If you just have got bored with normal eCommerce shopping and you want some spice with it, then you can try purchasing Mystery eBox to try your luck. If you are unaware that what is a Mystery eBox, later today in this article, we are going to do a Mystery eBox Review, and in this article, you’ll know everything about Mystery eBox and how does it work, and also we try to clear most of your doubts regarding this.

Mystery eBox Review

(Review) Mystery eBox Review & How Does It Works

Let’s begin this Mystery eBox review article by telling you about what exactly are Mystery eBox then as the name itself says it’s a kind of mystery box that is filled with various items and eBox in the name means electronic box, or we can say a virtual box because you are not going to open a real physical box that’s why it is Mystery eBox. Also, it is a modern platform that mixes shopping and entertainment. In simple words, we can say that these are some virtual E-boxes containing various kinds of prizes, which users can open for a few dollars, getting the chance to win items worth a lot more.

How To Purchase Mystery Box From Mystery eBox?

If you are eager to use Mystery eBox but wondering how to use it, then here are the following steps on how you can purchase a mystery box from Mystery eBox. Other than that, there’s some good news for new users as there’s a coupon code “REGISTER10” which you can use, and when you do so for each new deposit of 10€, they will give you 10€ credit on top of it.

Mystery eBox Review

  • First of all, you should open mysteryebox.com
  • After that, you have to log in on the website.
  • Then you can deposit the desired amount on the website for purchasing any mystery box.
  • After depositing money into your Mystery eBox account, you have to unlock any mystery box of your choice.

Each virtual box contains one at random of the fantastic items shown in its category – but the mystery is that you won’t know what you have until you open it!

  • Now you can select any mystery box of your desired choice from the variety of mystery boxes that contains categories of items in it.
  • After purchasing any mystery box, you can then see the item in that mystery box; it can be anything, and if you’re lucky enough, then you can win prizes by paying them 50 times less than their real value.
  • After all this, the final product in your mystery box will be shipped to your place.

How Does Mystery eBox Works?

After knowing about Mystery eBox and how to use it if you’re still in doubt about how does it all works and are all the prizes truly random then here we solve your doubt because Mystery eBox users Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator which every time generates a different number using variety of algorithms which is further cannot be predictable. All this means that nobody, not even the staff at Mystery eBox, can predict what the next chosen item will be from a mystery box.

Mystery eBox Review

We also want to make it clear that every time you purchase and open a Mystery eBox, you will surely win one of the prizes contained within it. Now we hope that soon all your doubts must have got cleared regarding Mystery eBox, and as per our experience with Mystery eBox, it was genuinely unbelievable because sometimes you will get some that stuff which you do not even think of.

Is It Real?

It is purely real, and it’s not some kind of scam as we have mentioned the steps to purchase a Mystery eBox above. We also want to clear out one question which is can you get your money back after depositing or purchasing any Mystery eBox, and then we want to say that that amount which you deposit into your Mystery eBox account is not refundable you will not get it back. But you can then just have to buy a box of any desired amount and then get the prize which you’ve got into your mystery box shipped at your house, or you can also try your luck again with another box if you don’t like what you got.


There is much variety of eBoxes present on the website. When you open one after purchasing it, you will find a random prize that is chosen among the available items according to your luck. There’s also one option, which is if you like what you just found, then you can get it shipped straight to your house, or else you can also get the value of the item back as an account credit.

Wrapping Up:

Now at the end of this article in which we have done Mystery eBox Review we want to say that it is new concept which brings shopping and entertainment together which in further can be a lot of fun and so you can even try out your luck which can get you something which does worth much more the amount which you’ve paid.

Hence here we conclude our article on Mystery eBox Review, and we hope that this article was helpful for you, and if you love our work, then you can appreciate us by commenting down below.


  1. Clearly works for mysteryebox… It Gives you the Repair kit not even a fancy new cheap case, just the cheapest item. Bought 6 times to receive 6 repair kits, and the best feature is they do not tell you it costs an additional £5 to send the repair kit to your door. so your paying £10.90 for a £1.50 repair kit…