Here we have the new Lenovo MIIX 710 Tablet. This is not just tablet, you get a keyboard addition to this to make it a laptop, so you get the features of both tablet and the PC. The device is currently on a pre-order sale which is being sold at a price of $910.36 & you can grab the best-discounted deal price from here below. You can go and check more on the Lenovo MIIX 710 device or if you want to purchase it.

Lenovo MIIX 710

Lenovo MIIX 710 Review 2 in 1 Tablet PC

The Lenovo has upgraded its tablet from the predecessor especially by incorporated the Intel Core i5 processor and a 2K Ultra HD display. These features are the one that makes it stand out. You also get a high bandwidth RAM to support the CPU and a fast SSD storage space which gives an overall a complete package. The battery of the Lenovo MIIX 710 tablet is also decent. Below we have discussed all the features and specification of this new Lenovo 710 tablet.

(Buying Guide) Lenovo MIIX 710 Review 2 in 1 Tablet PC “Deal” Price

The design of the Lenovo MIIX 710 tablet is quite a sturdy look. The back is made from aluminum alloy to give it a sturdy look. The back has the Lenovo tag and the rest pad when you are using the keyboard with the tablet. The keyboard is quite light, and the touchpad is good with its sensitivity. The front is all glass. The bezel is a bit big, if it were a bit thin, the display would have looked better.

At a Glance:

Price$910.36 Only
Memory256 GB of Solid State Drive (SSD) of Internal storage
Processor & OS7th Gen Intel Core i5 Dual Core processor with Windows 10 OS out of the box
Display12.2- inch IPS capacitive touch display with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels
Battery4000 mAh Li-ion polymer battery with a usage time of 4 hours to 5 hours
CameraFront Facing: 5.0 MP

Rear Facing: 5.0 MP

PortsTF card slot, USB 3.0, micro HDMI port and a DC jack for charging.

So here we are showing you each and every features and specification of this Lenovo MIIX 710 Review 2 in 1 tablet. So you can get to know everything on it from here & you can also grab it at a hugely best-discounted deal price from here.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Tablet Features & Specifications:

Lenovo MIIX 710 Operating System (OS):

Lenovo MIIX 710 Operating System

This tablet plus PC comes with the easy to use and smooth operating system.

  • You get the latest Windows 10 OS out of the box.
  • The OS comes with Built-in Chinese pack. If you want other languages to support, you can download it from the Microsoft page over the internet.
  • The OS has one of best easy to use UI with just point and click.
  • The OS also has one of the best built-in battery application which can control the battery usage to increase the run time of the device.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Battery:

To support the usage of the device, Lenovo has added one of the decent battery.

  • You get a 4000 mAh Li-ion Battery.
  • On a full charge, you can use the device for almost 4 hours to 5 hours on normal usage.
  • The device has an adapter out of 20V with 2A which ensures your device gets a charge on time. To know more about the battery and adapter current rating you can go to the site to know more about it.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Display:

Lenovo MIIX 710 Display

This tablet plus PC comes with quite a nice and big display screen.

  • Screen Size: This Lenovo tablet comes with a big 12.2-inch display for a better view of movies and web surfing online.
  • Screen Resolution: The device support 2160 x 1440 ultra HD display. The device has a 2K resolution for a better
  • Display Type: The Lenovo MIIX 710 device comes with an IPS display screen for better color contrast view and a wide-angle
  • Touchscreen: The device also supports touchscreen; the device’s capacitive touchscreen has 10- point finger touch sense for better handling the device.
  • The display of this Lenovo 710 tablet comes with Corning Gorilla 3 protection.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Processor:

Lenovo has also added some impressive hardware for better processing of any programs.

  • Specs: You get the 7th Generation Intel Core i5 – 7Y54 processor with this tablet.
    • The Processor comes with two Cores (Dual-Core), both of which are clocked at 1.2 GHz. You can overclock the cores up to 3.2 GHz.
    • The processor has its own built-in 4 MB cache memory for fast processing of data.
    • The processor uses the Nanotechnology which ensures low power input and generates less heat but gives the maximum efficiency.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Processor

  • Graphics: To give you some graphics support, the device has an integrated GPU.
    • The device comes with Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU.
    • You can use the 2K display to view video or surf net. You can also play some casual games at low resolution.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Memory:

The device comes with the fast SSD storage drive to store all your data.

  • Internal Memory: The Lenovo MIIX 710 device houses a 256 GB SSD drive for storing all your data.
    • The Solid State Drive or the SSD has a fast read and write speed, so the CPU is always fast in doing the task for you.
  • RAM: To support the CPU and enhance the working, the tablet also houses a large RAM
    • You get a 4 GB as the RAM for your device.
    • The high bandwidth RAM ensures that have to wait for a little for the loading.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Camera:

The tablet also features some decent camera to captures your favorite

  • On the front side, you get a 5.0 MP camera. The camera is the fixed focus and takes some decent images.
  • On the rear side, you also get a 5.0 MP autofocus The camera can take pictures and also record video clips.
  • The low light pictures are not that good.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Ports & Connectivity:

For this 2 in 1 tablet PC, Lenovo has added quite a few ports and connection to go with it.

  • Ports: For all wired connection, you get some of the port and jacks to connect with other devices.
    • You get a TF card slot to connect different SD cards. Now connect any memory card to the tablet and transfer data quickly.
    • You get USB 3.0 ports to connect it to other devices to share or transfer files and data with it.
    • A Micro HDMI port in case you want to project the device into a big screen to use the device more easily.
    • To charge the device, you get a DC charging port. To know more about the adapter rating, you can check the site to know more.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Ports & Connectivity

  • Connectivity: There is not much of a wireless connection you get on this tablet.
    • For connecting to the internet, you get a Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi is compatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless connection. Now you can connect to any hotspot and enjoy the fast

Lenovo MIIX 710 Miscellaneous:

There are some features that are worth mentioning on this tablet.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Miscellaneous

  • Keyboard: To convert the tablet to a laptop, you get a keyboard with the device itself. The laptop maintains a 120-degree view which might be a good and bad.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Accessories:

To use the tablet plus PC you can add different accessories to the device.

  • In the box, other than the tablet, you get a power cable to charge the device. You also get a keyboard to connect to the tablet to use it as a laptop.
  • As the Lenovo MIIX 710 tablet is a touchscreen, to protect the device screen, it is recommended to add a screen guard. The screen guard comes in various types of matter or the glass. Use the one you like.
  • As you might carry the tablet to different places. You can get a pouch. There is a various pouch that is available for the device.
  • You get only one USB if you want more USB connection you can buy for a USB hub for USB 3.0 like 1 to 5 or more. It comes down to how many you need.
  • You can buy SD cards to connect to the device TF card slot. You can add external memory using the cards.

Lenovo MIIX 710 Pro & Cons:

Thus, we come to the end of the review. This Lenovo MIIX 710 tablet from Lenovo does have some of the best of features that you can get. Here is the list of what we thought stood out and which did not.

  • Pros:
    • The most loved features are the display. The 2K display gives one of the clear display you can get. The touchscreen also adds a bonus to the display.
    • The Lenovo upgradation to Intel Core i5 processor ensure smooth and fast execution also the 4 GB RAM enhances the processor and increases its multitasking.
  • Cons:
    • When using as a laptop, it has a fixed position which the back stand gives. You cannot tilt the screen which makes it one of the biggest flaws.
    • There is very less number of ports. Also, you get only Wi-Fi. Lenovo has removed the Bluetooth from the device.


Undoubtedly one of the good device if not the best. Lenovo MIIX 710 provides some of the useful features like 2K display with a powerful processor. The device is currently on a pre-order sale and has a price tag of $910.36. You can grab one for yourself. The pre-order last until 28th November. You can visit the Gearbest site to look at the device and order one for yourself.

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