Videos are one of the most persuasive and powerful mediums to express, show, tell, teach, and learn. According to the latest survey, as of 2020, more than 50% of the population of the world watch 3-4 videos on average per day. If you are also a YouTuber, teacher, or someone who wants to share your knowledge with the world, then there are two key things that you must be having first is your wisdom and second how presentable your content is. Now the wisdom part is subjective, and we can’t do much in that. But When it comes to creating attractive content, I do have something for you. I present you VideoProc, and it is an advanced, powerful, and full-featured desktop video editor and conversion software. In this VideoProc review, we will be covering each and every aspect of this tool in detail.

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Why VideoProc?

Now the first thought that comes into the mind is that why VideoProc when there are other ways to edit videos. Some of you might have used or maybe using online video editors while some of you are using those system-heavy and complex video editing programs.

First of all, when it comes to an online video editor, you need a high speed and stable internet connection and suppose your internet gets disconnected due to some network issues, then all your hard work will be watered down. Furthermore, online video merger or editors, fail miserably when it comes to 4K and large-sized video editing. In addition to that online video, editors have much fewer features.

FeaturesVideoProcOnline Video Editors
InternetDoesn’t require internet, zero loading timeRequires fast internet, and take time in loading various functions, transitions, and features
Multiple File SupportSupport a multitude of file formats there more than 10 plus file formats of video and audioUsually a very few supported formats like .mp4 and .mkv
Large File SupportCan easily edit large files like 8K,4K, 2K without wasting timeUsually, Standard quality of the video is supported, like 720p, 480p and below
Extra Addons & PluginsNo need to download extra plugins or addons, everything is availableRequires extra plugins and addons  to make editing features work
Batch Processing You can process and edit multiple videos using batch processingNo batch processing you can only do one process at a time

In comparison to other video editing software that weighs large in size also weighs heavy on your system. They require a powerful machine with a powerful CPU and GPU. Furthermore, if you have just started with video editing, they are too complex and hard to understand. It might take weeks to understand all the features. VideoProc, in comparison to those, is fast, easy and contains all the required video editing features.

How VideoProc is Unique

Let’s take a look at all the goodies that you get with VideoProc. As from the previous section, we can clearly see that offline video editing programs always have the upper hand. With Videoproc, you are not just getting a video editing software you are getting four distinct programs merged into a single product which are:

  • Video/Audio Editor
  • DVD Video Manager
  • Video Downloader
  • Screen Recorder

There are no other programs in the market that provides this much functionality in one single product.

Features of VideoProc

Now let’s see all the features that have been integrated into the VideoProc.

1. Video/Audio Editing Features

VideoProc contains all the basic and important features that are required to edit your 4K and high definition videos seamlessly.

  • Cut: You can easily reduce the size and cut unwanted sections of a 4K OR 1080p video without any hiccups.
  • Merge: With the MKV Multi-Track feature, you can merge video free without limitations in different formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV. The same goes for audio, which also includes multiple formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, OGG.
  • Crop: Want to show, zoom in, or focus the attention of the audience to a particular part of the video then use the crop tool. With this nifty tool, you can play with the aspect ratio of the video as well.
  • Subtitles: Subtitles are a great way of understanding the knowledge and information that you want to deliver them. VideoProc compliments multiple subtitle formats like .ass, .ssa, .srt. You can adjust subtitle language, choose whether to add hardcode or softcode the subtitles.
  • Effects: Effects are one of the most important things that make video pleasing. You get multiple different video effects to choose from, including Grayscale, Mirror, Edge, Painting, and Sharpen.
  • DeShake & Denoise: If you have used your smartphone to shoot videos, then there might be issues like video shaking due to missing OIS and noise due to lowlight shooting. With VideoProc, you can easily overcome these issues.
  • Other Features: Apart from these features, you also get gif maker, fisheye fixing, M3U8 encoding, etc.
2. DVD Feature

VideoProc allows you to access some great features when it comes to DVD video management.

  • Easily Digitize DVD videos to multiple formats MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3 or ISO image
  • Easily convert and edit DVD video and play iPhone, iPad, Android devices
3. Video Downloader

VideoProc has an inbuilt video downloader tool. With the video downloader, you can easily:

  • Download online streaming videos and playlists
  • You can easily download video from youtube Facebook and all other similar sites
  • Furthermore, you can easily download them in different resolutions as well as formats
4. Recorder

You do not need another program to record your screen, or live video, it can be done easily with VideoProc.

  • Allow you capture as well as record videos from your computer’s screen or webcam.
  • Added functionality of, drawing, typing, highlighting, and adjust the quality, format of the recording.
  • Last but not least, you can easily voiceover during recording as well.
5. Other Core Features

Apart from the above features, there are some core features that make it more advance and professional.

  • Full GPU and Hardware acceleration
  • Easily edit and process 4K /8K / 2.7K/ HD / 3D / 360° VR media files without losing the quality
  • Easy to understand and fully user-friendly interface

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Now enjoy! all the features of VideoProc.

How to Use VideoProc

Below is a video tutorial guide that will help you in understanding all the basic features, along with steps so that you can speed up your video editing process and post your video online without wasting any more time.

Wrapping Up:

For artists and creative people, the internet is like an open canvas, and they can show their talent and teach people. Videos are one of the best ways to share your knowledge, information, and values. In order to achieve the love of people, you have to make your content special. Your content has to be presentable and attractive. To achieve that, you need tools like VideoProc. It is a light, user-friendly and comprised of all the important features.

With this being the end of the VideoPoc review, we can conclude that it is a one-stop solution for all your needs. It has an inbuilt video/audio editor, video downloader, recorder. So I suggest you give it a try. Thank you!