The KZ ZS10 HiFi Hybrid Earphone features a Dynamic Driver as well as a 4 equally Balanced Armature Drivers on a single side of the headset. KZ ZS10 housings are prepared of synthetic resin, the ZS10 uses a 2-pin detachable cable similar KZ ZST, ED12 and could be upgraded to a Bluetooth headset through a 2-pin KZ Bluetooth cable. KZ ZS10 is the newest in-ear monitors by KZ, with 5 drivers packed inside this small set. 4 balanced armatures plus one 10mm dynamic driver. This carries a tri-frequency parting, which means a constant sound generation source for each foremost levels. We mean lows, Mids, as well as highs by that obviously.

KZ ZS10 Hifi Earphone

KZ ZS10 HiFi Review Hybrid Earphone with Mic

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(Buying Guide) KZ ZS10 HiFi Review Hybrid Earphone with Mic Deal Price

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KZ ZS10 HiFi Inside the Box:

The unboxing experience of KZ ZS10 HiFi is 100% the similar to the preceding KZ products. We find the earphones, a bundled removable cable, and 2 additional earbuds (a small plus a large one), guarantee card, and user manual.

KZ ZS10 HiFi Features and Specifications –

KZ ZS10 HiFi

KZ ZS10 HiFi Built Quality:

This earphone provides very similar comfort level as the preceding models like the ZS6 or ZST, the smooth case fits excellent, and we experienced no significant ear fatigue even after lengthier music listening session.

KZ ZS10 Hifi Earphone Drivers Built

The KZ ZS10 has a hard housing, well-constructed, as we anticipate from preceding KZ models. As for the outline, it has many resemblances to the good old KZ ZST or ZST PRO, however of course in a more substantial shell to give space for the frameworks. Before KZ placed the armatures into the nozzles, yet in the KZ ZS10, we find this time in the foremost housing compartment. Also, we discover this time 3 additional vent holes, which gives amply breathing for the other drivers.

KZ ZS10 Hifi Earphone Drivers

This earbud contains one dynamic driver as well as four balanced armature drivers, to provide a very stable, potent and articulate sound stage, make an incredible listening experience for players. The copper plated braided cable passes a diversity of stringent quality tests as well as can improve the performance in-ear earphones. Lightweight, the low-profile shape is intended to rest contentedly in the ears. 2 pins of 0.75mm connector create it the cord wire of in-ear headphones could be removable plus replaceable with additional Bluetooth cables.

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KZ ZS10 HiFi Cables:

KZ ZS10 Hifi Earphone Drivers Connector

KZ delivered a brand new bundled chain-like cable. The bronze colored cables sense much more sturdy than the before used “sticky feeling” rubber enclosed older versions. It still has rubber coverage, however maybe the reason for the new shape, it feels way sturdier as well as way less sticky. The connectors are gold-plated, nothing altered in this parts.

KZ ZS10 HiFi Sound Quality:

KZ derive a long way, and we thought, it could not be better than our beforehand tested KZ ZSR. Fine, we were so incorrect. I mean do not get me wrong, the ZSR sound entirely phenomenal as well as it is in the 20 dollars value range, but the KZ ZS10 sounds are even better. Because of the dedicated armatures, all central sound frequencies (bass, mids, and highs) sound fanciful. After our ZSR – ZS10 jump, we cannot wait whatever kind of update KZ will come up next time. Till then, we highly commend to grab the KZ ZS10 and relish your music collection!

KZ ZS10 Hifi Earphone Drivers Quality

Noise isolation is decent for an evidently semi-open shell design, the fitting inside the ear is improved than the KZ5 due to some variations on the angles of the design, and even, so some changes are essential for a comfortable fit. Regarding coziness, these IEMs are not for people with small ears similar the ZS5.

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The sound of these IEMs does not feel V-shaped, even if the treble could be a tiny bit too much on some songs as well as can reason a bit of fatigue to some persons. The ZS10 is not bass canons, having a controlled bass as well as excellent mid-range. Perhaps due to the metal shell design, they have a superior soundstage than the ZS5s on some songs.

KZ ZS10 HiFi Portable:

KZ ZS10 Hifi Earphone Potable

Both setups tones down the offensive spike but at the same time make the most of the detail recovery. It brings more holographic sound toward the setup. I found that it sounds more musical by my portable setup, however, more detail as well as neutral by my desktop setup. It also has more bass reply with my desktop setup. Though, I enjoy the ZS10 with both setups and typically use the ZS10 with my moveable setup because I have more accomplished full-sized headphones to be used by my desktop setup.

KZ ZS10 HiFi Mids. / Vocals:

KZ ZS10 Hifi Earphone Mids and vocals

The mids are extremely impressive, considering the detail that neither the lows nor the highs were sacrificed in the procedure of designing these earphones. The vocals are clear as well as upfront highlighted but not exaggerated. Instruments are correctly separated, even though the soundstage does not seem to be remarkably large. Because of the importance in the upper-mids/lower-highs, there appear to be some examples of sibilance, so keep the volume level sufficient to avoid any unwelcome piercing notes. These earphones will outshine at any genre you will throw at them.

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KZ ZS10 HiFi Highs / Treble:

KZ ZS10 Hifi Earphone Easily Wearable

Might appear just a bit too bright at the start, but afterward a few minutes of hearing modification, the highs convert intelligent and subtle, with high stress on brilliance plus detail. Some well-tuned peaks in the upper-highs are accountable for those enjoyable high-pitched notes you could hear in the background. I was listening to all types of music with these earphones for hours as well as I felt no hearing fatigue.

KZ ZS10 HiFi Pros & Cons –

KZ ZS10 HiFi Pros:

  • Incredibly Detailed Sound Quality.
  • Tremendously Deep sub-Bass response.
  • Performs remarkably well, even on weak Sources.
  • Detachable Cable, which spreads the lifespan of these Earphones.

KZ ZS10 HiFi Cons:

  • A bit heavy.


KZ has become a favorite brand, and their newest KZ ZS10 HiFi sound quality undeniably blows away a maximum of the earphones on regular Budget, if not all of them. They have thick bass, yet are not boomy. In them, mids and highs are not recessed at all as well as are incredibly detailed.

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KZ ZS10 HiFi Hybrid Earphone is one of the maximum fashionable choices amongst costumers since they reserved their unique look while they had a considerable upgrade in quality. They are precisely designed to offer you with the completest musical experience.