[SOLVED] Lucky Patcher Not Working Apk App Device Error Problem

If you are here, it means you know what is Lucky Patcher apk is all about. For the new people who are innocent about this application, let me explain to you what this is all about & here we are also showing you that how to get rid of Lucky Patcher Not Working apk app error problem.

Have come across any games where you cannot play anymore unless you pay money to buy some credit to make a purchase to upgrade your weapon or other so as to be par in the games. Other than games there is also some application which comes free but is filled with ads which you need to watch to continue. Well for all this Lucky Patcher Not Working problem, there is an app which solves these Lucky Patcher Not Working issues, and that is Lucky Patcher Apk.

What is Lucky Patcher Apk?

Lucky Patcher APK is a tool that allows you to modify your applications and games with certain customization that you want that application and games to have so you can use them more productively.

What is Lucky Patcher?

But sometime you might face the Lucky Patcher Not Working problem with the Lucky Patcher app. Here we will be discussing all of the issues & the Lucky Patcher Not Working issue that you might face and the solution for the Lucky Patcher Not Working.

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Before we discuss the Lucky Patcher Not Working problem, we will talk about requirement, download and how to install Lucky Patcher apk in brief.

How to use Lucky Patcher Apk?

First, let me tell all the pre-requisite that is needed before you download Lucky Patcher apk.

  • Pre-requisite:

There is only one condition before you use Lucky Patcher app. Your smart device on which you will install Lucky Patcher app needs to be rooted.

Rooting your device is very easy, and moreover, if you do not need it any further, you can always go back to the previous state by uninstalling the app that gave you root permission.

If your device is not rooted, then you can root your device using KingRoot or other similar application. Just download the application, install it and follow on-screen instruction and you are done.

  • Download and Install:

download Lucky Patcher apk

Once your device is rooted, you can proceed and Download Lucky Patcher Apk. Download only the Latest Version. Here is the Link to the latest Lucky Patcher apk. You can also get the more Lucky Patcher latest versions from the link.

After you have downloaded it, click on file and install it. You must allow apps to install manually, and you can change it in your settings. Now install the .apk file that you downloaded. You might be prompted warning message, ignore it and continue with it.

  • Open Lucky Patcher Apk:

When the install has completed. Go the Lucky Patcher app icon and tap on it to open the application. On opening for the first time, you need to grant superuser access. This is why you need to have a rooted device. Click on the Grant option and continue.

Then, you can use on any application that is present in the list of Lucky Patcher apk. You can use Lucky Patcher app for a wide variety of customization. Using Lucky Patcher app, you can remove Google ads, remove license verification, remove in-app purchase and much more.

But you cannot apply just any modification to any apps. Have you noticed that Lucky Patcher app uses the different color for different apps? Well, these color coding has to mean. Based on the color there is the certain limitation of the customization that you can add. Here is the list of the color coding:

  • Green: The app can be registered and disconnected from Google Play.
  • Yellow: Has a specific patch available with the Lucky Patcher apk.
  • Purple: A system start-up app.
  • Blue: Includes Google Ads which can be removed.
  • Red: Cannot be modified.
  • Orange: A system app.

How to Fix & Solve Lucky Patcher Not Working Error Issue

There are many reasons that can prevent Lucky Patcher apk from modifying your application or games with your customization, and the Lucky Patcher Not Working problem can be with that application or games or with Lucky Patcher app itself. Here we have discussed all the problems and how to solve Lucky Patcher Not Working.

Lucky Patcher Not Working

  • If the application has been updated recently, then the best guess is that your modification has been removed while the application was updating. To solve this Lucky Patcher Not Working, the only solution is to reapply all the modification that you had applied before.
  • Sometimes to tackle this kind of Lucky Patcher Not Working problem the best method is to uninstall that particular application and then reinstall that particular application again. Then reapply all the modification you wanted to apply to test whether it works on it.
  • If the previous step for this error Lucky Patcher Not Working didn’t work out, then look if any new updated version of Lucky Patcher app is available or not. To use Lucky Patcher app you need to have the latest version of many of these applications or games come with security patch which removes any modification that you apply. If there is one, then uninstall the Lucky Patcher app you have on your device. Now go and download and install the new version as said above and then use it.
  • Sometimes, you cannot apply any modification to some types of applications or games. The reason behind it is that some applications and special game are kept in a server through which these games are played. Since you don’t possess an actual copy of the game, you cannot modify it. Check the color coding of the apps before you apply the modification patch. If the app does not allow you to add modification, then you cannot add.


Lucky Patcher Apk is one of the best application among its kind. It provides some cool features like removing ads and other which you can use to change your favorite applications. So, what are you waiting for, download it and start using it. Do not worry about the Lucky Patcher Not Working problems now as it is mainly related to the application that you are using & from these solutions the Lucky Patcher Not Working issue will be fixed surely, or you need to update Lucky Patcher app.

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