The video game industry has developed to become one of the most promising and consistent industries all over the world. With revenues coming up in billions every year, various gaming companies and production houses are developing innumerable video games every year. & today we are here talking about the all-new Mad Max Game Review. so that you can get to know everything about it.

Mad Max Game Review

Mad Max Game Review

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Mad Max Game Review: Walkthrough Gameplay

You must have undoubtedly heard about the film Mad Max: Fury Road. Haven’t you? Then you might be thinking the game we are going to talk about now is the same as the film. But actually, that is not the case. The two are of the same franchise universe, but they are not related to each other by any means. Mad Max Game Review has been a popular franchise and has earned millions of dollars in the past few years from both the gaming and film units. In this Mad Max Game Review article, we are going to discuss elaborately the Mad Max Game Review and tell you how it became one of the highest-grossing games in the United States of America in 2015 after its release.

Features of the Mad Max –

  • Good graphics and a simple gameplay experience make the Mad Max Game Review have a user-friendly interface.
  • The map is wide enough for the user to explore and keep exploring.
  • Highly interactive characters in the game help in various ways.
  • Available at a price of £39.99, and is found in every offline and online store.
  • The user has the full ability to play and explore the big open world.

Mad Max Game Review

Initial Stages of Mad Max –

Mad Max Game Review was originally planned to be released in the year of 2014, but delays and a lot of changes in the development process delayed the game. Therefore on 1st September, Mad Max Game Review was released, and by 4th September it was spread all over the world. Developed by Avalanche Studios, the game has received mixed reviews related to its overall performance and usability in the season. Avalanche promised that the game interface and controls are going to be one of the best that users have ever seen. It is an action, thriller, and fast-moving combat genre of game that is loved by everyone who loves to play aggressively and wants a good balance between all the necessary. Released for every gaming platform like Windows, PS4, Xbox, etc.

The development team spent a lot of time in developing the overall structure, influence, and gameplay of the whole game. They visited real-life places and locations to understand the gaming interface in a much better way. Several development changes delayed the game’s release by a year. Released by Warner Bros. Studios, the game went on to become a popular game.

Initial Stages of Mad Max

The Plot of Mad Max –

The Mad Max Game Review is not even an inch related to what we have seen in the movies. It is completely driven by the story written by Odd Algren for the game. As critics have said that this is a very unusual thing that the franchises do, but Mad Max Game Review has done it.

At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere when a few gang lords come and take away all your belongings including your car and clothes. But then you will be meeting Chumbucket, a mechanic who is convinced that you are “an angle as regarded by the legends. Together, you and chum will be fighting a lot of other gang members, taking contracts from various people, and collecting money to build your new chariot Magnum Opus. The development team has made some pretty interesting tweaks that help to develop a good relationship between you and Chum, and together they work hard to survive. Inside the Mangum Opus, while you have the responsibility to drive the machine, Chum manages the weapons to protect yourselves and to fight others. Following the finish of the Magnum Opus, you will have to liberate many leaders like the Wasteland leaders, PinkEye, etc. with the help of whom you will win the game.

The end of the game has some pretty intense emotions and fighting scenes. Chumbucket loses his life while protecting the Magnum Opus. However, Max is successful in killing Scrotus, the main villain in the story, and retrieves his Interceptor which was the car that was stolen at the very beginning. In the final scene, Max is seen speeding away in the Interceptor with the family picture stuck in front of his dashboard.

Plot of Mad Max

Even though the story might look like a good shot for a game of this level, many critics have been against it, considering the story to be very complicated at times with some unnecessary additions which were not required at different points. On the other hand, many critics were in favor of the story and reported it was engaging and very intense throughout.

Fighting & Combat Scenes in Mad Max –

The combat scenes are pleasing to look at, and there is quite a rampage at various times. This gives the user an intense experience while they try to save themselves and at the same time progress with the given task. Warner Bros. has borrowed the physical action and fighting mechanisms, and movements more or less from its other games like the Batman and Shadow of Mordor. Some interesting gameplay actions have been included like the option to slow down the entire fighting scene, roll over to avoid fierce attacks, etc. The company has also made it possible to win every situation with the help of only tapping the buttons at the right time. But this is also a negative issue for many, as critics rule out the fact that it takes away the intense challenge to win over something because you know you will be going to win it easily. Except for some important boss battles, most of them are easy to win.

Surviving the Wastelands in Mad Max –

Surviving the Wastelands

You and Chumbucket will journey through a vast open-world wasteland in search of a lot of things and often accomplish different missions. Throughout the map, you will see different places have different store resources like water, food, fuel, etc. However, they are not very difficult to find which takes away the typical desperation which should persist when one person is in the middle of a wasteland. There are in-game purchases that you can make to buy some food or water from dealers who are found in some important centers.

Eating and Drinking is the only possible way by which you can revitalize your energy and strength. Even though engaging in different vehicle-to-vehicle combat will surely damage your car, Chum will try his best to fix it whenever you are resting. Critics have a mixed opinion here which tells that the company of Chum is on one side very helpful and accomplishes a lot of tasks very easily. At the same time, it takes away the intense challenge of having to survive alone in the middle of a wasteland.

Driving Experience in Mad Max –

Driving your vehicle is one of the most interesting prospects in Mad Max Game Review, and the development team has done this one right. The driving controls have been very nicely balanced with good drifting and acceleration abilities which can be improved with the inclusion of different kinds of parts. The Magnum Opus can be upgraded by attaching various types of of-forts and can be made superior in both defensive and attacking prospects. Even though the fuel is not very easily found on the map, you will still get your hands on it from various parts you travel through. So you will need to keep your eye open. The addition of weather changes also makes the driving experience challenging and visually appealing at the same time.

Driving In Mad Max

Vehicle-to-vehicle combats are heavily engaging and make you focus intensely. You need to keep in mind the attacking and defensive strategies at the same time or else you will be plundered. Chumbucket has an important role here because he manages the attacks and profoundly achieves success. Driving your vehicle through the huge open-world map is very much interesting for most of the players. Critics have given the driving experience a much better score than other sectors of the game. However, some impossible theories like jumping onto another car while driving and landing perfectly without any damage take some points away from the game.

Here are some pros and cons that the game has been listed under according to its features.

Mad Max Game Pros & Cons –

Mad Max Game Pros:
  • The intense driving experience and vehicle-to-vehicle combat are very nicely done and developed.
  • The weather changes, shift in the daytime and other real-life tweaks give a realistic feel to the overall game.
  • Intense character interaction with nicely built-up relationships.
  • Good graphics and visually engaging experience in every condition.
Mad Max Game Cons:
  • The missions and face-to-face combats are very easy to win.
  • Many unnecessary additions to the overall game like some characters, missions, etc. But if you tried it then you loved it surely.

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict:

All in all, Mad Max Game has a controversial reception among gamers. Therefore, Mad Max Game Review can be a good first-time play and will help you get a good experience.