists that you previously created in iTunes will now be available there as well, although movies and TV shows that you purchased or rented on the app will now be housed in Apple TV.

So the answer to this iTunes Shutting Down question very simple, and it is that all of your existing iTunes purchases are safe, and it’s just where you find them that is going to change with independent apps for each type of content. Other than that, if you want to download and own your music, the iTunes music store will be accessible from an “improved” desktop sidebar. More importantly, all the iTunes-related purchases and libraries you’ve built up over the years, they’ll now be found within each app on the Mac, depending on what kind of content it is.

iTunes Shutting Down

From One to Many: iTunes to Apple Music, Podcasts, TV

Apple Music –

Speaking of the music, so for that, a standalone Apple Music app is coming to your Mac with macOS Catalina. This app is going to be your new home to listen to and purchase music. Speaking of Apple’s $9.99 subscription music service, it will also live in the new Music app. If you want to buy an individual song or album, you will go to the store inside the Apple Music app to do so. Apple Music lets you stream and download music from Apple’s library of 50 million songs, and a subscription works across all Apple devices.

Podcasts –

After the iTunes shutting down, the standalone Apple Podcasts app will let you browse podcasts and playback downloads. Apple says it’s going to index the content inside of podcast episodes so you’ll be able to search for shows by what the panelists said. Other than this, the most significant benefit with Podcasts on the Mac comes from machine learning, which will help you find shows by the search.

Apple TV –

Apple TV is going to be the new home for video content like TV and movies on the Mac, and any new video purchases or rentals will be made from within this app. Apple will support 4K HDR viewing of shows and films on your Mac. Apple TV will highlight your library of shows, recommend other things to watch, and let you subscribe to streaming services through Apple Channels. The TV app is also where you can buy and rent shows and movies.

iTunes Shutting Down

All Other Details Regarding iTunes Shutting Down:

If you got any account credit in the iTunes, then you do not need to worry because it’ll transfer over. Same for any iTunes Gift Cards, which you have lying around right now in the market, and other than that, you don’t need to hurry to redeem those right away. You can still use them with the new apps and the App Store. Other than iTunes credits, the iTunes Store itself isn’t going away because it will simply be a tab within the Apple Music app on Mac. If you subscribe to the Apple Music service, then you can even hide the iTunes Store listing. Now lastly, iPhone, iPad, and iPad backups syncing, and restoration will be done via the Finder on Mac.

After the iTunes shutting down, Apple has published a support document that is going to answer many of the lingering questions from the WWDC reveal, including what each app will do and how those new apps will handle your existing iTunes content. Unsurprisingly, just about everything should happen automatically.

iTunes Shutting Down

Final Words:

In the end, all we have to say is that the news of iTunes Shutting down comes hardly as a surprise, because as we all know that iTunes has become something of a punchline over the years, as Apple continued to force more and more functionality into the app to handle the rise of first the iPod and then the iPhone and iPad.

We hope that you all love our iTunes Shutting Down article on answering every question regarding when and why is iTunes shutting down, and if this iTunes Shutting Down article was helpful for you, then you can let us know about it by commenting down below.