Magazine editors always have so much to do. They have to come up with concepts, communicate their ideas to clients, implement those ideas and in parallel keep up with the latest developments in their field. So a handy smart device like the iPad is really useful for them, helping them accomplish all the tasks they need to do throughout the day.

Magazine Layout Using just Your Tablet

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The new “Tablet Computers” era changed the digital art and design industry about ten years ago. But still, it was hard times for designers or editors working in the publishing industry. It appears that there was no standalone tool such as Adobe InDesign on tablets. It was like that. Till Adobe introduced Comp CC.

Adobe Comp CC

It is a great iPad app that lets you create layouts for magazine or book projects right on the go. It’s full of various features, including a photo and form repository, as well as free fonts, gesture support, and more. The new editor app goes beyond just previewing artwork (how it was before). It also provides information about the document itself, including the fonts used, related images, and specific color swatches.

You can also open documents from almost any program that receives files, such as E-mail, Safari, and Dropbox.

The main innovation is the fact that with the tablet app users can add audio files, videos, interactive materials, and animations directly from their work project using Adobe Bridge. It would be great for editors who work on digital magazines.

Just watch how Adobe Evangelist Terry White shows how to do page layout on your iPad or even iPhone. Page layouts created in Comp CC can be published on a variety of mobile devices and can be resumed to work on in InDesign CC from any point.

Using App in your work activity will speed up the process of creating, editing, and publishing documents by adding several new features, including tools for simplified object selection and editing, the ability to use different page sizes in a single source file

Adobe Comp CC


So, what to do if you don’t want to or can’t afford an Adobe CC?

We’ve got an alternative option for you.

Pages allow you to create a truly impressive product if you put the time and effort into it.

With Pages, you can easily create attractive articles design.

Pages have everything you need to get creative with text. With the right tools at your fingertips, it’s easy to choose the right template, change fonts, change text style, and add beautiful artwork. You can make a layout with your colleagues and everyone who works on a document will have full access to the same functions as you do. Keep track of changes, highlight highlights, and share comments with colleagues. Your edits are saved automatically. The Pages app has iCloud support, so its documents can be synced between iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Even if you don’t have a designer eye, well-designed mockups help your project look its best when you present it to the clients. By the way — you can use mockups right from your tablet. That’s extremely useful when you have to put a change to your project at the last moment.

These 2 magazine layout designing apps can be used to create impressive and elaborately detailed magazine layouts. You may consider starting the process with Pages because it is free for use (iWork is Apple’s free suite of applications containing Pages, a spreadsheet editor, and a presentation creation tool) and because it has some really powerful features. It is the most cost-effective option for startups to design magazine layouts.